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Practice. How to find Your Destiny
Practice. Part 1. How to find your Destiny

Fire to all!

You know, today we have a very fundamental topic that concerns – well, at least, it should concern – everyone with no exception, no matter what coordinate system a person lives in. It doesn’t matter.

The main thing is that all of us, without exceptions, should know what our Mission is. Why we wake up every day, why we go somewhere and do something. What the meaning of all this effort is. We should know for sure why we were born here, on our Planet, why we live.

This is the question that gives us the meaning of our lives. And it is not important in which coordinate system a person develops. It is necessary to know that there is a way, there are methods how to discover your Mission very easily, painlessly and almost with no effort.

Because the Supreme forces, God sent us here not so that we suffered not knowing our destination. You know, it’s like our memory was cut off and now we are left without any understanding what we should do here and what the meaning of life is right here right now.

This is why now I am going to tell you how you can discover your Mission yourself, why we were born and what we are to do. I will talk about it in detail, so I don’t know how long this video will be, but let’s see how it goes. 

I have told you already that we have intuition that helps us make the right choice, and we should always listen to our Intuition, to our Heart that will always tell us only the rightest decisions possible.

In the same manner, right since the childhood we have the main tool, which can be used by anyone. But we are somehow deprived of it right from the start.

This tool is out dreams. That’s right, our dreams! Can you imagine that? Stunning, isn’t it? How come dreams are the tool? Yes, that’s right: dreams. Have you ever thought why a person needs to dream?

And why, when we are in a good mood, when we are active and maybe in love with someone, when everything goes right or something good happens, then we always try to dream a little?

In a state – in a state of euphoria, so to say – Supreme forces come to the person directly to help. It is the access to Fire with the help of a generator, of Heart, that lets a person find answers to any questions.

When we dream, these thoughts that buzz in our head… When we dream, we see these images, pictures… We like to develop this or that image or a thought, and we dream on and on.

But since our childhood somebody says to us: “Stop dreaming!” A child is always told: “It’s just a dream, this never happens in the real life, stop dreaming!” But why?! Who forbade us fulfill our dreams? And why? It is just like fear generator. They made us fear generators and forbade us to ream.

This is something that science cannot explain. It is impossible to understand what an intuition and a dream is by means that science has. It is impossible to touch it or see it. It is impossible to prove it. For now these things are as unprovable as God.

Of course, scientists now are on the verge of unraveling. They have found torsion fields. Now we can use scientific facts that are available now. But still they are not enough. Anytime soon there will be some progress, in science as well.

Progress will be reached in every field on Earth. Because people will start dreaming. Now you are going to study the practice that will let every one of you find your Mission.

Because through the dreams the Supreme forces – God, Source, Fire – whatever you call the inner place where your heat is that connects you with the Absolute, or Higher Self – nevermind the name, but it does connect you. And this connection lets you get the clues which will lead you to the discovery of your Mission. 

How can this be done? Very easily, actually. There is a small peculiarity. Maybe you won’t do it at the first attempt, if you won’t have enough energy.  If you, for instance… Remember I told you about intuition? Intuition is available and works when a person has at least a minimum proper amount of positive energies to be able to use the intuition.

The same thing is for dreaming. If you don’t dream, if you don’t know how to dream, it shows that you are in negative coordinate system. It is something to think about. If you don’t have intuition, if you can’t dream – it is a wake-up call.

It is a wake-up call to think what coordinate system you live in, why the level of your vibrations is so low that it doesn’t allow you to use the two main basic things. It is the basis. Basic skills that nobody can take away from us.

We have them since we are born. These are the intuition and the dreams. We go through life with the intuition. We check with the intuition about every decision whether it is right or wrong. And the Supreme forces show us the answers, the new ways, and so on. It is intuition. 

