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Practice “Phantom Hugs”

Fire to all!

Today we are going to study one of the most important and fundamental practices that we are going to use when working on cleansing of our souls, our glasses, our vessels with liquids.

In our previous video we discussed how different all people are. We discussed what Karma is. And by now there somehow appeared this name… This practice is called “Phantom hugs”.  This name just fit in here, it just stuck to this practice. It looks very up-to-date and simple. And the practice itself is very easy I think, but it helps to work with Karma knots on deep levels. And this practice should be done by everyone who receives Fire Energy. Of course, those who don’t want to receive Fire for some reasons can do this practice as well.

I mean… You should understand that this practice takes a certain amount of energy, just like any spiritual practice does. And if you, just like that glass, have the access to the Source, then you can do this practice very easily, and it will just come natural.

But if you are like a glass that has not found its Source to replenish the energy yet, then you will have very little energy for this practice, for doing it to the full extent.Now I am going to tell you about this practice of “Phantom hugs”. Actually, as I have said before, at present we are moving towards the fifth dimension, or even towards the sixth.

I would say we will live in three dimensions at the same time: fourth, fifth and sixth. And we have said that it is in fifth dimension where a person can use phantom practice. 

But on the step where we are now it is not exactly a phantom practice, as you may think.  But it is the first step already, it is a fundamental step towards the exploration of this fifth dimension, which will be available to us in almost no time. So we need to understand, like we said in the video about Karma, that we have a great number of Karma knots. And we have learnt that we have different kinds of Karma. But we are going to start working on two kinds.

On higher vibration levels we will work on other Karmas. But now it is very important for us to work on the following two kinds: personal Karma and generic Karma. These are the Karmas that influence the quality of our lives the most, the life quality in which we live here and now, and it is a very important point. 

In the previous video I showed you, with the apples and oranges example, how, with the help of the Law of the Universe, with just the three rules – ‘plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel each other –  with these three rules we studied what Karma is and how to deal with Karma knots when a person vibrates in ‘plus’.

And so, you cannot just find yourself in a total ‘plus’ just with the help of your thoughts, because you will still have Karma knots that need to be dealt with.Your Karma knots won’t vibrate on positive frequencies. It is impossible. And this negative Karma, which is connected with your personal and generic Karma, will always slow you down.

Even if you are an Indigo, if you are an Indigo and you came here with absolutely different experience of your Soul, with a many-sided experience of your Soul, still you now live here, and… We have already studied it… Even if it is a pure Soul, it gets into clutches of Karma when it is born anyway. And there are at least four Karmas: Planet, country, city (or a place or a society where you are born), and the generic Karma. So, everyone with no exception has these Karmas. And until you pay for your Karma… Until you pay for your Karma baggage… I will say it once again: it should be paid for.

But there are many people who believe that paying for Karma is very difficult, that it is very hard to do, and if you start paying for your Karma, then you will have a lot of troubles, and these people just say “No, I give up, it’s better this way, I won’t do it, I don’t need it” and so on. And these people say that if they try it, then all the Karma baggage will fall onto them and they just won’t manage to deal with it.

And we have seen with this apples and oranges example that when people are in ‘plus’ charge, nothing in the World stands in their way, and they deal with their Karma just like that, and attract all the positive Karma. All this is very simple. If a person is in ‘minus’ charge, he/she attracts all the negative Karma, and if a person is in ‘plus’, they attract all the positive Karma.  It is very simple, this Law of the Universe. These rules. You cannot argue with this Law. It is just impossible.

Therefore, the main thing for us is to become clean, just clean, so that there was no Karma baggage. And for this purpose we have this phantom practice, “phantom hugs”. It is a very simple practice, everyone can do it, even a child. Even children can do such simple visualizations in their head, in their mind, with their eyes closed.

What is this practice like? Now we are going to learn it: how to do it right, and some general things – methods, ways to do it, how often you need to do it and so on. We are going to look closely at the points you frequently ask about.

So first let’s study the practice of “phantom hugs” itself, and then we’ll study other points, like how often you need to do it, where to do it, and so on.

So, what is it? You need to be in a calm state, you need to close your eyes. Make sure you will not be distracted by other things, sounds, and so on.

