Is it an energy distribution or collective meditation? How can I protect Myself from energy loss and the demonic world?

We are receiving Energy. This is not a collective meditation!!!
Everything that concerns the demonic world is not just familiar to me, and I am even 100% sure that You will not find a person on our planet who is more knowledgeable in these matters!!!
In order to become this expert, I even had to be on the edge between life and death, at the moment of acquaintance with the world of Demons!
What is protection, I am more than familiar with!
I can explain it like this.
When I connect to the energy of the Creator, at the moment of transmitting it to people, I build a protective field not against demons and other Entities, but against the Energy that I transmit.
Again, this type of Energy has not been transmitted to Earth before. One should have very strong auric shells to be able to distribute such type of Energy.
The protective field, which I create, holds back the flows and gives each individual energy package, just as much as the level of vibrations of a person at the time of transmission can accommodate.
Little theory.
You know the Law of torsion fields: + is attracted to +, — to -, and + repels from -. You can find out more here.
When I open this  Flow, there is an incredible force of Energy that sweeps everything ion its way. It has a positive charge, and if a demon or any other entity with a neagtive charge decides to approach this Flow, they will be thrown  away, because of the potential difference.
Therefore, it is necessary to seek protection for demons, and not for people when opening this particular Flow.

What is the source of this Energy?

I am an Indigo, so I have an innate access to the Energy of my true Spiritual Home, which is beyond Earthly understanding. Therefore, I do not need any “crutches” in the form of various egregors (channels), religions, through which you can get additional energy for your own development and other purposes.
This type of Energy that I have access to is not available on Earth. The energy is more high-frequency, even if compared with Reiki in both vibration and color. The color of energy is bright and dazzling white. It has a high potential for the transformation of human biofields and auric shells. It aligns all the holes, if there are any, thereby creating additional energy for spiritual growth and development.

Automatically, if you maintain the energy at the proper level and do not lower the level below a certain lower indicator, then all the secret reserves of accumulated knowledge of past lives that a person gets access to begin to open.

You have taken on such a huge responsibility. Is it hard?

Do you think it will be difficult for an experienced doctor to examine and treat a patient? Depending on the level of awareness, equal responsibility for this awareness comes.

How did you know that you are an Indigo? how old are you? Indigo were born in 2000-s

In 2011 I went to White clouds, on Pokrovka 4, Moscow, and took the first photo of the aura.
After realizing that I am an Indigo, I became aware of everything that is happening in my life (not like ordinary people) and immediately quit my job and went to live in the Philippines.

Read more here

Can I control the flow of Energy?

What is controll? Let’s say you’re driving a bicycle. You get on your bike and start pedaling. The bike starts moving, then you choose the direction where you want to go and start turning left, right or straight. As a result, you reach the goal.
Controlling Energy is the same.

How to feel Energy controll?

Each of You can try to send small balls of Energy, let’s say into your hand, to your loved ones or even through a distance.
One concentrates on the moment of transmission, and the other concentrates on the moment of reception. And everything works out. To begin with, you need to try together, so that there is no energy spread.

How to feel controll of Energies?

Each of You can try to send small balls of Energy, let’s say into your hand, to your loved ones or even through a distance.
One concentrates on the moment of transmission, and the other concentrates on the moment of reception. And everything works out. To begin with, you need to try together, so that there is no energy spread.

How to recognize that the Energy comes from Light, that there are no "hookups"?

We don’t use any Earth-based energy sources! The source I have access to has nothing to do with anything on Earth!
This is Energy of a completely different quality and property. Such Energy has never been delivered to Earth before.
To be able to transmit it to Earth, many decades ago, Indigo children were born on the planet Earth. They have different auric shells that are able to receive and distribute the Energy of the highest spiritual plans to the Earth and people.
I am just one of the representatives of Indigo, and I have recently begun to fulfill my mission.
Activation for my work was my favorite coronavirus!
When distributing Energy, I always use protection. Therefore, at the time of reception, everyone is protected from kites who want to eat from someone else’s table!
Therefore, the distribution takes only 4 minutes to upload as much as possible in the minimum time, so as not to spoil the protection.

How to protect yourself from people who "suck" your energy? Many people face this.