And in the same manner, through dreams, the Mission of a person works. Only through dreams, it is the only way. You may find some other ways to discover your Mission, but they won’t work. It won’t be your Mission. It will be some substitute.  Because this substitute is not connected to the real Source, to Absolute. Only dreams can give you the opportunity you find your Mission.

Only dreams let you rise above the material world into the imaginary world of dreams, where God gives us clues, what we should do in this life and how we should do it.

And it is very important. It is important to understand that you should be filled with positive energies up to the level on which you can use the method of how to find your Mission.

The method is very simple. But once again: when we ask questions during Fire receiving, we wait for a certain level of energy saturation, and here it is exactly the same: we have to wait for a certain saturation of energy to be able to use this method.

Some people are able to do it immediately, with no troubles, because the level of their vibrations lets them right here, right now turn off this video and do the things I am going to tell you about. It is not a problem for them.

So, if you want to have the access to the information that the Supreme forces is going to give you – and it doesn’t matter how we will call them, whether it is God, or Absolute, or Fire, the main thing is that it is the supreme state of consciousness, that created the whole World, the whole 

Universe with the diversity and variety of Worlds, and the only thing that matters is that you will be able to receive these thoughts – so, if you want to get this information, you will need to choose one day, one whole day. Not just two or three or four hours, but the whole day.

From morning till evening. Not every now and then during the day, but just during the day. So that nobody could interrupt you from doing it. Your task is to get full immersion into yourself, deep inside yourself.

It is very important not to use your phone, devices should be switched off. You should be out of reach the whole day while you are working on your Mission. It is very important. You should create the atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed.

Maybe you have favorite music… But then again, music is different. If you turn on rock music or something of low vibrations, something that destroys the emanation: techno music or something else that plays in a club, then it is not the right music for the thing we are going to do. It won’t put you in the right mood.

It should be string music, very soft and calm, just in the background. Keep in mind that music is important. Music can destroy or give strength, cleansing the vibration of the space where it is played.

And it also cleanses your aura emanations. As well as music of a different kind, like hard rock or something played in a nightclub destroys you, it makes you weak. 

Therefore I ask you to choose your playlist wisely and attentively. If you don’t know anything about the vibrations of musical pieces, maybe it is better for you not to put any music on.

I am stressing this point not just for the sake of it, but because it is important. There shouldn’t be any annoying things around. If you have a pet, please, put it somewhere else, in a different room. Nothing should distract you from the process you will be in.

It is very important. Any distraction will break the connection you will set up. And you won’t be able to immerse into the process. The process of getting to know yourself.

The main thing that you should do in that moment – just relax and determine for yourself which way you want to go.

In that moment you should remember absolutely all dreams that you have had during your whole life. Of course, it will be the hardest for those who haven’t dreamt at all. After telling you about this method I will talk about the things you should do if you haven’t dreamt at all.  It will be the second stage. 

So, in case you have dreamt, even just a little… The overall population of our Planet certainly has. There are very few of those who haven’t done it at all. And you should understand that you need to recoil either from this very moment to the moment of your birth, or to the moment that you can remember… 

The moment of your childhood when you could realize yourself consciously… So we will either coil from today towards this moment in childhood, or vice versa, from that moment towards today.

What do I call a “recoil”?  You need to take a pen and a piece of paper, or maybe an electronic device, whatever is convenient. It is important to write this down, to take notes. Just take something with which you can write. You should write down all your dreams.

Just look. Imagine a screen. Here there are some triangles on the screen. And here is a vase with flowers. There is some figure. There we can see nature. And some triangles once again. Here someone is waving their hand at you.

Just look how different all these elements in one picture are. But on the whole it is one picture on the screen. We see it as a whole. 

Dreams are just like this. They are so different that it seems impossible to match them together. They are like that screen. See, how many different details that don’t match. But on the whole it is one picture. 

Just like this we have to complete a puzzle with these incongruous details. These are our dreams. We need to do this puzzle out of these dreams. You need to be in a very calm and quiet state inside.