You know, it is very good to do this practice before you go to bed. It is a very serene state when you go to bed and your body relaxes automatically because every cell in your body knows that now it is going to sleep, and you just relax, so it is good to do the practice before you go to sleep. But it is not a strict rule. I always repeat that we don’t have any strict rules.  Only your heart can set rules for you. You can do this practice the way you want to. You know, some people do this practice spontaneously during the day, with one or two people.

So, what you need to do is as follows. You close your eyes, and you need to choose for yourself… Here we have people who are divided into two categories: the first category is people who live here, with us, in our world – people who are alive. And there is the second category. Those who have passed into the other dimension, who dwell in the world of spirits. And we call such people who are in the spiritual world the deceased.

So we have two categories of people with whom we will do this practice. You need to do it every day for at least 5-10 minutes, it is important that you do it every day.

The practice is as follows. You close your eyes and choose one of the two categories: alive or deceased. And the first person that comes to you… Suppose, we are talking about those who are alive here and now. So you close your eyes, and in our case you don’t need to know how to call phantoms. It is a kind of near-phantom practice.

If you know how to make phantoms you can make one and do this phantom hugs practice with it. If you don’t know how to make phantoms, it is enough just to close your eyes and be in the state that you are in when you’re dreaming.

When you are dreaming about something you see a person, you see how he/she looks, you can talk to them in your dreams, that’s right. You can really communicate with them, and so, when you close your eyes you imagine the person with whom… The person that comes to your mind, you imagine him/her, and he/she is right here in front of you.

It doesn’t matter for now whether you can make a phantom or not. Now it is important to understand the mechanism of this practice, how to do it properly. Later you will train to do it yourself, maybe you will even add something new there, and it will be right.

Any action of yours, any addition to this practice will be right if it comes from your heart. Everything that comes from your heart is right. Therefore, the main principle of this practice is as follows. The first person that appears when you close your eyes and try to remember any living person is the face with whom you have the strongest conflict and resistance now. It is the person with whom you have miscommunication, misunderstanding. And when this person appears, you should imagine that he/she is right here, in front of you.

And you should sincerely, from your heart, ask him/her for forgiveness, and to forgive them yourself. You know, even if this person has hurt you, has done something wrong to you, so this is someone who has done something negative to you – the thing is that this person is just a reflector – just a mirror. It is just the Karma that came to you as this person, and it is not something bad. No. All that there is negative in your life – every negative thing – is caused by your actions, you are the reason of everything that comes to your life. This is how Karma knots appear.

And we are talking about the necessity to untie these knots. We don’t need them. We need to be in ‘plus’ charge, we need to emit it with the open Fire generator, we should just radiate this positive energy. So that positive Karma came to us. Positive Karma, and not negative. It is a very subtle matter, you should understand it. Here we are going to look at everything through the frames of positive coordinate system. So that we could live in a new world: in a world of love, joy and harmony, in a world of harmony inside of you and around you. Everything should bring us joy.  

Therefore, for now, you imagine this person who has hurt you, and you should understand that it happened for a reason, so he/she hurt you because you had hurt them first. You were the reason of the offence that they caused you, and this is why you should sincerely ask for forgiveness from this person. You should forgive them, and you should ask for forgiveness.

There are two key moments in this practice. Any person that appears in front of you, no matter which category it belongs to, either living or deceased – you should forgive this person and ask for forgiveness from him/her. And hug them.  This is why we call it “hugs”. When we touch each other with this spot… This spot, here, is our Sun generator, it is a kind of a funnel. And this spot is actually the place where our Soul is fastened to. Right here in this spot, nowhere else, right here, in this place is where our Soul is. This is why people wear crosses right here, it is the most popular place for it. Crosses, amulets and things like this are usually worn right here, like a protection of this spot. Why is it so?  Because it is a sacred spot. This spot is sacred for any Soul because in it there is a place where the Soul, the spiritual world, is fastened to the body, the material world.

It is a very important spot, you should understand it.  And why, when you say “me’, you say it not like this: “me”, or like this: “me”; no, you always say “me” or, when you swear about something, you say it like this *shows* I mean, you somehow always unconsciously do such gesture, like this. Let’s now go back to the practice of phantom hugs. You should touch each other with these spots – you and the person you’re asking forgiveness from. And the warmth of your love, of your heart Energy… The Energy of Fire, which we are receiving, it should be passed to this person. In other words, you should give them a part of the Energy that you receive every day. You will receive it every day in the morning and in the evening. It is the Fire Energy that we are going to receive during four years.

