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“Feeding and Loving”. How to work with Entities

Fire to all!

Today we go on talking about the third point that is the most important. If you ignore it, the sensations connected with Fire Energy receiving are gone.

In previous videos we learnt that there are three basic points which we cannot ignore.

The first one is something we should do constantly, every day, during a long period of time, maybe a year or more.

It is a phantom practice, the “phantom hugs” practice. We have discussed it in previous videos, you can watch it.

So, the first one is “phantom hugs” with the living and the Deceased. The more you use this practice, the better and faster Fire can enter you. It is very important because Karma is our blocks and clenches. I want you to understand it.

Then there is the second point, we have learnt it too: the expansion of the list of the Deceased. Because when we expand the list of the Deceased there is a high possibility that we will cleanse our own Karma from the previous lives. I want you to understand this important part.

And the third point, which is very delicate and maybe the scariest for everybody because we are used to fear demonic structures.

It is acquaintance, friendship, feeding your Demon with Energy. Fire Energy. You know, it is a kind of love between you and your Demon that later will grow into something beautiful.

As I have already said, any of you is able to transform your Demon into your Angel within three months.

If you receive Fire Energy two times a day and if you do these three basic things which are absolutely necessary to do.

Otherwise it will be impossible to move further because they are the basic things. They are the tools with the help of which you will later learn…

You will be able to do such thing as, say, sorting out your thoughts. It is very important to understand that everything should be done step by step.

Remember we discussed the Home of the Soul? And in this Home we have matrix cells which we need to fill with basic knowledge first, or we won’t be able to expand further.

And here we have exactly the same thing. We should learn how to communicate with Essences, with Demons in the first place, and only after that we will be able to get to the next stage of our development.

We will do it all step by step. I have already told you that we have four years, and these four years are dedicated to different practices.

So, what do we need to do with our Demons? The main thing that you should realize for yourselves is that the Demons will reflect you. If you treat them wrong they will do the same towards you. If you love them, they will love you.

You should understand that they reflect you. The Demon is just your mirror. It is your own reflection in the mirror. The Demon reflects you in everything.

This is why a very important thing to do is for you to get rid of all the fears that were generated in us by those who was telling us during many centuries that Demons are very scary creatures. 

They will be scary only for those who wage a war against them. And they won’t scare those who are friends with them and who give them love and endless source of Energy which transforms Demons in the same manner it transforms you. There is no difference.

And it is interesting that when you don’t have sensations during Fire Energy receiving, it is Demons who take away this Energy from you. Because you don’t communicate with them. You don’t feed them personally.

And it is important to know that if you have a very good communication with your Demon, or Demons, or Evil Spirits of different kinds…

They have hierarchy, we will talk about it later. Now we should just understand how to feed them, how to make friends with them and how to get to know them in the first place.

Therefore, you should understand that you mustn’t be afraid of them. You should love them and make friends with them. Because otherwise they will take away Fire Energy from you. Remember we talked about collective meditations. 

Why the Energies are stolen there. It’s because it is Demons who take the Energy instead of people.

This is what I am talking about. It may look contradictory, but it is true. In other words, if you want to receive any Energy, you need to make your Demon well-fed, satisfied and happy first. And after that the Energy will get to you. 

Otherwise it won’t work: you will just receive Fire Energy on and on and on, but it will go to your Demon instead. And the Demon will grow bigger and bigger. Ad you won’t feel any result. That’s the thing.

You need to understand that the main thing for you is to make friends with this Demon so that the Demon became your Guardian Angel.

In other words, everything that we are doing here is for learning how to transform our Demons, our vices, our Evil Spirits and so on. 

We have learnt already that any person has a lot of them. It depends on how many vices and sins you have, so to say. This is how many Demons you have.

If you look at a person walking down the street… You know, I see people in a very interesting way. It is like when a child is walking with balloons, and there are about 7-8 of them. And you all are just like this child with balloons. 

You are just walking, and above you there are a huge number of there Demons. This is how it looks. You are just walking and you have this pack of Demons above you. And it is clear right away what addictions you have, so to say.

Therefore you should understand that you have a lot of them. All of them should be well-fed. I want to point out that if you, for instance, smoke and you start feeding the Evil Spirit of smoking, then you won’t want to smoke again. 

If you like to eat a lot and you will feed the Evil Spirit of gluttony, you won’t want to eat more than you need. This is how it works.

The same thing is with alcoholism and drug addiction. Everything works like this. As soon as the Demon is full, it stops terrorizing you. And your vices go away. And you don’t have to fight your vices.