A very calm and quiet state, through which you will be falling and remembering your dreams. Falling and remembering, falling and remembering, remembering, remembering your dreams.

And write them down. And you need to be in such state for a day. Don’t do anything else. Just fall and remember. We immerse deeper and deeper, and remember everything we have ever dreamed of.

When you write the list, I recommend you to read it before you go to sleep. It is like a mantra which you plant inside yourself before going to sleep. 

And please ask Fire, Fire energy, to help you structurize this picture. To help you complete this puzzle the next day. With the help of Fire energy you will easily get to the second stage of this method.

When you wake up the next day, you need to go through the same procedure as you did the previous day. You should avoid communicating with people. Any communication at all. All phones, gadgets, TVs, any sounds – all this should be turned off.

You can leave on some background music if you are sure that it brings positive vibrations.

In a while we will have music, because little by little I meet people who will cleanse the space with their voices, helping you concentrate, during this practice of discovery of your Mission in particular.

I believe that soon we will create and record a lot of musical works that will be available to everyone. The moment you wake up on the second day you should take this list, look at it attentively and choose one dream which currently…

Well, you can choose two or three dreams which currently resonate with you the most. Just resonate with you. I have told many times about this method to many people. 

Maybe somebody already uses it, shares it and teaches others how to discover their Mission, but you know, I always say that it is better to let go of this dream, or several dreams that you choose. Maybe there will be some kind of mixture of several dreams. 

It is possible. Maybe you can mix two or three dreams. Or even more, I don’t know – whatever works for you. It is all decided individually. There are no rules. There are no rules in communicating with God. There shouldn’t be any.

Nobody can and nobody should describe such rules anywhere. It is a personal communication. You know, people keep asking me, even now, when we give out Fire – they ask me if they can do this or that, what are the rules and so on. 

I can only say that only your heart, your intuition can tell you these rules. If somebody gives you the rules of talking to God – then they are not the rules of talking to God. They may be the rules of talking to some other Charismatic Essence, but not with God. 

How can there be any rules for communicating with God? Think for yourself, whether it is possible or not. How can anybody give any rules to your heart, which lives, breathes and vibrates on the frequency of God? How is it possible?

It is something to think about. Why somebody gives such directions to a person who was created after the image and likeness of God, who has the freedom of choice, who has Fire generator… It doesn’t matter that now it works as generator of fear.

What really matters is that it is still a Fire generator and you can switch it to Fire anytime. How can anybody tell you about some rules of talking to God? This is why there are no rules in any method that you follow. It is you who set the rules, Only you.

You set the rules yourself using any method that I give you. I just give you a basic mechanism, just so you understood how you can use the communication with God. How you can use your intuition.

How you can use your dreams. Just to discover your Mission. This is why you choose what your heart, your intuition tells you. You use your intuition here. You choose the preferences that resonate with your heart.

And you can choose one preference or you can mix the whole list together and send it out into Space. I always tell this: take some of your dreams: one, or two, maybe three, or ten, maybe a hundred – it doesn’t matter. Take them, put them together in a single set, or a lump, you can call it whatever you want.  

And just send it all out into Space. You send a thought to a place where there are no fences or curtains. Nothing can bind you there. Let your thought go to that place. Imagine this Space to yourself. Close your eyes and imagine this Space.

And imagine that your dream is right in this place in Space. And nobody in this place can stop you, or hold you down, tell you that it is impossible and so on and so forth.

Everything you think about is possible. Absolutely everything. If you think that something is impossible, you are mistaking. Everything that comes into your head is possible. The only thing is that when you launch this dream, and during the whole day you should…

So you send it out into space in the morning, and then you sit the whole day… A dream or a mix of some dreams that you have chosen – it is just a skeleton. Just a carcass. And when you launch this carcass into Space, and there are no restrictions there, and with your dreams, with the help of Supreme forces that will give you clues which direction to choose for dreams… They will give you the clues, and this is the carcass on which, bit by bit, there will grow blood vessels, veins, muscles, and then one day, the skin.

