Perceptions of Fire

No perceptions during Acceptance of Fire

We are all very individual, as there is no identical snowflake, there are no identical people, similarity of appearance is not a reference point for comparison.
Our soul is multi-faceted, like the Truth, and each has its own unique experience.

If You have never engaged in spiritual practices and have not previously thought about spiritual development, and You have a lifestyle like most people in our time, or you have a disease, then You will not be able to immediately feel the Energy of Fire or Angelic Energy.

You need to be filled in to the minimum to work with Angelic Energies, only then these Energies will come to You and You will definitely feel them.

Until this time, You will be filled with the Pranic Energy of the Cosmos, and You will either feelnothhingt, or You will just have minor sensations.

When you are filled and the Angelic Energies come to You, You will recognize them immediately, it will be bright and sensitive. You don’t even need to learn about Fire. Once You get to know Fire, You will never forget It.

Types of Energy

Angelic Energy, however, as well as light in led lamps can be of 2 types-warm and cold. It is also interesting to note that color maps of colors have shades of warm and cold. Is it a coincidence?)))

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Cold Angelic Energy

Cold to the touch Energy is the energy of the closest to us Angels from the Hierarchical system, they have a dazzling white cold hue. When interacting with them, You will feel a cool breeze, eddies, coolness and cold.

If you feel this way in or around your body, you should know the following:

? You are not ready enough to receive the Energy of Fire, you have breaks and blocks in the auric systems

? The location of cold temperatures indicates where there are breaks and holes, as well as blocks and clamps that prevent the unhindered movement of Fire Energy in Your auric systems.

? Cold Angelic Energy in its structure is closer to the Earth Energy of human, so it is it who comes to the rescue and prepares the auric shells of human to accept the High Energies of Fire. In fact, it treats You and mends the holes.

Warm Fiery Energy

Hot and warm to the touch Energy is a Fiery Energy that is the crown of the entire Universe and occupies a dominant place in the Angelic Hierarchy, it has a dazzling white-orange warm hue.

When interacting with it, You will feel a bright rush of hot air or waves running through Your body, hot / warm small or large areas of the body, heat inside or outside.

If You feel this way in or around Your body, You should know the following:

? Waves. They scan You for what your auric shells are ready for
? Gentle warm air around the body. The measure of the fullness of auric shells
? Swaying, swaying. The flow of Energy filling the auric shells
? Vibration, shaking. The flow of Energy at extreme speeds. A large package of Fire or Angelic Energy comes in
? The heat inside. With the setting up of auric systems that are located inside the body and the destruction of blocks and clips.
? The heat outside. With the setting up of auric systems that are located outside the body and the destruction of blocks and clips.
? When baking in one place, as in the bright sun. Fire burns through the whole body gradually, this is its property. It will never burn the whole body at once. It slowly selects the parts of Your body that are available for his work and begins to bake them (like mustard plasters). Eyes are no exception. And when the Fire reaches Your eyes (it will be impossible to confuse it with anything, the eyes will burn with Fire), it is an indicator that You have completed the Transformation of the body with Fire.

After the transformation of the body, the Fire will settle on Your back between the shoulder blades. Especially advanced users of Fire will have a place of life of Fire in the Anahata (heart chakra). Why a place of life? Because it will be with you 24/7.

How to live in Fire, we will deal with this much later, but we will definitely return to this.

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The best indicator when you Receive the Energies of Fire

The best indicator when Receiving Fire Energy is the constant presence of heat in the Anahata (heart chakra) or between the shoulder blades.

If You feel this when you receive Fire Energy, then You are already working on rebuilding the auric shells and the next step will be baking parts of the body with Fire.

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Blocks and holes

Indicators of Blocks and Holes in auric shells when receiving Fire Energies:

? Pulsation
? Twitching, one-time shake
? Concentration of cold or heat/heat in one place
? Pricking
? Stir
? Spasms


At all times, there has been an acute problem faced by a large number of people.
This is an obsession with Devils and Demons. More detailed reasons for this phenomenon will be discussed later.

If You have an obsession, it will be transformed as a result of Fire Energy Acceptance.
However, during this transformation, Devils and Demons have the ability to manifest themselves.

What are the symptoms can be:
? Unrestrained laughter
? Yelling and emitting a throat hiss
? Inhuman voice
? Sounds of animals
? Strong shortness of breath
? Twitch/distort

From the outside, it will seem that the Obsessed person is experiencing unimaginable torments. However, do not worry, it only looks scary from the outside, but in fact, with the help of Fire Energy, this procedure for the possessed will be soft and painless.

The brightest manifestations as in the exorcism of Devils and Demons, will not be. Since the energy of Fire is the Crown of divine Love for the entire Universe. That is why the Fire Energy cannot harm even Your entities within You. And as a result, your entities will not torment You either.

You should know!!!
If Devils and Demons want to get out of a person, they do it in 2 ways.

1.Through the mouth – when the air comes out of You with a tear, in an unusual manner for a person, and You want to squeeze out this air with your breath.
2.Through the belly – this is the place between the navel and groin. At the moment of exit, Your stomach will live its own life, spasm not physically, but energetically you will feel it. The stomach will begin to breathe and squeeze out the essence.

A Demonic Entity will NEVER come out all at once, only in parts.

Patience To All Of Us!!! The reward will follow!!!

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