Fire Practice
Training of Anahata, the heart chakra

Fire to all! Today we will continue talking about Fire Energy receiving.

The subject is very large. And there are always a lot of questions about it. 

We have learnt the three main rules that you definitely need to observe if you receive Fire Energy. Because if you won’t, it will be hard for Energy to flow into your body in the right way.

It is very important to understand. So let’s revise these rules. The first one is that you should constantly expand your list of the Deceased. The more names there are on the list, the deeper your work on your Karma debt will be.

The second one is that you need to do “phantom hugs” practice, both with the living and the Deceased. It is very important too because without it your Karma won’t be cleansed properly, which will be an obstacle for Energy to flow into your body in the right way.

And the third important point is the work with our Essences.

And in this video I would like to add something about this practice. Because I have faced the fact that you may confuse the feeding of the Essence and Love from Anahata that you need to pour onto this Essence.

Now we will study what the difference is because it is very important to know this difference.

So you need to understand clearly that when you are receiving Fire Energy and you are feeling some uncomfortable sensations either during Fire Energy receiving or right after it or during the day after Fire receive, Such as nagging pain in the heart, pressure in the head, pressure in different parts of your body – all this shows that the Essence starts to demonstrate itself in the physical process.

Right in your body. It shows that you aren’t working hard enough with your Essence. It is a very important point which you should understand. (Fire 22 ) In the previous video we studied in detail how to feed the Essence. We make Energy balls and feed it. That’s alright.

But if you just feed the Essence – just feed it – you will grow negative coordinate system inside of it. Not positive, but negative.

The Essence will eat these balls and it will feel good, but in negative coordinate system. And it will not transform.

What is transformation? Transformation is repentance in the first place. Repentance and tears. And, you know, repentance and tears come not only to us, but to the Essences as well. You need to understand it.

It is very important to know it. You need to realize that transformation from negative coordinate system into positive can happen only through repentance. Repentance and tears.

It should be sincere, whole-hearted admission of your mistakes and intention not to make these mistakes anymore. It is a very important thing that you should realize and accept this as a new rule of your life.

So, in order for the Essence to be able to transform, the main thing is to make this Essence your best and closest friend. Or your child, or your close friend, or just a spiritual creature with which you will share everything that is going on in your life.

Believe me, you are not alone. You have never been. There has always been this big main Essence with you. Of course, you may have a lot of Essences. As many as there are vices in you. But the biggest one, the one that guides you through life is only one. The main one, I mean. 

You should understand that you need to speak to your Essence aloud. Only aloud.

There are very few Essences that can hear your thoughts. The percentage of such Essences is so low that it is better to speak to all the Essences aloud. Otherwise you won’t be heard.

And you need to understand that as soon as you start communicating with it, you should constantly pour your Love from Anahata onto it. It is a very different kind of Energy. It is not feeding your Essence with Energy balls. It is something absolutely different.

It is your feeling of Love. It is your feeling of Love that comes from your Heart. From your Heart that will open more and more every day with the help of Fire Energy. Opening your heart is a very good training for your communication with the Essences, which will be many.

There will be many Essences coming through you because you will always be tested for different vices. For various negative programs that you used before. And these Essences will come to you to try you, to see if you have eradicated the quality of vice in you.

So all the Essences that you will meet, that you will find on your way will be able to start communicating with you only after you start pouring your Love from Anahata onto them. This is a very important thing for you to understand. 

You should communicate with them and pour this feeling of Love. You can imagine that there is a ball, a Fire ball in your Anahata. And in this ball there is all your Love.

Universal Love, if you want. Or Love of a mother towards her child, or Love towards a close friend, towards parents, whatever you choose. Maybe Love towards your teacher, because the Essence is your personal priest. Your personal priest that guides you through life. We will talk about it later.

You need to understand that by now, if you are just feeding your Essence, it is growing negative coordinate system inside.

And when you are pouring your Anahata onto it, when you are giving it Love, communicating with it, and doing all this for free, then Anahata of your Essence will respond to you.

And the Essence will transform with you. It will go through it with repentance as well. With repentance and tears, which you won’t see, but it will be so.