And when one day your dream will reach the point where you will see your Mission, there will be an insight. It will be a feeling you have never felt before in your life. It will be jubilation and joy of the soul!

You know, it is like a scientist who spent a huge amount of time proving a theorem, roughly speaking. And he combined something on and on. He has spent all his life to get to a certain result and to prove something. To be able to prove something. 

And at this moment he has proven this something and he has an insight, you know. You will have such insight too. You will need to catch this state of mind. To catch this state of Mission. When you see your Mission, then the state of euphoria will be so strong that you will feel wings growing on your back.

Literally, there will grow wings on your back, you will be able to remove mountains if you want. And the main thing. There is a small secret. As soon as you discover your Mission, you shouldn’t make way for it. By no means. You just shouldn’t.

You will be shown the way to your Mission. Fire will show it to you. Directly. Fire will show you the way you should go. If you will try to make your way with the help of your narrow, logical mind, this way will be just like this ( *shows with hands* ). Just like a snake.

You can go from Point A to Point B by different ways. If you set off with the help of Supreme forces only, you will let them guide you through your heart. This is the way that God shows you. This is something you do from your heart.

Your heart should be like this, it should be wide open. An open heart. And Fire makes your heart open. You can, everyone of you can discover your Mission. And not just discover it, but fulfill it.

With this big, huge, pulsating Heart, like a sign where to go. It is so good that these two things that are unavailable for scientists as they cannot decipher them – those are dreams and intuition, these two things will let you go your way of life smoothly.

The main thing that I want to tell you is that the way from Point A to Point B, if you follow your heart, is always straight, without any turns. And if you follow your head you will constantly think what is right, what is wrong, what you need to do next, and your way will be like this (*shows zigzag line*)

This way will be much longer and harder. You know, even I myself have faced with such peculiarity. I knew me Mission. I knew that I had to give my knowledge to people. But I thought I would do it in a very different way. 

Those who are acquainted with me personally know that for a rather long time, for about four years, I was obsessed with an idea to write a script. I even studied script writing and create a film where I would describe all the Laws of the Universe.

I wanted to make a series, something like fantasy but not exactly. Unfortunately, my crazy mind imagined that my way will be like this. But I was so surprised when coronavirus came!

So what do I do now? I am sitting at home, I switched my phone camera on and now I am telling you briefly what I have come to. It is a prominent example. You need to understand that brain always shows us some other ways, Wrong ways. If we move from the Heart, the way will always be short. 

The way will always be short. Like this. So you need to understand that you should move exclusively in accordance with your Heart. It is a very important thing in your Mission.

And I hope that you will be able to use this fine method to discover your Mission, because it is very simple, there is nothing simpler than this. You just need to have an open Heart and a wish to do it. A wish to discover your Mission.

You also need to know that if you move along your life not in accordance with your Mission, then there won’t be prosperity around you. Prosperity in any sphere. You will always lack something. If you lack something, then you aren’t fulfilling your life Mission. 

That’s for sure. Either you stopped, or something else happened. Any event in your life: an accident, or somebody significant to you falls ill, something like this – it shows that you do something wrong. You do something wrong. You do not follow your Mission properly. 

It is important. I am saying that you should know for sure that as soon as you get on the way towards your Mission, as soon as you discover it, the whole Space, the whole Universe will help you complete your Mission.

This is how it works. As soon as you discover your Mission, the World around you becomes prosperous. In all spheres. It is a law. There is no other way. If a person born here accomplishes their Mission, everything around them will prosper. You won’t lack anything. You won’t need anything because you will move in accordance with your Mission. The need always emerges when a person goes the wrong way or stops. Then there is need, then there is lack of money, and so on and so forth.