And so, when you touch each other with these spots, in this moment you give the warmth of your Heart and your love to the person with whom you have some negative things. Maybe there was something positive between you two as well, it doesn’t matter. There can appear people with whom you are in very good relations. It is great. But if this person comes to your mind during this very “phantom hugs” practice, then it is a small signal, a small wake-up call that there is Karma that needs to be worked on.

And you work on it with everyone who comes to your mind. There comes an image or a thought about somebody, you just remember them during the practice. And you should hug them right away. So, once again: you just put this person in front of you, you imagine that he/she is there. You should ask for forgiveness, forgive them ourselves and hug them.

And, when hugging, give them this small part of your Heart warmth and love to them, right from your heart. And Karma is considered as cleansed and accomplished only in case you start crying. It is the only way to cleanse Karma. There is no other way. You need to understand that only tears of sincere repentance between you and this person who is in front of you can do it.

And you know, sometimes it is very hard to forgive our offenders, but with the help of this phantom practice you will be able to do it easily, and you will be surprised how your relationships with this person will change.

It will work so wonderfully and so fast that you may want to do this phantom hugs practice all day long with all the people you know, because the result is amazing. You will be shocked by the way your World will change. Because the people with whom you hug like this will treat you differently. Because even the most painful and hard knots will untie, just give them time. 

Some people will have to do this phantom hugs practice for a rather long time if they have very serious knots. Maybe, somebody will need to do it during all these four years. But what I want to say is that you cannot untie all your Karma knots in the course of just a month or two, or even three, you need to know it. I will tell you about it a bit later.

Now, I will repeat it, it is very important that you understand the following. So this warmth of your heart that you give to a person, you give it in the moment of phantom hugs. Once again, you should imagine that this person is in front of you. And the main thing that you should do is to visualize in thoughts or with the help of two fingers: you should imagine that they are scissors. Just imagine a pair of scissors. And you take this thread that ties you together with this person, and there is a certain amount of knots on it – we discussed these knots when we were talking about Karma – so you take this thread and just snip it off. 

And you will do it regularly. You need to learn that with each person that you imagine… You know, the algorithm is simple:  We imagine a person in front of us, we ask them for forgiveness, we forgive them ourselves, we hug them, we give them warmth of our heart, then we take the scissors and just snip the thread off. Just cut it off. This means you have completed the practice of phantom hugs.

You know, a lot of people ask me: but what those who come to our mind are our children or parents. The people who are the closest to us: brothers, sisters, friends, for instance. So very close people to us, our soulmates, our life partners. And the question is – what if thus we cut off our Kindred ties, relations.

And it is a very important question, I would like to explain it to you. Say, everybody knows what a DNA chain is. There is no need to describe it to you, you all already know what it is. And this DNA chain carries in it, among other things, Karma code. Karma is in our DNA. I mean there are Karma programs there already, including Karma diseases. And this aspect is very important, you need to understand it. Any illness that comes through DNA can be cured easily. If you take these scissors and constantly snip these knots of Karma. Because at the moment of snipping a Karma knot we snip not our DNA chain, but the spots, where…

You know, it is like surgeons who perform operations on a healthy organ where there are some metastases, and they just cut these metastases out of a healthy organ. Giving, by this, a chance to this organ to recover, to heal these spots where it was cut. And we should understand why we need to give out our heart warmth and why this practice takes a lot of energy. Because at the moment when we give our heart warmth to the person with whom we do this practice, at this very moment, we heal these snipped spots with our energy. 

We heal these metastases of Karma knots, that were cut out, with our energy. And it turns out that the shorter this Karma thread is, the thread that ties us with this person… There are a lot of knots on this thread. And until you cut off all the knots from it, you will cut, cut, cut this thread, you will cut and cut it, until one fine moment, when doing the phantom hugs practice, you will see that this person is no more here, he/she has disappeared and is no more on your mind to do this practice. 