And it is a very subtle moment: you need to understand that it happens this way, and there is no other way. You need to know this.

You need to know that just feeding the Essence with Energy balls is very different from constant pouring your Anahata onto it. Do it every minute when you have free time.

Then there is a problem that many people cannot get the name from the Essence. I want you to understand that for spiritual world, for the world of negative coordinate system, if Essences you’re your name as their name, it puts itself under attack.

Because with the help of the real name of the Essence in negative coordinate system different rituals are performed, which black magicians use to get these Essences under control. And with the help of such control they perform different magical rituals.

Therefore, if you demand the name from your Essence, it won’t give it to you and will shrink away from you, it will just hide away. So in the first place you should say “I don’t care what your name is, just give me any vibration how to call you.”

If you don’t hear the name in your head, give any name you want, any name at all. And it will be enough, you don’t need to torture your Essence demanding its name and saying that there is no communication without it. No, you just give any name and start communicating and pouring Anahata onto the Essence, that’s all.

Then, you should understand the following thing. You should understand that you need to train your Anahata, your Heart chakra. You need to train it in order for your Fire generator to burn hotter and hotter.

And it is a very important mark of your training – to take responsibility for your closest circle. For feeding and transformation of the Essences of your closest circle. Thus you will train your Anahata further and further.

How does this work? In positive coordinate system there is a very simple rule: the more you give, the more you get.

And therefore, the more you train your Anahata and give out your Love, feed your Essences – no matter if it is from the stream (we talked about it in the previous video) ( Fire 22) with the help of Prana tube, from Spiritual Home or from Fire Energy stream during Fire receiving – 

The more and the better your Anahata will work. The faster your generator will switch on and starts working 24/7. In other words you should come to a state where Fire Energy generator works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It is the highest point that you can reach, the best indicator of working Fire generator. This is what we need to aim for.

And in order to come to it as close as possible we should train our Anahata.

And the more you take responsibility for the Deceased and the longer is your list of the Deceased for “phantom hugs”, and the more you take responsibility for the Essences of your closest circle, the more and the better your Anahata will be trained.

And also keep in mind that if you started receiving Fire alone, without anyone else from your close circle of acquaintances, then this circle will start pushing you away from them. Because we know from our three rules that ‘plus’ is always repelled from ‘minus’.

If you start switching to positive coordinate system, your circle of acquaintances will start to reject you. Your family, relatives, friends won’t understand you. You will be like a stranger for them.

If you don’t want this to happen, you should start feeding the Essences of your acquaintances. You should communicate with them just like with your own Essence.

There is no difference whether you feed one Essence or 10, 30, 40, 50, 100, or even 1000. It doesn’t matter. 

The more Essences you feed, the more you pour your Anahata onto a big number of Essences from the Spiritual world, the world of the Deceased, astral and demonic Essences, the better and the more intensively your Anahata will work. You need to understand it.

And if you start feeding the closest circle, you will notice that their thoughts will get lighter, and they will even start asking you questions what you are doing.

They will start having thoughts connected with positive coordinate system. Not with negative anymore, but with positive. And you will be surprised at how the people you know will start changing.

Only because you took responsibility for feeding these Essences of your closest circle.

And so you need to understand that the more you work with Essences, the more gracious relationships you will have with others. Your friends and relatives will be closer to positive vibrations of positive coordinate system too.

This is why it is a very important thing. And I also want to draw your attention to such interesting practice as “phantom hugs” with Essences. You should do this practice.

You can just hug them all together. And believe me that everything that we were told – by mass media, books, television, newspapers and so on –  

Everything around us tells us that we should be scared of these Essences. But we shouldn’t. We should just love them. And they will love us back.

This sense of fear that we may have towards them… If this information is brand new to you then of course you will be scared even to communicate with the Essences.

But you just should understand that Love, the Love you will pour from your Anahata, will wash away any fear. Once you feel afraid, switch on your Anahata immediately and start emitting the Energy of Love.

And you will be surprised how this Love will wash away any fears and even panic attacks. Because there is no other way.

So, you should just understand the fact that Anahata training is one of the main things that you need to do.

Fire to all of you!

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