You just accept them, feed them – feed your Demons and Evil Spirits. That’s all. And you naturally stop craving the things you wanted before.

Why did you crave certain things? Because you had a certain Evil Spirit that controlled you. It gave you these thoughts and cravings. You craved to smoke, drink alcohol, eat more than you need and so on.

So. How do we get acquainted with them? It is easy. You need to be alone with yourself in some solitary place. You can do it in the street, at home, it doesn’t matter, but you need to be alone there.

The only thing you should do is to sit somewhere. You know, in fact, Evil Spirits and Demons are afraid of you just in the same manner you are afraid of them, just so you know. Because they too don’t know what to expect from you.

Of course they know you well, they have lived with you for a long time. But they understand that you have Fire generator. And they know that when you switch it on it will be quite harsh for them. That’s the thing. This is why they don’’ trust you as well.

And in order to make them trust you, you will have to work hard. The first thing to do is to get acquainted, of course. There are two ways to do it.

The first way is as follows. There are two steps. The first thing to do is to find out its name. They will never tell their real names, but you don’t need it. You just ask it: “What is your name?” And the first name that comes to your head will be its name.

There can be either male or female names. We will talk about it later. Most commonly they call themselves with an “-el” ending: like Angels, Raphael, Michael.

So you need to know that there is some strange word with an “-el” ending, this is its name.

Or there can be really weird names. It doesn’t matter at all. Even if its name is Vasya, Petya, you shouldn’t care. If you didn’t hear the name, give it any name you want, ant it will know that you are talking to it.

So, you should sit and put your palms in front of you. If you put your palms like this it won’t touch you. Because it will think you can do something with it. They are very cautious too.

They don’t know what to expect from you as well. And you should understand the main reason why they don’t know what to expect from you. Demons, I am talking about Demons. They don’t know what to expect from you.

There are two kinds of Demons that dwell in people. Two kinds of Demons. By the way, the second one started to appear on Earth not long ago. We will talk about it in further videos.

But you should understand that there are two kinds of Demons. Those are Earth Demons, that have always lived and will live on Planet Earth, they just transform. And there are alien Demons.

Part of alien Demons, a small part of them, can read your thoughts. You need to know it.

And the rest, the majority of them… Those who read thoughts are few, about 5-10%. And the majority of them cannot do it, they don’t have this option.

Only Angels can read your thoughts. Only positive coordinate system can read your thoughts.

And there are several types of alien Demons that can do it too, and we will talk about them in further videos.

So, now we are talking about the reason why Demons don’t know what to expect from you. Because they cannot read your thoughts.

When you communicate with your Demon, Evil Spirit, with your vices, you should understand that they don’t know what to expect from you. They don’t know what’s going on in your head.

They can only guess by some facial gestures or your actions that you have something on your mind. But they don’t know what it is exactly.

This is why you should talk to them only aloud. It is a very important point that you need to know about.

So you should put your palms not this close and not this far. It should be something in the middle, so that they felt calm, yes, like this.

So you put your palms like this and ask it, by its name, because you have already learnt its name (and if you haven’t, call it any name you want).

So you put your palms like this and ask the Demon to touch you. It will be your acquaintance. When you feel warm palms – you know, like animal warmth, like when I told you about kinds of Energy.

So, the Demon has animal kind of warmth, like a horse. The horse is warm.

So, the palms should be warm. And when you feel that it touches you…

You know, some people who come to Fire receiving prepared, have a peculiarity that they always have hot feet and palms.

And because you have filled yourself with Fire already you may not feel that the Demon touches you. In this case, if your palms are already hot, ask it to touch you on the wrist. Like this, right here. And you will feel this touch. You will feel it. It will be a very distinctive touch. 

In the same manner you can communicate with the Deceased, with Angels, with Demons. In fact, this practice is not just for communicating with Demons. You can use it to communicate with other creatires too. 

And the more you receive Fire Energy the more you develop this practice, and with time you will develop your sight as well.

You will see all these processes and you won’t be afraid of it. Because we have already learnt that with the help of Fire Energy nothing will scare you, Fire Energy is a strong protection.

On the whole, the level of consciousness changes. When you receive Fire Energy your level of consciousness changes dramatically. You start living in an absolutely different world. In a world of images. In a world of images, visions, other gracious things. You will naturally start seeing Angels, Demons, and so on.

But let’s get back to our practice. How else we can use it. So you put your palms in front of you. And you can work out a system of signs with it.

Because you have just started, your level f saturation is not yet enough so that you could see Demons just like people and talk to them like this. And you can imagine that, for example, your left palm will mean “yes” and your right one will mean “no”. 