But once again, let me draw your attention to the fact that it is only when you have cried a lot with this person, not once, not twice, but there was an open-hearted confession of your mistakes and total forgiveness to this person. And at that very moment when you forgive this person for everything and when you ask for forgiveness, there come the tears that cleanse your Karma. And all the knots should be worked on with these tears. It is a very important thing. You need to understand that you can even not remember what you have done to this person, but you should snip and snip these knots – like this. You should remove all these metastases from the healthy organ. This is what we do here. And now let’s talk about the hardest diseases that chase our modern society. 

It is infantile cerebral paralysis, Down’s syndrome, and other diseases, and there are people with such diseases who are in psychiatric facilities. And if their relatives – parents, brothers, sisters –  a certain group of people start to do this phantom practice constantly, to receive Fire Energy, to arrange Fire receiving for these people in case they cannot make this decision themselves…

It is possible to make such decisions for those who are ill and prostrated and cannot make decisions for themselves, or if they are in a coma. I will tell about it later. But you need to understand that even these awful illnesses, even if a person is in a very dangerous condition – this illness is written in his/her DNA structure, you can change the DNA of this person by cutting, by this snipping. So with this practice you will touch very deep-lying processes, and you cannot even imagine how huge the influence of this practice of phantom hugs is.

I mean you can heal the most hopelessly ill people. All these people will be healed. Because there is no other way. Because, when Karma is paid, when the DNA structure changes, then the person becomes healthy right here and now. This is why we have these four years. The sooner you will take part – I am talking about those who have serious health problems, or serious problems with parents, children, brothers, sisters. I am talking about these people.

If you really want to help the people who are close to you, then with the help of these practices that we are going to do you will be able to cure these people completely, with 100% guarantee. And there won’t be any other way. Because the Fire Energy that came now to our World has the strongest energy potential in the whole Universe. And it is not magic – it is just total ‘plus’. But in order for this total ‘plus’ to get inside your vessel, your glass, your body, your emanations, these emanations should be free from blocks, Karma knots, holes, flaws, and such-like things.

And now we are back to our three rules… There are three rules only. These three rules are very important when you receive Fire Energy. And it is important to do this practice, this practice of phantom hugs, it is the most significant practice. There is no other practice that would be more important. Just this one – the phantom hugs practice.

And the second thing: you should try your best, try as hard as possible to remember all your deceased relatives. Try as much as you can to do it. We have a name and a middle name. In Russia there is a father’s name.   It is a very good thing, due to which we can go deeper and deeper in search of our roots. And we need to find our family trees and the people who are there. We can talk about it later, maybe there will be a separate video on how to search for the names of these people with the help of Fire Energy.

But you need to understand the fact that Karma is considered paid only in case when this person doesn’t appear in front of you, doesn’t come to your mind for a while. It should be a long period of time. You should not remember them during this practice at all. This person should no longer be in your memory. If he/she is still there, this means that Karma isn’t paid yet.

What can you face during this practice? In fact, there are a lot of things that you can face here, but one of the most significant things is that you may not want to do these phantom hugs. Either with the living or with the deceased, but I guess you would sooner not want to do this practice with the deceased. Because our society always scares us with all these horror stories which tell us that we should be scared of our own Kindred, of our own friends, acquaintances. We should be scared of them when they transcend into a different dimension.

So, we weren’t scared of them when they were alive, but after they just transcended to a different dimension we somehow should start being scared of them. It is weird. I mean, why should we be scared of the people who are the closest to us: our children, our parents, brothers, friends? Why? What is it? Who makes us generate this fear, this energy of fear? What do we need it for? These are people who are the closest to you, why are you afraid of them?What bad can they do to you? Did they do something bad to you when they were alive? Even if they did do something bad when they were alive, they won’t be able to do it after… It is against the Law of the Universe.

Only in case you are in negative coordinate system. Only in this case. This is why at present there are so many ghosts and things like this. There are so many TV programs about the dead, people try to scare other people, they put cameras in certain angles, watch something… Why does this happen to you? Simply because you live in negative coordinate system. You vibrate on negative frequencies. Not on positive, but on negative. You have negative coordinate system. This is why some angry deceased people that are here – and we will study it further, in the following videos – why they are here. But anyway, they are here, it is true. But why do they come to YOU personally, why do they scare YOU?

