How to receive Fire?

For 4 years from April 2020 to April 2024, every day at 08.20 and 20.20 Moscow time, Fire Energy will be distributed.

?Duration 4 minutes?

How to register for Fire Energy receiving

Anyone can receive Fire, registration on the web-site is not required.

There are two fields on the Fire Energy Receiving page: 08:20 and 20:20. They become active at 12 AM Moscow time and 12 PM Moscow time respectively.

In order to register for Fire Receiving, please put ➕ in these fields from 24:00:00 to 08:19:59 and from 12:00:00 to 20:19: 59. After this time, registration is not accepted.

After you have set ➕ , you can save the data by clicking SAVE.

Attention!! After saving, editing will not be available!! You can only edit an entry by logging in from another device.

The Fire Energy is distributed within 4 minutes.

How to put ➕ in fields

1.How People receive Fire.

1.1 If you receive Fire alone, please put the appropriate number of people in the “People receiving Fire” field (up to 5 people).
1.2 Relatives/ Friends/ Acquaintances – you have to get the consent of each person you want to invite (there must always be freedom of choice). Then pleaese put this number of people, taking into account yourself, in the “People receiving Fire” field.
1.3 People deprived of the possibility to make a choice (mentally unbalanced people) can be invited without their permission, and also BE SURE to invite their Essence to the distribution of Fire!
1.4 People who are in a state of coma can also be invited without their permission, as well as their Essences if you want.
1.6 If a person does not want to receive Fire, you can invite only the Essence of this person to the distribution.
1.7 People deprived of the possibility to make their own choice (the ones with inherited diseases – dementia, ICP and so on, diseases/injuries acquired during lifetime – paralysis of the body, corresponding injuries) can be invited without their permission, and you should necessarily invite their Essences. it is better not to invite such people to the distribution without serious work with their Essences, because their Essences are very strong and can cause deterioration in the patient’s condition.

2.How Essences receive Fire:

How to invite them: ” I invite (the name of the Essence) this morning/evening for the distribution of Fire at 08:20/ 20:20″
2.1 If you know the names of your Essences, you can invite each Essence to receive Fire INDIVIDUALLY, and set the appropriate number of Essences in the “Essences receiving Fire” field.
2.2 If the main Essence has not told you its name yet, take a photo of your eyes (it should be an actual photo and you should look directly into the camera), and invite your Essence to the distribution of Fire looking into the eyes in the photo addressing it.
2.3 If you want to invite the Essence of another person, take a photo of the eyes of this person (it should be an actual photo, if possible, and the person should look directly into the camera), and invite their Essence to the distribution of Fire addressing it, looking into the eyes of this person. You can invite only up to two Essences.
2.4 If you want to invite the Essence of an Animal, the invitation is as follows: “I invite the Essence of (name of the Animal) this morning/evening to Fire distribution at 08:20/ 20:20.

What are Essences and How to interact with them

To clarify the process, first let’s define what Essences are and how they are related to each of us.
Essences are our teachers in the first place (after all, each teacher has their own teaching principle). This is a certain programmed Energy substance that is connected with the Energy field of a person depending on his/her karma and the purpose of the Soul (what positive qualities (qualities of character) the Soul (person) needs to develop in this incarnation).

Essences are divided into several types, each has its own pattern of forming thoughts in your head, depending on what you need to develop. For instance, Aggression: a certain Essence is responsible for thoughts that lead to aggression, and it will send thoughts to your head until you develop a certain quality that will allow you not to react to these thoughts, and thus you will lose this emotion).

The number of thoughts that are sent depends on the level of possession of this quality, there is a certain transformation of your consciousness, as a result, the quality is developed: the Essence is detached. Because the Essence lives on the Energy that You release (any reaction to a thought is an emotion, and that is Your Energy), and the quality of Energy (positive emotions and vice versa) what is required by this Entity must correspond to the frequency of vibration of this Entity, but if You react positively to thoughts or ignore them for a long period of time, the Essence is detached, since the Energy does not match its requests.

But there is a nuance– Entities also have the property to transform, from the negative coordinate axis to the positive, and vice versa. This is the meaning of the EEntities Feeding .

The Fire Energy given to us as a Gift has the ability to transform and heal all karmic nodes and Entities as well.

What it takes: love your Entity as yourself. Talk with it (them) every day and tell it how you love it. Talk about what will happen if You feed it with Fire Energy. Tell it about transformation into Angel as a result of Fire acceptance. Tell it will get white wings (Entities dream about it). For a more convenient invitation You need to know the name of the Entity. Ask it to tell You its name, ANY name (because the real name it won’t tell). Any word that will come to Your mind will be the answer of the Entity.

3.How to receive Fire by the Dead:

How to pronounce the invitation – ” I will Invite you this morning/evening for the distribution of Fire at 08:20/20:20 (name of the deceased person)
3.1 One of the most important practices is to find information about Your Family tree and find out the names of deceased Relatives. Thereby You will expand the list of the Dead. The more of them You have on the list, the faster and better the process of transformation by Fire will take place. During the invitation, ask for their forgiveness and tell them that You also forgive and love them. After the invitation You should enter their number in the field “Dead Accept Fire”.
3.2 If any Deceased have worked out negative karma together with You during Your life, You can invite them to receive Fire also. Hence You will be unleashing karma with people who have hurt You during Your life, or You have done something similar to them. The principle of invitation is the same as for the Relatives (with words of forgiveness).
3.3 Deceased people who have heavy karma, but they are not related to You in any way – if You want to heal the soul of this person with heavy karma (suicides, murderers, people who seriously harmed others and themselves), just invite this person to the distribution of Fire and feed it along with the Essences with Energy Balls.