Or your wrists. You can put your palms like this and communicate like this. First with the answers like “yes” and “no”, and then you can go further and further. The more you receive Fire Energy, the more you feed your Demon or Demons, Evil Spirits and so on, the sooner you will be able to communicate with them.

By different means that will come to your head. It will definitely happen with everybody, you will discover an absolutely different new world. That’s for sure. Everybody can do it within 2-3 months, and your life will change a lot.  

So, as soon as you exchange Energies with the Demon, you are acquainted. You should know that by now besides that you can… On our site, there is a possibility to bring three kinds of creatures to Fire receiving Practice, there are three buttons for it.

On one button there are people, with the second one we can enter the Deceased, and with the third button we can enter Essences. Every person may have plenty of Essences.

On our site you can enter every Essence you can find and enter the number of them.

And apart from the fact that you invite your Essences to Fire receiving, you should definitely feed them additionally twice a day. So that they don’t steal your Energy during Fire receiving. So that they had enough Energy potential to transform. It is our task. Our task is to transform them all.

So you should understand that when you start receiving Fire Energy, right from that moment you become full.

In other words, your glasses – we have talked about it, and we will see ourselves as vessels, either full or empty, or filled with different kinds of liquids, including dirt, and so on.

All this we will clean out. So you need to understand that we have these glasses. And when you have received Fire even just one time, you are already able to feed your Essence.

The Energy should always be taken from Anahata. It is heart space. It is the Energy of Love. It is the Energy that you need to give to your Essence, with which you have acquainted with the help of your palms. And you should do the following thing.

And, you know, you can choose a special place at home, or you can do without any particular place. You can just pass by and remember your Essence and feed it immediately.

So you should do the following. You should imagine that you take some Energy from tour heart space and form it into a ball. An Energy ball, which you need to bring to a place where you are going to feed the Essence. 

You need to imagine that you are sitting, say, on the sofa, and you send these balls to the armchair, for instance. Or you send these balls onto the table, or onto the chair – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you should do these balls.

What is very important here in our practice is Prana Tube. You need to understand well what a Prana Tube is. Underneath this video there are some articles about Prana Tube, you can look down there.

Let’s talk about Prana Tube briefly here. There is a writer Drunvalo Melchizedek. In my opinion, he describes it brilliantly. He wrote a book named “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”. This book is a must-read for you.

You know, I won’t recommend you many books. There will be less than 10 books within these 4 years. But one of them is this one by Drunvalo. You need to read it. “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”.  He also has a book named “Living in the Heart”, it is very good too, but the main one is “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”.  And there he writes in detail what it is. I mean, Drunvalo writes how to use Prana Tube very extensively, what it is in the first place, and also what Merkabah is. 

You need to know exactly what Merkabah is. Because everybody with no exception will learn how to use it. So please read how he describes it in his book. Of course, like in any other book, like everywhere, in these works you may find some inaccuracy in this or that information.

So, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the main thing you should read about there is Prana Tube and Merkabah. These are all recommendations for now.

You need to understand what Prana Tube is. I will explain to you now a very simple thing. There is a figure named torus. Or look at an apple, what it looks like.

It has a deepening from one side and from the other side. And now imagine that your body, the top of your head and your tailbone are this deepening in this apple.

And you are inside this apple, and here are such balls. And when you inhale the Energy comes inside you from two sides at the same time, both from the top of your head and from your tailbone. You inhale and you hold your breath for a moment. 

What for? So that these two kinds of Energy… From the top of our head there comes Sky Energy, and from the tailbone there comes Earth Energy. Or you can call it Male and Female Energies. And both these Energies join in together in Anahata when you inhale.

Anahata is our generator, it distributes Energies. And when you exhale you expand your fields (this is about how to use Prana Tube).

Let’s imagine that your apple was like this when you started to breathe with Prana TubeТ. You are standing here and the apple is like this. And when you exhale it becomes bigger. You exhale once more and it becomes still bigger. And so on. It expands and expands and expands.

And so you need to know how Prana Tube works. You expand yourself in different directions. You get a little of Energy. Further I will tell you a bit how to use Prana Tube in a more elaborate way. 

But with this simple one you can inhale into yourself, into your heart space of Anahata, into Prana Tube this Energy, from above and from below.

And when you inhale you can remember the sensations you had during Fire Energy receiving. You can remember these sensations, how you take Fire and inhale it. And when you exhale, you exhale into the ball with which you feed your Demon. Into the armchair, or wherever. So you inhale and then exhale, and this ball flies out. Imagine how this ball flies out when you exhale.. And the more you inhale, the bigger your Energy ball is, which you exhale. You can make this ball bigger, bigger and bigger.