Look, we have chosen the time from 20: 20 to 20: 24 Moscow time. Only 4 minutes.

It was during this period of time that I, as a person who distributes Energy, had to make something like a protective circuit to let in only those who received Energy.

Then direct the flow to the recipients, setting a certain charge of Energy. Therefore, a time of 4 minutes was chosen, during which the participants of the process took Energy. After 4 minutes, the protective circuit collapsed and the flow stopped.
Therefore, it is easy to determine who exactly sent you the Energy when the time frame is defined

And if you don't prepare, if you don't know people, how do you protect yourself? I want to understand how people at a distance, without knowing it, can give or receive energy?

About the transfer of fire Energy, see here.

Everything in this world, without exception, is based on the exchange of energy. Health, work, family, money – this is also energy. But if a person is exhausted himself, then the energy of money, for example, he will not be able to attract into his life.

Let’s say a person is a glass that is 50% full. And suddenly it meets with a glass that is 70% full. “50”, it will try to press “70” intuitively, in any way to at least level up.

And if the glass is 10% full, what do You think it will do? It doesn’t have a source of water, it only knows one way – to take water from other glasses. And if it  tried to take the water from another glass once, it is impossible to stop it. It will always follow the same scenario to take water from a glass that is full relative to its glass. It is called vampirism.

Now let’s imagine a situation where there is a glass of water that has access to a source with spring water. What do you think the behavior of this glass will be? It won’t care who pours out of its glass. Not only that, It will be able to open the source at any time and fill all the glasses with water, so that everyone will be calm and stop taking energy from each other. Any negative is a selection of energy. Negative words and actions take away the energy. Love and positive actions give the  energy.

The task of any person is not to defend himself. What is protection? Protection is an element of war. There are always 2 sides in a war. One side attacks, the other defends.
If you initially choose the defense side, then you accept the fight. This is a real declaration of war. You automatically become a participant in the fighting.
In another case, if you stop defending yourself and give them  what they are trying to take away from You, giving this water to the left and right, do you think You will feel sorry for this water?

How long will the distribution of Fire Energy last?

Fire Energy is transmitted to Earth for 4 years, from April 2020 to April 2024, twice a day, at 08: 20 and 20: 20 Moscow time

I put + in on the Fire distribution page, but missed the distribution itself. I won't get the Energy?

Don’t worry, the main thing is that You put +, it means the Energy will come to You.

I skipped

It’s okay, the Energy is transmitted for 4 years. But try not to miss it. Those who accept more will be filled more

Four minutes is not enough?

For this Energy of Fire this is quite enough.

Can a person who is located in another city or country receive Fire Energy?

Fire Energy has no borders

What to do if I leave for a few days in the area without the Internet, I mean the distribution of Fire. I can't take it?

Ask someone to put a plus sign for You, and the Energy will come to You.

Can I put a + for another person without warning him about it?

You can’t do it against the will of another person. Only if he wills it himself

Should I concentrate on You during Fire distribution?

No need. Just stay relaxed

Can I send the Energy to the non-participant of Fire distribution?

You can send him the link to this web-site and distribution of Fire Energy. So he will be able to join us.

The Fire protects me now, isn't it?

You don’t need to use Fire as a defense. Those who are in Fire cannot be harmed.

Watch the video about Fire as protection.

Those who accept Fire will not need any protection at all.  Entities will not be able to approach You, because You will be in Fire, you will be in Fiery Energies. You  know the law of torsion fields, it is simple: plus to plus, minus to minus, and plus from minus is repelled. In this regard, any negative Entities that you will have — they will repel, just repel from You.

Regarding jinx and other tmalefices: all jinx will be removed  as a  dust from the shoulders. The Fire just destroys it and goes on, as if there was no jinx toonyou . So it will pass over time .

And as for the fact that the attacks (of other people) -Yes, there will be attacks, there is nothing wrong with that.  Just feed Entities of those people that attack You.  Your problems will be solved completely.

What is Anahata?

Anahata is a heart chakra, located in the center of the chest

Tatiana, I want to include You in the distribution, so that your Fire Power is multiplied a thousandfold! Can I ?

