Fire Practice
“Talking with Fire” during Fire receiving.

Fire to all!

We have finally come to the main point of the Practice. It is the receiving of Fire Energy itself.

Now there will be a row of videos devoted to the Practice of Fire Energy receiving. We are going to talk on this subject because there are a lot of questions about it.

And so that everything was clear I decided to make a row of videos. Then you can ask me more questions, and I will make some more videos to cover the topic.

And for now, let’s get to the main Practice. The one that is the reason why we started all this: the Practice of Fire Energy receiving. It is our aim – to start direct communication with God.

With Fire Energy, with the Absolute, with the Androgyny of female and male principles. 

A direct immediate interaction with God. The Practice is called “Talk with Fire”.

What is this talk? By now, until June, the middle of June, the receiving of Fire Energy lasted for three minutes. Only three minutes.

Now, starting with the middle of June, we are switching to a new framework: Fire Energy receiving will last for four minutes. We will have one more minute from now.

There are different reasons for it, in particular with the fact that a great number of Deceased and their Essences receive Fire Energy as well. So we decided to have more time on it.

Now we are going to talk about these four minutes of Fire Energy receiving. What is it?

To begin with, you should have a straight back. An absolutely straight back. To receive Fire, you should sit straight, your back should be like a string.

You need to stretch up with your head towards the ceiling, so that all your spinal bones were even. Move your spine back and forth to somehow make your Energy flow. A straight back is necessary.

There are three ways to receive Fire Energy. First, you can sit. Second, you can stand up and receive Fire Energy standing. And third, you can lie down.

But if you do it when lying down, there shouldn’t be any pillows, or your spine won’t be straight.

And if it isn’t straight, the Energy will flow the wrong way. There will be more clenches.

So, you should sit straight and when the Practice starts – which is at 8.20 a.m. and 8.20 p.m. (Moscow time), look what time it will be in your time belt.

I will do it according to Moscow time because Fire Energy is distributed from Moscow. 

You should sit, relax and close your eyes. The most important thing in this practice is to close your eyes. Why do we need to close our eyes? Because in order to talk to God, to Fire Energy directly you should learn to think with thought images. 

But if your Energy potential… Do you remember what I told you about glasses? Everybody has their own vessel capacity, and the vessels are filled with liquids differently. And it is the same with people, we are filled with liquids differently. 

And in our case this Practice will be available and will work only when the level of the liquid in your glass is higher than the inferior limit needed to do this Practice. It is important to know.

In further videos we are going to talk about what energies will come to you and fill your body. And now let’s talk only about one practice, the Practice of Talking with Fire during these four minutes.

What happens during these four minutes? You should close your eyes, and before the receiving of Fire Energy you should prepare a question. The question answer to which you want to receive.

And you need to choose one question and ask it to Fire every time when you are receiving it, like a parrot, like mantra.

And at some point you will see images that will talk to you. They will show. At first they will show something, and then you will hear answers when you ask questions.

Why is it a talk with Fire? It is a real conversation. At first everything will be simple. In the process of filling with Fire Energy you will see, in sparks, different figures, maybe geometrical, like globes, for instance, like in kaleidoscope, different bright sparks.

You will see a lot of different things, they will flow right before your eyes during Fire receiving.

But our task, the main thing why we are doing it, is to learn how to communicate with God directly, with no mediators. To communicate with God, with Fire Energy. Directly. We are doing it to get this experience.

And it is the Fire Energy, it comes to fill your vessels with the proper level of Energy to talk directly to God.

So after a while you won’t have any questions the answer to which you won’t know. Because you will ask these questions directly to the Source – to the Fire.

Therefore, you should understand that you should never ignore this Practice. You need to ask questions right from the very first day of Fire receiving. Never ignore it.

Always prepare a question and always be serious about it, because it is a very important Practice. It will let you have this communication not only for these four years.

The thing is that each of you will become a Fire generator, each one of you will emit Fire Energy. You will carry Fire in your Heart, in Anahata, in your Heart chakra 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s the thing.

With the help of this method which we are going to try in the framework of Fire Energy receiving only, in the morning and in the evening – Moscow time, pay attention to it – 

With the help of this method we will learn to talk to the Source, to God directly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any time that is convenient to you. 

And it will be a conversation. Not a monolog, but a dialog. You will see images, and you will hear things. And for more advanced users of Fire generator we will have a separate topic. Anyway, sooner or later everybody will manage to see. 

To see God. I mean it. But before that you will need to go a long way.Видеть Бога. 

We have these four years, during which Fire Energy will be distributed during four minutes at 8.20 a.m. Moscow time and 8.20 p.m. Moscow time (or 20.20 in the other system). 

I have already told you that Fire Energy starts its movement here in the year 2020. 20-20 is its code. The code of balance of female and male principles. The beginning of New time. I need you to know this.

So, let me repeat it once more; you should, during these four minutes, close your eyes and not think about anything else but Fire and communicating with Fire. You just need to relax. To relax and be prepared for different Energies to come inside of you.

We are going to talk about it in the next video. We are going to talk about three kinds of Energy that will feel differently.

And I want you to understand that you shouldn’t think about anything else but Fire, by no means. Then, you should always ask a question. And the third thing – you should just watch and wait for the moment when these images will be flashing in front of you.

And the fourth thing: when these images will come flashing, you need to ask questions at once: “What is it?” Don’t forget it. Always ask this question: “What is it?” Because images will be very different, and we should ask directly – What is it? Decipher it! Because if you don’t understand something, just ask and decipher! And there will appear other images.

Once again, this is “Talk with Fire Energy” Practice, the Practice of talking to Fire, to God. You need to understand that it is a very important, the most important thing in Fire receiving.

In the next video we are going to talk about three kinds of Energy and about sensitivity that will appear during Fire Energy receiving.

If you want to help us distribute the information about Fire Energy and the construction of the New World, you can do it. There are certain links underneath the video, by which you can make a donation. If you want to.

See you soon in the next video!

Fire to all!

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