What is Fire

What is Fire, Fire Energy? Why did it come to Earth?

To answer these questions, we should start by understanding who Tatiana Nesterova is and why she distributes Fire.

A little about Me

I won’t get into details about myself now, all the information about me will be added step by step as the project is filled with information.

Now I’ll tell you only the most important facts you should know about me!!!

?I am Indigo, my diet is raw fruit and vegetables and Solar Energy.

?I don’t take away the sling-chair from the terrace in winter because I can sunbathe in a summer dress at -30°C.

?I regularly fast and clean the vessel of my body where the Energy of very High vibrations can enter.

?I live in a conscious celibacy for 8 years, to accumulate Energy Potential.

?I used to work as an auditor for 10 years, identifying economic crimes in industrial construction!!!

?Now I have been working working as an interior designer for 7 years. I use sacred geometry to harmonize the space.

In my life I have passed a very long and interesting path of spiritual development which led me to the ability to contain Fire Energies.

Now I know the way to this Source. And I can show it to everyone.

Why do I need to be a Retranslator?

We are all constantly evolving and transforming. And when a person gradually reaches a certain level of development, he/she is only able to give all their knowledge and skills.

Let’s imagine that a person is a glass of water, one-third full. In the course of life, you learn to interact with the liquid inside your glass. You make it dirty, you clean it, you fill it with different liquids and not only liquids, you use chemicals or natural ingredients.

As a result of this trial-and-error method, you come to an understanding that it is most comfortable to have a clean glass of crystal clear water.

After you realize it you come to an understanding that it is necessary to find a Source of spring water.

And now you are on your way, searching for this Source. Of course, your search is successful and your happiness is simply unlimited.

You put your glass under this pure spring water and the water quickly washes your glass clearing it and overflowing its borders.

The glass of water that is rushing in it and washing it stays in this state of euphoria for a long period of time, until the situation in the world that is happening with the Covid-19 Coronavirus now forces it to look at the glasses around it.

And the glass realizes that it can point the way for other glasses to this inexhaustible Source of spring water.


Indigo, Indigo children … no one really knows who We are, and there are more and more of us every year.

The only thing that is known about us is that we are from other Planets. That’s it!!! But WE know everything about ourselves from birth!!! We are not interested in the Knowledge that was accumulated here, recorded and spread out by religion, books, sites and now popular videos on YouTube.

The most important distinctive feature in the structure of Human and Indigo bodies is the Presence of open direct access to the Divine Dimensions.

Therefore, Indigo does not need any “crutches” in the form of various Religions, Channelings and Egregors (communication channels) through which you can get additional information and/or energy for your own development and other purposes.

Indigos have an innate access to the Energy and Information of their True Spiritual Home which is beyond Earthly understanding.

I go in my life the opposite way, I’m not looking for knowledge on Earth at all!

What is new here? A New Truth? Can it really be new? How do you imagine it? Like, the Higher forces woke up one morning and decided to change the rules of the game, the Laws of the Universe, because the old ones are no longer in fashion?

I am interested in finding Knowledge about the Truth among this information flow, the Truth that would confirm my knowledge of the Universe as a whole.

To be able to explain complex things through simple and understandable language, always basing on the ancient sources of available knowledge. By compiling the available information about the Truth into a single and understandable picture for all. In today’s information flow it is difficult to find really good books and knowledge!!!

If you think I’m going to tell you something new – no, I’m not!

You will not see nothing new for yourself from what I am going to write here.

It is necessary to tell you about the Stream of Energy, which I began to distribute to everyone here.

My mission is to teach everyone who wants it to be able to connect to this Stream or to another Stream independently, according to the Hierarchy (the next post will be about different kinds of streams) and use it in the implementation of your Purpose/Mission.

I want to warn you right away that this is not the Energy of Light that we are used to in meditations and various practices that are now in fashion. This is the Energy of Fire.?

The Energy of Fire has very High vibrations, and so, in order to be able to interact with it, it is necessary to match its vibrations.

If this Energy is transmitted directly to an untrained person, his/her body can literally burn from such vibrations.

It is like electricity, it is everywhere in our world now, we do not feel it and do not understand that it exists, even when we see a lit bulb. And in order to understand that it is there, we can stick our fingers in the socket and get an electric shock.

Therefore, I act as an electric network of high-voltage transmission lines with a switchboard and allocated power individually for each, which directly supplies electricity (Fire) to your house and each of you has the opportunity to connect to this network.

Now imagine that you are mobile phones. Everyone has a different model, different adapter, different battery, different software and you have installed different programs according to your needs.

And everyone of you can come with your device and safely plug your adapter into the socket and be able to charge your device. Regardless of the model, charge level, and size of your device.

However, when you charge your phones this way, you immediately face the fact that either you will need a new battery, or a new adapter, or your software is outdated, and the new programs that you need simply cannot be downloaded without updating. In some cases, you will need to restart the system.

The Energy of Fire penetrates deeper than just an electric charge, and affects all the deepest layers of the soul and spiritual organization of a person. It is always aimed at transformation.

Fire is the most powerful Transforming Energy. It sweeps everything in its path breaking all blocks and destroying any dogmas that interfere with spiritual development.

The transformation is on its way. There can appear new thoughts, new desires, new hobbies that you didn’t have before.

In general, everything around you will change and your attitude to the world around you will change too.

Everywhere there is a Hierarchy, you can see it clearly by the Angelic ranks that exist in the Orthodox Church.

Angelic Energy is Cold White (Light Energy) and as we can see from the Hierarchy, it is placed at the very beginning of various Divine Energies.

The crown of all Divine Energies is Fire and Fire Angels – six-winged seraphs.

Six-winged seraphs, Angels of Fire.

Fire Energy of Light and one of the Elementals of the Fire element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) have different concepts, vibrations and potential.

A lot is known about the Elementals of the 4 elements from fairy tales, epics and lores that survived up to our days.

There are many references to the Fire Energy of Light in the Biblical texts, such as the Fire of God.

You can read about it in more details here, the author of this article gathered different references to Fire and its qualities in one unit.

The Fire Energy of Light can be different for everyone:
? Heartfelt Faith
? Sacrificial
? Punishing
? Testing
? Illuminating

But the most important thing is that now We are living in a time when Fire will be Transformative for us!!!

Transformation by Fire is the Paradigm of Our Time. Time of Change.

About 10 years ago a new popular slang word “?Fire?” and the worldwide popular emoji “?” entered our vernacular.

Millions of people around the World have said and written this word for 10 years. Any word is a sound vibration. Thus, without even knowing it, they filled the near-Earth space with the vibration of the word “?Fire?“, calling it to manifest itself in their Lives.

And only when the vibration of the word ?FIRE ? reached its critical mass, Fire manifested itself and came into our Lives in its full diversity.
This is something to think about!!!

Let’s return to the aim of this Stream of Fire Energy, which will be distributed for 4 years.

Our aim is to learn how to connect to the Stream of Fire Energy independently, without anyone’s help. However, to be able to do this, you need to patch all the holes and remove all the blocks first. Without it, Fire Energy will not be able to come to you and fill you with its flows.

Before now, in order to achieve Fire you had to spend more than one life to complete this task, which includes, for instance, independent restoring of the emanations of your auric system, for which you would have to study many Religions, try many practices and prayers, read many books on this topic, and be trained by different masters and gurus in each field.

Just think about the fact that you could spend your ENTIRE LIFE studying just ONE of the fields.

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