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Cleansing and elimination of blocks in Aura

Fire to all!

We have an interesting topic today: how to cleanse and remove blocks from auric emanations. It is very important to discuss this subject.

In previous videos (link to Fire16) we studied the following: that if we imagine, say, that every person is a vessel and this vessel is filled with a certain liquid, and this liquid is our vital energy that is given to us for a certain period of lifetime so that we could perform the tasks for which we were born.

To go the way of our Mission. If we imagine that a person is this vessel, then we can see that it is like snowflakes: there are no vessels that would be similar in shape, or size, or contents, or the level of filling. How full or empty it is.

And thus the energy… Like we have said already, the Earth turns counterclockwise and we live in negative coordinate system. And we are born here only in this vibration scope, from and to a certain energy point. In our vibrations we correspond to the Earth.

In other words, we vibrate on approximately the same frequencies based on the negative and positive torsion fields ratio. And we need to understand that it is this ratio of negative and positive that is this certain liquid that fills our vessels.

And Fire Energy is fresh spring water, the clearest water. There is nothing cleaner than it. Nothing at all. In the whole Universe there is no Energy source that would be cleaner. It is the Fire of God. It is the supreme state of positive coordinate system.

So, we have a certain liquid, and if it has some negative torsion fields, then it is tomato juice, or orange juice, or maybe tea or coffee, or coke, or milk, and so on. Liquids of different kinds.

And you should understand that our task is to clean our vessels from everything that is inside them. From this liquid. And fill them with fresh spring water.

With Fire Energy. And in order to do it we will have to watch some processes. You shouldn’t be afraid of these processes. It’s not for long, but it must be done.

And you just need to know that when fresh spring water gets into your bodies, into your vessels, the other liquid will just pour out of you. Just pour out. Because it has more negative potential if we compare it to Fire Energy. 

And at the moments when it pours out you won’t need it anymore, you won’t need the energy that you used to live with. And at these moments, when it pours out, you will always feel discomfort. You will have a headache and other unpleasant sensations.

Different ones. You should understand that you need to go through it, just endure it. But there is a good news too. It is about our hands.

You would say: what’s so unusual about my hands? But once you start receiving Fire Energy your hands become real healing pills for your body. They start to have healing effect.

You can put your hands for 2-3-5 minutes onto the place where you feel discomfort during the day after Fire Energy receiving. You may feel pain, pressure, or maybe your Essences behave badly and show themselves through cramps.

Usually your head feels heavy because of them. And you can heal these uncomfortable sensations with your hands. It doesn’t matter whether you feel something during fire Energy receiving. Because not everybody will feel something right away. People who are well-trained for this are quite few.

You need to know that at first you won’t feel any sensations. But your hands will become magical anyway. You will be able to heal yourself. To direct energy to the spots in your body where you feel physical discomfort. If there is physical discomfort, then there are holes and blocks.

And this is what we are going to talk about. And you should understand that it is your hands that are the important power that is going to heal you. And you will also be able to heal the people who are close to you. Not accumulating Karma. 

You will be able to relieve pain of your life partners, your children, your parents. But that’s it. Well, of your brothers and sisters too. The closest circle, your blood relatives. And life partners as well.

With your hands you will be able to relieve any uncomfortable sensations for sure. And every one of you will feel discomfort, as I have already told you, because all this will pour out of you.

This energy that used to fill you will pour out of you. Because now you won’t need it anymore. Because you will receive ire Energy, and you will be filled with an Energy of absolutely different kind. And it will push all the dirt out.

And you need to understand that not only should your vessel get rid of all the old liquid, but it should also become clean. The vessel walls should be clean as well. So you will just need to endure it so that your vessel become clean.

I have already told you about the diet and all, but I will repeat it. And in the further videos we are going to discuss food subject in detail. And for now I would like to tell you that… when you receive Fire you won’t have to give up on anything.

It will be such a pleasant procedure that won’t let you get over yourself or to miss out on anything. We have this gift from Fire Energy. During four years every one of you, with no exception, can

clean your bodies and fill them with spring water. And it is Fire Energy that will make the way through these blocks in our auric emanations, it will break these blocks. It will clean this dirt on the walls of our vessels. It will just clean them.

Slowly, step by step, but it will clean them. And once the dirt is gone, you will start feeling these Fire Energies. If you feel Fire Energies right away, it means you have already gone a rather long path of spiritual growth.

And you are already well-trained. You already have a base. It will be a little harder for you if you have never done any spiritual practices before, and the process will take longer.

So, concerning the diet. Everyone of you, with no exception, will change your diet. After some time everyone who receives Fire Energy will refrain from eating meat, fish and other products that reduces the amount of your energy. And you won’t have to restrict yourself from it.

You just won’t want to eat it. Your body won’t take this food. Through different methods. It will just reject it. The moving from one alimentation system to another one will be soft. And it is a real gift, a present for all of us.

Earlier, you would have to set strict limits for yourself, to give something up for the sake of something. But now any person can just move to a different alimentation system. Any person at all. You just need to receive Fire Energy twice a day. That’s all. 

You don’t need to do anything else. Just to receive Fire Energy, that’s it. And you need to understand that you will have to be patient and wait for these uncomfortable sensations to be gone. When Fire Energy will break your blocks,

and your auric emanations will fill with Fire Energies. This is what I wanted to tell you about today. Fire to all!

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