Year 2020. Coronavirus. Indigo. Activation. Stream. Fire.

? Okay, let’s start!

Welcome to the channel of Tatiana Nesterova.

I am an Indigo Woman who has been sleeping for a long time, but I will wake up and say…

What can you find here?

?Distribution of Fire Energy, which with its High vibrations starts the process of transformation and spiritual growth at a greatly accelerated pace, to everyone who wants it.

?What are the Laws of the Universe through the eyes of Indigo. A detailed analysis of all the necessary topics

?How to find your Mission. Unique Author’s technique!!!

?How to untie and painlessly go through your Karma knots.

?How to open the access to the abilities that you have acquired in your past lives.

?How to transform your Vices into Virtues.

?How to be worthy to continue living on our wonderful Planet!!!

The Transition is coming!!! ?


❗️ Important to know ❗️

This Project is not commercial!

I have several different sources of income and do not need funds from educational activities!!!

I believe that you shouldn’t pay a single ruble for Truth!!!

Of course, the Truth can be different for everyone, it is many-sided. And it doesn’t matter from which side we come to it, it is the Truth anyway!!! Truth, just like Water, should be accessible to everyone, because without Water, as well as without Truth, Life is not possible. There will be only dull existence.

Therefore, all the information here will be issued in the most expanded form.

Answers to emerging questions will come in separate posts.

You will not find paid lectures here, all the information will be in the public access.

All the information will be delivered by a simple and understandable language, without complicated words and high-flown turns.

If you want to take part in the creation of a New World, The World of Love, you can follow this link to donate us some money to support us and help us develop this educational activity.

To keep track of collected funds from donations and consultations, there will be developed a CRM system, the data from which will be displayed in real time on the website. We will spend this money together with you all, by voting, from the options proposed by all, and only within the framework of the development of this Project!!!

It is NOT a chance meeting!!!

If you are reading this text, it means that someone or something has brought you here. Your intuition, your Higher Self, a chance, it doesn’t matter now what it was.

The main thing is what you do with this information.

There is an opinion that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Of course, it is true, and this is also the Truth, but it is the Truth from the Negative (Demonic) system of the Universe which lives by the Laws of purchase and sale. Tit for tat.

But what is still more interesting, Have you ever seen a Mother or Father who would sell their Love to their own children?

God as our Father and Mother will never ask for anything in return!!!

LOVE can only be FOR FREE

Why did you subscribe to this Fire web-site?

Just because you are curious?

The time of a long spiritual path, on which we had a lot of time to think, has passed. Now it is the time for change. Time has accelerated, it is flying already, everything is changing so quickly that we do not have time to keep up with these changes.

In earlier times it could take a lifetime to approach some Truth, but now time has shrunk and we no longer have enough of it. This is why it will be hard to go this way quickly on our own without Transforming Fire, to be ready for the Transition that our Home, our Planet, Our Earth is preparing for.

Why put off till tomorrow what we can do today?

You only need to do some actions and the desire to grow and reach the higher stage of development.

Distribution of Fire Energy is always FREE

No one will charge you here. Each and every one has their own individual pace, but you just need to spend 4 minutes a day on this procedure. Is that a lot? I’m not asking for your money, but I’m asking for your time –  4 minutes a day! And in a week, in a month, you will see how your life changes.

Here you can take a quick tour of the knowledge that already exists on Earth with Indigo. I can help you save a lot of time and money, get to the core of all things and activate all your auric emenations by distributing the flow of Fire Energy, fill you with Energy that will transform you in a short time, which will allow you to develop at an accelerated pace.


As I wrote at the very beginning, I am not going to promote any philosophy or idea.

There is nothing new in this World.

We are going to study together really interesting books, information, videos, everything that you need to pay attention to, if you are moving along the path of the development.

Everything that I am going to recommend to you for studying has already passed through my filter of perception of information. So, our path will be just straight, with no turns or stops.

Let’s move forward!

?Fire to You All! ?

© 2020 Татьяна Нестерова
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