When you are complete, when you know which way to go – I will repeat that – the whole Universe will present you with prosperity. And the way by which you will go will be carpeted with different opportunities and beneficial acquaintances. Everything you will ever want will be fulfilled right away.

Any thought will materialize at once. Just because you go your way. It is very important. And the main thing: when you discover your Mission, you will be happy. And no one in the World will be able to move you away from your Mission and say “Stop being foolish, it is silly”. No, you won’t care what others will say about you, because you will be fulfilling the real reason why you were born. You were born to do something. Every one of you is born to do something.

It is just beautiful. Everyone with no exception has their task, their own task. The task that will make this World much better. And this task isn’t aimed at generating fear. This is for sure. AMission is always prosperity. Prosperity in all spheres. And now let’s just dream: what if everyone will discover their Mission. What can happen around these people? You won’t believe it: prosperity. It is that level of life that should settle on Earth. The prosperity only. We should all be in full bloom, everyone.

This is the thing. We should accumulate this honey dew, just store it everywhere possible. That’s the thing. To bring this honey dew, just like that bee, to the Home of the Soul. This was something I wanted you to know about your Mission. The video turned out to be very long.

Somebody will definitely give their piece of mind about the length of my videos again, but there will also be the second part about Mission, for people who have troubles remembering and finding their dreams.

I will show them several methods which they can use to mend the situation. It is all fixable. Everyone, everyone with no exception will have the possibility to dream up to their Mission. To dream is a necessary thing. All your dreams will fulfill. Fire came on Earth only to make everyone happy. That’s the thing.

Fire to all of you! We will go on in the next part.

Practice. Part 2. How to learn dreaming. How to distunguish between a dream and a desire

Fire to all!

Here is the second part of the discussion of how to find your Mission. 

And the second part is dedicated to people who, somehow, do not remember their dreams. Or they, for whatever reason, haven’t dreamt at all yet. For now it doesn’t matter what reason it can be. They too can discover their Mission with the help of dreams. The only thing is that they will have to start dreaming. 

And if those who have already dreamt about something can discover their Mission rather fast, those who haven’t dreamt yet should learn how to start dreaming first. They should spare at least 15-20 minutes a day for this. They should just take any idea that they like and send it into Space. And watch how this idea transforms into some other structure.

These people can and should dream too, starting right now, today. Just go for it.

No matter how much time it takes, if you just use the method I gave you in the first part, one fine day you will definitely get the result anyway. 

You can just try to dream during a whole month. For 15-20 minutes every day, it depends on how much time you can spare for this. And in a month you will see the result, just try the practice I told you about in the first part.

And there is one more thing I haven’t told you about, but a very important one. It’s just that the first part turned out very large, it was on the practice of how to find your Mission. 

The most important thing that you need to know is that there are several questions that you should answer when you try to determine whether it is a dream or a wish. These are two different things.

If this is your wish, the word for it is “I want”. I want a car. I want a flat. I want a dog. I want a beautiful wife. I want a rich husband. I want to fly to the Moon. I want, I want, I want. So it is the word “WANT”. I want. I want to have something, I want something to be mine, I want to possess. 

So if you answer this question – about the things you “want” – then it is not about your dreams.

You should understand that a dream is a slightly different thing. You just need to know the difference.

The word “dream” corresponds to “I am doing something”. I am doing. I am bringing up a child. I am tidying up. I am building a house. After all, I am building a house myself. I built a house myself – on my own. I mean, I am building a house, I am studying something, I want to specialize in a certain field. Not possess something, but to do something that another person can use. This is the idea. I do something for somebody. You do something for somebody too. Not for yourself, but for somebody. So any Mission means doing something for somebody. Not for yourself.

When you say “I want”, it means you want it for yourself. I want, I want. We are talking about ourselves only, we say “I want”. This is not about dreams. Not about Mission. If you do something for others, if you want to do something for others… I want, say, to build a house for my family – this is a wish too.