Of course, You can do whatever your heart wants. But you must know that the forces of Fire in the Universe have no boundaries and the magnitude of their measurement, because of their Infinity. I don’t need amplification, but Your desire is priceless

How do I know what my aura is?

Take a photo. I did in “White Clouds” on Pokrovka 4 (Moscow).

Why is the aura spoken of in the plural?

Because a person does not have one shell, but many, the number of which depends on the house of the Soul.

Can the Fire help a person become a Prana-eater, what is the method?

Part one of  The Gospel of  Essenes!!
Learn to live like this, in strict accordance with what Jesus is talking about!!!
During cleaning, go out in the Sun and look without taking your eyes off, 1 hour a day.
At first it will be difficult, the higher the vibration level, the easier it will be.
You can start with sunsets and sunrises, not such a bright Sun.
Ask the Angel of the Sun for help in opening  the Solar power generator!!!
During all this transition, take the Energy of Fire, then the whole process will start faster

What happens next? How does the process of soul development go further?

Please read the book “Soul and the secrets of its structure” by Seklitova

Is it possible to combine the reception of Fire with other activities?

The main thing Is your desire, it can be combined with anything.

The main thing is not to touch other people physically.To avoid mixing your energy with the energy of another person during the reception .

Can I do other practices at the same time as taking Fire? For example, the practice of feeding Entities.

During the reception the Energy of Fire we’re not doing ANYTHING — no Phantom Hugs, we don’t feed Entities, we don’t do anything at all. The reception of Fire Energy is a practice that should not be interfered with in any way, under any circumstances, with anything else. You need to focus exclusively on the Fire. This is the meaning of accepting the Energy of Fire. You don’t have to think about anything else, you just have to think about this.

We have such a wonderful practice as a Question-answer. With this practice we should train to communicate with Fire directly without any layers, independently.When you receive the Energy of Fire, you concentrate only on the Fire itself, and no one, never, in any case…

Can I accept Fire in the outdoors?

Yes, of course, it is best to accept Fire standing on the ground. Who has such possibility. And if you are barefoot, it will be fabulous.

What is the best position to take Fire-standing, sitting, lying down?

Try all you can. Experiment. We are all different, and we all have different comfortable positions.

What is the best position of the hands to accept Fire?

Palms with fingers spread and still raised up, the best position for taking Fire.

Do I need to have my mobile close by while I'm taking Fire?

You can be anywhere, you don’t need a mobile.
We put pluses so that the distribution is addressed. From You, the main thing is to put a plus sign. Next, You can be either with or without your phone, it doesn’t matter. Even to communicate with someone, the main thing is to have an straight back and at this time be ready to take Fire into yourself.

Is it necessary to close the channel after accepting the Fire?

“Should I close the channel or not  after receiving Energy?” Good question. There are 2 answers to this question.
First answer:
It is necessary to close the channel if You do not live in a Fire. Be sure to follow the instructions that I write about every time in the message that starts distributing Fire.

For those who can tt is necessary to close the channel. Who can not, shake your head or body. You can jump up or do some shaking action, and then the channel closes itself.

If you do not close the channel, you will be reset in various ways. We have a bunch of astral travelers who have the ability to reset other sleeping people. You need to be prepared for the fact that it is better to do this (close the channel).
There is another answer to the same question. The channel should not be closed only to those who live in the Fire. If a person has already opened Fire for himself, and this Fire is burning 24/7, without ceasing, then this person should not worry about the channel at all. So this is a different level of awareness, this is life without protection. This man has nothing to defend himself against. He’s already in Fire.

A person in Fire can only live with a very high level of awareness and only on the highest positive vibrations that his personal actions and thoughts provide.

While we are moving in this direction, we must close this channel. Since we already have people who are coming to the finish line, they may not need to close something soon, because the Fire will already be functioning on a permanent basis in their lives.

How to collect heat correctly? Mentally move it there to the heart chakra? How long does it take to collect it?

Yes, mentally collect all the heat  from the body and send it to anahata! It takes a minute to collect.

Can you recommend ways of compressing and pumping energy in the etheric body

Of course, take Fire Energy twice a day. This is the easiest way to do all this in the real world.