Just because you are in ‘minus’. As soon as you switch to the other coordinate system, the coordinate system of total ‘plus’, nobody will scare you. Nobody at all. And according to all the Laws of the Universe not any Soul, no matter what dimension it is in, even during this lifetime, won’t be able to do you harm. This is what I am talking about. So if you don’t want to work with the deceased, this reluctance is connected only with the fact that you are scared, you are scared of your own Deceased.  Of your own closest and dearest people. You are just scared of them because somebody imposed this fear on you. But what I am saying is that even if you are scared to death – and it is possible – after receiving of Fire, after some time,

You will be able to do this practice easily. And you will find it funny how you could be scared of such simple thing. You need to understand that everyone who receives such high vibrational energy changes completely.  Because your vessel rapidly starts filling with fresh water, with huge amount of it, but only in case if you work with these practices, if you cleanse your Karmas. Because it is hard for Fire Energy in its pure form to come inside you if you aren’t cleansed, if you are blocked or ill. We need to cleanse it all, to get it prepared to get our bodies prepared for Fire Energy to come inside. If before that we had to give up on something with the help of our willpower –I  mean, I want, say, to change my diet, but I just don’t have enough willpower to do it – so, in this case, when you receive such high energies, you just won’t have to force yourself to anything. You will just give up easily on everything that you don’t need. It will happen very softly, We will talk about it in details later.

So, you need to understand that if you don’t feel like doing this practice with the deceased, you should know that either it is a very tough Karma knot and you have to make yourself do it,  or you just need to wait until Fire Energy fills you and you will be able to do it. Or maybe you are just afraid to do it. Sometimes people are afraid to do this practice with the living. Maybe you have a very strong aversion to this person and don’t want to overcome this feeling through hugs practice. Don’t worry, with the help of Fire Energy receiving you will be able, with time, to overcome it, or even not overcome, but just do it naturally.  Whatever hurt you before will seem to you as something unimportant, it just will not matter anymore because your vibration will change, your consciousness will change. Because consciousness is the most important thing to which we should come to.

We are just changing our consciousness with these practices. What else… Also we should, during the hugs practice, just at the moment of doing this practice – and you know whether it is the living or the deceased anyway – you will feel some interesting things: either yawning, or burping, or even a slight sickness in your stomach. There may appear such uncomfortable state. You should understand that with this very person you have a Karma tie which can be connected with a curse, an evil eye or a spell.

In other words there have been some kind of interaction with this person. Either he/she has done something bad to you, or vice versa. And it shows that in this case you should work with this person no less than a year… A year.

To eliminate this magical impact As for me, I call all this magical impact like spells, evil eyes, curses, bewitching, black magic things – I call it artificial negative programs. Just artificial negative programs. It doesn’t matter who and how they were made, but if during the hugs practice you start feeling the sensations I told you about, you may also feel a sharp pain in your stomach and you may even want to go to the bathroom – all this will show you that somebody has done something to you. This is why you should understand that as soon as you feel that you’re stuck on this person during the hugs practice 

And you start feeling physical discomfort connected with cleansing, then you should definitely put this person on the list of those with whom you will need to do the phantom hugs practice every day within a year, so that you could get rid of all these negative things. And if these negative things were done towards you, then you will spend much less time getting rid of it; but if it is something that YOU did to this person, then you will have to work for a long time. You will have to work on it during one year. This is concerning the yawning. What else…

You know, people tend to like their pets, both alive and deceased, so much… In fact, it is possible to do the phantom hugs practice with animals as well. No problem. Actually, there are no restrictions, you can do whatever you want. Everybody has their own special relationships with the animal world, so there can’t be any restrictions here. You can do it if you want. 

And there is one more thing, which is – when exactly you need to do this practice.

I often hear that during Fire receiving some people start vigorously doing this practice with their deceased relatives. Some do this practice with the living ones as well.

In fact, you shouldn’t do it by no means, because during Fire receiving we are learning to communicate directly with Fire, with God. It will be a separate practice, we will talk about it further. So you should focus on yourself only and on communicating with God. I am talking about Fire receiving. Don’’ do phantom hugs practice during Fire receiving. You can do phantom hugs practice any other time, there are no restrictions.