Imagine a person who is building or wants to build a house for their family on his/her own. Maybe it is even not a wish, but a kind of a dream… But still it is not a Mission. I want to build a house for my family. It is one of the small steps towards the Mission. In other words, there is a lack of knowledge on how to build a house in my matrix cells.  And I want to do this myself. I want to understand on my own how to do, say, geodesic work.

Before we start construction work of any kind we should find out what kind of soil we have here, what kind of water, and so on and so forth. Then we should decide what the foundation will be like. And we should study all these spheres. We should dig into it, right? We should accumulate in our matrix cells this new intention to do something for somebody.

I want you to understand that “I wish” and “I want” are for ourselves. For me. Like we’re crowning ourselves.

When there appears this crown of ego, of an egoist, when this crown starts to grow, it shows that it has nothing in common with dreaming and Mission.

So here we can see some egoistic thing. And we aren’t talking about Supreme forces helping a person get this egoistic crown that grows bigger and bigger.

We are saying that a person’s Mission is always much deeper than possessing something. Because you have come here, into this World, you were born here…

Did you come here possessing something? Did you really bring here some material things? Did you own something when you were born? Frankly speaking, you didn’t even have your underwear or a toothbrush, to say nothing of cars, of flats, or whatever. You didn’t even have hair, it grew later. Well, maybe somebody was lucky to be born with some hair already. But the thing is that you came here with a pink naked butt, and you will leave this world with that butt.

This may not sound nice, and it may even hurt a bit, but it is the truth. You came here naked, and you will go naked. But have in mind that you will definitely, definitely take with you the experience that you have gained here.

And in order to gain it in the rightest way possible so that your matrix cells were filled with the energies you should receive here – you should know your Mission for sure. To do everything right. Just to have prosperity around you. It is this thing we are talking about. To make everyone happy. We don’t need people to be unhappy. We don’t need people to be fear generators. We want everyone to be happy. The World will change.

And in this World there will be new possibilities, different from those we had before. There will be changes in many spheres. We live in such a wonderful time. Because we can watch such crucial changes around us. This is why the most important thing is to make up your mind.

So that you could tell your personal egoistic wishes that always make you focus on yourself only –from the Mission that you have to accomplish. The Mission that expands. Positive energy always has a quality of expansion.

You are shrinking if you are greedy, if you say “it’s mine”. It is greed that tries to shrink you down. But if you are generous, then generosity will expand you.

It expands you, makes you r heart larger. If we are talking about how your aura changes – when you are concentrated on yourself, your aura becomes small and full of holes. And you fall ill. Here is the reason of illnesses. And if you start living on positive vibrations, accomplishing your Mission and your life task, then your field starts expanding and all the space starts helping you.

So – I think you get it – on your way there will be appearing people, thoughts and wishes that will be in accordance with your Mission.

And they will help you with it. It is very important for everyone to understand it. I am saying that even those who find it hard to dream can do it too, they just need a little more time.

Just a little more time. And, besides – I will repeat it – why I make these videos in the first place – I want you to be more conscious. I want you to be better. I want you to be generators of this Fire energy. And I want the space around us to vibrate on different frequencies.

I hope that there will be much more of us. Much more of those who receives Fire. Now we are in the process of launching our website.

And you won’t need to log in there. You just open the website and put a “+1’ sign anonymously. Anonymously. You leave a “+1” message and receive Fire energy. The energy that is able to change your life.

The energy that is able to help you open up your heart that will guide you through your life journey. To discover your Mission with the help of dreams that will too help you on your way. To teach you how to use Fire energy yourself, so that you could ask your own questions. Directly. You don’t need a mediator to communicate with God. And there are no rules on how to talk to God. No rules. The only rule-maker is your open heart. Only your heart knows what is right. Each soul has its own rules of how to talk to God. You need to understand it.

I hope I have answered all of your questions. I am always happy to receive your questions, and I will make extra videos to give you more detailed answers.


Fire to all of you!

See you in next videos!

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