This is one way by which you can set yourself up for a direct connection with Fire Energy.

And there is also another way. It is a very valid way. You can use the one you like more. We have already learnt about the Home of the Soul. Each Soul has its Spiritual Home.

You can understand where the Home of your Soul is. If you don’t understand where it is you will definitely learn it one day. It will come to you naturally anyway, you can do without this method. 

You can close your eyes, imagine your Spiritual Home and take Energy from there. From the Home of your Soul. So you breathe in from your Spiritual Home, and you breathe out into this ball. You breathe in and then breathe out into this ball. And here is the place of feeding of the Essences. You should just feed your Essences with these balls that you exhale. You inhale the Energy and exhale it from Anahata. Like this. This is what concerns feeding and acquaintance.

And now the most important aspect. You should understand that the Essence is suspicious about you too, like I said before. Like you are suspicious towards it. So you should make the first step. Because you are a reasonable person and it is you who should make the first step.

Apart from these balls, you should give the Essence your love. Just imagine it in the place where you have thrown a ball. So you throw a ball and imagine love there as well.

And you need to say different pleasant words. Say to the Essence that it is nice and beautiful, and things like these. It is like when we say nice and kind words to a person. Each person is like a flower. When we water it, it blooms. And here is the same thing. You need to give your Essence a lot of compliments, good words, love. And you know, you will be surprised how your thoughts will change in almost no time – in a few days, maybe even one day.

You should just understand that as soon as you start communicating with Essences, as soon as you start understanding and classifying them – we will talk about it further – 

As soon as you start telling them apart, you will start to understand the nature of your own thoughts. And you will be able to tell which thoughts are your own and which thoughts have been always imposed on you by your Essence.

And once your Essences are fed, you will always see yourself from a different angle. You will see a different you. You will see a different person. The structure of your thoughts will change.

A great number of deep-lying questions that you had in mind, that were pulsating in your head like huge question marks, will be answered. With the help of Fire, with the help of consciousness raising. Nobody will put you in frames as before.

The Essences have always possessed your mind, your consciousness. Because the only method they can use is to give you their own thoughts and watch how you react.

This is how they get this Energy. This is what we were talking about. That in negative coordinate system there is a rule of “tit for tat”. Why? Because there isn’t much Energy. And they fight for this Energy. They cannot get it from anywhere.

And suddenly here you come and start feeding the Essence with love, caring, Energy. And you do it free of charge. This is why you will see very vividly and very soon what will be going on with your Essence, because it will start changing. And you will see how you change yourself. Because the structure of your mind will change. 

You should also understand that if you have chosen to feed only one Essence and have forgotten others – maybe you didn’t notice them – there may be a conflict. How does it happen?

You will feel it on physical level as pressure in your head. It is like somebody has put a ring around your head and clenches it tighter and tighter.

You need to understand that if you feel this ring around your head or maybe your heart aches a little or if you feel some other physical discomfort – physical discomfort – it means that one of your Essences was left unfed.

Maybe you have fed one Essence, and you haven’t fed the other one. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the whole bunch of these balloons at once. With all your Essences.

As soon as you get acquainted with all of them then you start a romance with them. You don’t have this ring around your head anymore, your heart doesn’t ache, you feel comfortable on physical level.

We are going to talk about Essences in detail a bit later. And for now you already have three main methods, which you need to use and with the help of which you will feel Fire Energy clearly and distinctively.

The first is “phantom hugs”, you need to do it every day both with the living and the Deceased, it is very important. With the living and the Deceased.

The second is the expansion of the list of the Deceased. So that it grew as long as possible.

And the third is the feeding of your Essences. All of them need to be loved, taken care of and comforted. And fed until they are full. And when all your Essences are full-fed with love, they will stop terrorizing you. And the world around you will play out with fresh colors because there will be no fear in this world where your Essences are well-fed and satisfied.

You know what the Essence looks like when it starts to transform? It looks very funny. Because it looks like it has chickenpox: on a dark, very dark matter there start to appear white spots. Little white spots at first, and then bigger and bigger. It becomes spotty, and it looks very funny. You can watch it yourself. This is what I wanted to tell you about.

In the further videos we will study important things like recommendations what to do after Fire Energy receiving, and we will talk a bit about different sensations in the next video.

That’s all for now. As usual, if you want to take part in the building of the New World, the New World of Love, you can support us through the links underneath the video.

Fire to all of you!

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