If you take Fire, you will open the Sun Energy Accumulator.

How to distribute the Energy of Fire in the body properly?

Try the Prana Tube breathing.

Yoga practice also helps distribute energy correctly.

In the upper chakras we launch the heavenly chakras, in the lower chakras the earth, and when we make a overturn, we change these centers and thus we have a different flow of energy, and the distribution of these energies will be much better than the head is always at the top and the legs are at the bottom. This has a very important element of standing on your head.

The Sanskrit name for the headstand is Shirshasana (“shirsha “translates as”head”). It is considered the Queen of asanas.

Can Indigo, Crystal, and others also accept Fire?

All these souls: Indigo, Crystal and there are various other types, they are still in a dormant state, they are not activated, i.e. they understand perfectly why they came here, that they have much more knowledge than the others .

Activation of their purpose in a total form for most of them is not passed. There are of course those who know everything .

The activation will be the distribution of Fire.

In the same way, the coronavirus served as the activation in my work, i.e. if the coronavirus had not happened, I would never have entered the field of society with such information.

I didn’t even think about going out.

Are there any other sources to learn about Fire?

In fact, a lot has been written about Fire. What can I really say? There are a lot of sources where you can read information about Fire. That’s right, this purifying Fire, this Fire of God. This is not a Fire of the four elements, but a different Fire. All the sources in which they will speak, Castaneda and the Roerichs, they all talk about it, there is nothing wrong with it. This is exactly the Fire. That he should have come. But it had to happen sometime.

How long does it take to transform by Fire?

Before, the mental transformation  took many years, even lifes.

Among participants we have Oleg, who has been practicing Yoga for 25 years. He is trying to transform fo 25 years, but can not reach it any way. And we have -4 years. We are talking about the fact that in four years, any person  even from the point of zero can be transformed. And we don’t have anyone with a zero point. Therefore, transformation will occur much faster. And most likely, you will then show others the way to this transformation. The question is, you will have the power and knowledge to do this.

Can I use Fire to communicate directly with Jesus?

For all those who accept the Energy of Fire it will be absolutely natural to communicate directly with Jesus.

You must understand that this is so natural. Same as we communicate with each other here, will be communication with any Angels, including Jesus. Take it very calmly. This is a very natural phenomenon. Therefore, take it for granted that everyone, without exception, who accepts the Energy of Fire, has direct access to communion with Jesus right away. Like this. It is very important that everyone understands this.

Is it possible to use Fire to work out negative relationships with people?

There is one simple practice:

Just sit down, close your eyes and think about who might have caused you discomfort or pain now or earlier, or just think negatively about You. The first person who appears in front of You is the person who sent you a negative in one form or another, and you must work with this negative. This is the subject of phantoms. Working with phantoms is very simple. As soon as You see the face,  send you phantom to this phantom and hug him, with soul, from the heart, with feeling, hugging as the most vuluable and loved one and send from your heart in that man’s heart your boundless love. Send positive energy, and thus You have to ask this man for forgiveness and tell him that You forgive for everything. You forgive and I forgive.

Perhaps someone will have a question, why should I forgive my abuser? But we know that we don’t all live our first life, we don’t have our first reincarnation, and that there is Karma, etc. Karma works for everyone in the same way and so it turns out that we do not know what kind of relationship we had in past incarnations with this person, what karmic knots were tied. So You need this phantom ptactice to cut and trim these karmic lias. It works flawlessly.

Phantom work has very deep roots, and therefore works exclusively.

Send your phantom to the phantom of another person, hug him and from the bottom of your heart, sincerely ask for his forgiveness, to forgive yourself, then take a large energy scissors and cut off all, all, all the threads that connect You with this person. After You do this, close your eyes again and try to imagine another person who could have done something negative to You, or You did something bad to this person. And the more times You do this, the easier Your condition will be. In this way, a huge number of karmic nodes, karmic negatives, are cut off. It is best to do this work every day, in order to completely get rid of these karmic knots. The same person can pop up for a long time, up to a year, so this is a very strong karmic knot. But this is the kind of work they are cut off from.

The technique is simple: we send love, ask for forgiveness, and forgive ourselves.

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