You know, a great number of people say that in their ordinary life, while they are doing something, a certain person comes to their mind and they start doing phantom hugs practice with this person right away, to snip the knots… So, they do this procedure right when there appears the thought about this person. I think it is an interesting way for this practice: if there comes a thought about somebody, it means that you need to work on it. But apart from these individual cases, you should do this practice every day, every single day.

And it is important to do this practice with both categories of people: both deceased and living. It is necessary for our Karma knots to untie. You should know it. And you will have to do the practice with the deceased much longer than with the living, because the deceased are much more, and we don’t know many of them. And now we have come to the conclusion of this nice practice of phantom hugs.

And the wonderful thing is that the more you will untie Karma knots… The phantom hugs practice is so easy and so powerful that… I guess there is nothing more powerful. It is like cabbage leaves. Let’s make such comparison. You will peel off your Karmas like cabbage leaves. You will unwrap one leaf after another. Each leaf is like your life. And you will unwrap all your past lives and cleanse them with the help of this wonderful practice. How will it happen?

It is very important. You need to listen carefully to what I am going to say. During the phantom hugs practice there may appear strangers, you may see faces that are not familiar to you. These people may wear unusual clothes, maybe even clothes of other epochs and centuries. It is the diversity of your lives in which you met different people or creatures.

In case of Indigos, if we work on our Karma, we can see very curious creatures sometimes, they may look like something you have never seen.

So you should understand that each person that appears in front of you, even if you have never seen them in your life – any person that comes to you – and we may have relatives whom we have never seen –  We have our large family tree and we don’t even know how our relatives looked, but we know that they existed. So we need to create an image, just an image.  We need to think with images, to imagine a picture of this person and to do this practice with them. And if there comes to you and image, it will be a sign that you are paying your Karma for this life already and step by step starting paying Karma for a previous life. It is a very valuable information, please think about it. With the help of this practice, as soon as one cabbage leaf will be done, say, the leaf of this life, you will work on generic Karma, You will fall deeper into next lives. You will see next people who will look weird, and there can come even some strange creatures.

But it doesn’t matter who you will see, you should hug everyone who you will see in front of you. Because, say, now you are just watching this video and you haven’t started receiving Fire Energy yet, and it is hard for you to understand what is going on with the people who have been receiving Fire Energy during at least a month. They live in images already, they use these images. They already use images, they adopt a different way of thinking, they come from thought forms to images, even to a different dimension.

And I can understand you if you haven’t received Fire Energy yet, and maybe you don’t quite understand what I am talking about now. But when you start receiving Fire, you will understand everything that I have said here.

And you will watch this video many times. Because this information will unwrap for you like a cabbage too, layer by layer. I am 100% sure that everyone who starts receiving Fire, will watch this video many times.

SO you need to know that the images can be very strange. You should understand their nature and untie Karma knots with all of them. And only when the images cease coming to you and you don’t see any faces, or images, or anybody, or anything – in this case the practice will be considered as completed. And only in this case absolutely new frontiers will open to you, the frontiers of the state of a Soul that lives without Karma knots. We will talk about this state later. Now it is too soon to talk about this state.

I have already told you that we have four years, and these four years will symbolize each level of development. Now it is the first year, the first year of Fire receiving, it will be devoted to cleansing. Cleansing of Karma, of all generic sins, of everything that is imposed on us. We will learn how to communicate with God directly, it is very important. We will learn how to cleanse all our Karma. We will transform Essences. Everybody will do it within the first year, and it will be very simple. You will just do it as easy as a pie, and a huge number of people will have Guardian Angels instead of Demons. 

And just one more little thing, I want to say about abortion. You know, it is a large topic. It will be very hard to work on abortion. Very hard. You will need to imagine this baby as well, including dead-born children, miscarriages, all these things. You will need to imagine these babies, and hug them, and ask for forgiveness, forgive and hug. You should keep it in mind too.

So I guess this is it for now, all that I wanted to say about phantom hugs, but I’m sure I will make an extra video about phantom hugs based on your questions about this video.

And when there are enough questions, I will make an extra video about phantom hugs. And for now, Fire to all of you!

And don’t forget that our project is absolutely charitable. And if you want to, you can take part in its funding. We have the necessary links underneath every video. And now,

Fire to all!

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