4.How to receive Fire by the Animals:

Animals can also be transformed like all living being on the Planet.
How to pronounce the invitation to the distribution of Fire for animals – ” I Invite this morning/evening to the distribution of Fire at 08:20/20:20 (name of the animal)”, then enter a certain number of animals in the “Animals Accept Fire” field.

Fire Energy Acceptance process

Let’s talk about the most important thing – how this process will take place.

In order for the Energy to be able to enter our Chakra system and Prana tube and be properly distributed in them, the most important thing is a perfectly straight back, relaxation, disconnection of internal dialogue and readiness to take in the Energy.

The body position can be standing, lying or sitting. If the body position is selected lying down, pay attention, there should be no pillows. The back is perfectly straight.

Energy can enter the crown and / or coccyx and/or anahata, the heart chakra. All individually.

Please see this and this article for better Energy destribution in Your body.

For deeper knowledge see Drunvalo Melchizedek books.

Please note that Drunvalo, as in all sources, has biases in the presentation of information- so please use Your Intuition and accumulated experience. All that concerns Practices and the tube of Prana is described perfectly!!! Use it without a doubt!!!

Most importantly, we must understand that the level of sensitivity when Receiving Fire Energy depends on the following factors:
? Each Soul has its own unique matrix cells – Experience. It’s like a bee’s comb. And these cells are all filled in different ways, some are empty, some are full, they have different levels of fullness, which depends only on the experience of the Soul!!!
? Everyone has a unique set of thoughts that he uses every day. These thoughts, among other things, form an Energy circuit around You that feeds Your auric shells or destroys them.
? The summary of all actions that a person performs throughout his life.
? Karma has an indelible imprint on the auric shells of a person.
? Lifestyle, nutrition, your accumulated practical and spiritual experience.
? Disease
? Whether you have Entities

So, from all these parameters depends on what will be the auric shell around the person, as a result, how much you will be sensitive to the procedure of Receiving Fire Energy.

The auric shell is responsible for the distribution of Energy in a person, so everyone has different feelings in receiving Energy. That is why filling with Energy will occur from 3 different Sources:
? Prana (Prana is different, here it will be a Source of Prana close to the human vibration)
? Cold Angelic Energy
? Hot Energy Of Absolute Fire

More information about Energy and sensations can be found here.

Also, please note, there may be some clips, blocks, and holes in the chakra system. At the moment of receiving Fire Energy, there may be a slight discomfort in this place. At this point, You need to direct your attention to this point and mentally push the Energy to the Anahata (heart chakra).
Where our consciousness is there is Energy, do not forget about it!!!

Therefore, the power of the Flow always goes first to eliminate blocks and holes, then proceeds to Essences to transform them. Until the Energy copes with the problems, then it will not be able to move, or it will move in a small trickle.
If you have never worked with Energy, you should do nothing at all, the Energy will continue to flow in a very small trickle. This is also not terrible, over time, it will break through this block itself.
The power of the flow of Fire Energy is very strong, You do not need to strengthen it, it is different for everyone. Take your time, everything has its own time.

There are no restrictions at all for Accepting Fire Energy. Children will be more receptive and the performance of children will amaze their parents!!!

Eyes should be closed as in any other energy practices. Advanced people will see various changing images, as in a kaleidoscope.

Practice Question-Answer when Receiving Fire Energy

These 4 minutes can also be used as a source of answers to all your unresolved life questions.

How to use it?
About 5 minutes before the start, please focus on the question You want to get an answer to. Next, You need to ask the Fire Energy to show You either options or one answer.

This Practice has no restrictions, You can ask what you want.
Most importantly, You should understand that you will see the answers ONLY when You have accumulated the minimum Energy potential for this Practice of Questions and Answers.

Practice it from the very beginning and You will definitely get the result.

The fact is that even without the accumulated Energy potential, in these 4 minutes, You will be able to ask a question directly to the Energy of Fire and the answer will be clear, without any interference from the outside. At this moment, you will receive Fire and communicate with It!!! Just 4 minutes a day, morning and evening!!!

You can get all the answers to your questions during this time.

At the end of the reception of Fire, you need to reset the settings for receiving Energy. Those who can – close the channel, who can not- shake your head or body once.

You can receive the ?Fire Energy? here

What will You get by receiving the ?Fire Energy? daily, please find out here.

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Distinctive features of Receiving the Fire by the Dead

Receiving of Fire goes in two steps:

First step – the Fire distributes to Human for 4 minutes.

Second step – upon 4 minutes the Fire is distributed to Demonic Essences and the Dead for 30-40 seconds.

If You want, You can invite all your deceased friends, relatives, acquaintances, anyone You want to…. Hence You will clean Your karma. You can safely invite everyone. Thus, they will be cleaned together with You. In this way, we will purge the ancestral karma that hung like a “sword of Damocles” over everyone.

Now there is a total cleaning and those who agree to take part in it, they all write the number of people who have Died, for whom they want to “pray”, you can also say that, to clean their family Karma.

The quantity doesn’t matter. It does not matter how many Deceased you write down, the main thing before distribution is to put a list with names in front of you (all the names you write on the list) and just invite them out loud.

Foe example: “Today I invite Peter, Mike, Ann etc. (name them all) for the Fire distribution”

And sit down quietly and receive the Energy. Energy will go to them, too. These are the rules.

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