Laws of the Universe
1. What is Fire Energy and Who distributes It

Hello everyone!

My name is Tatyana Nesterova. I am the person who will distribute Fire energy FOR FREE to everyone who needs it. I will do this for 4 years, starting from April 2020 until April 2024. I will do this twice every day at 08:20 a.m. Moscow time and at 20:20 (08:20 p.m.) Moscow time.

The number 20-20 is a code, the code of the beginning of a new time. The time when the energy of Transforming Fire descended to us, so that everyone can accommodate it and change their lives. Of course, if they want to. If YOU want to, you can use this gift.

A few words about Fire energy. There are such things as elements, and the best known ones are these four: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Fire energy does not belong to these, for it belongs to a different, higher-vibrational constitution of Fire. It is a Fire of light, and not just the basic element of Fire.

This kind of Fire is mentioned in various sources. For instance in the Bible it is called “The Fire of God”, and a lot of other books refer to it as to ‘Absolute Fire energy’. You can call it differently, but the essence is the same. We will definitely talk about the essence of this Fire energy later, in further videos, and for now you need to learn why this energy came in the first place and what it can give to people.

Why did it come?

At present, the Planet where we live is getting ready to go through transition, with which the Planet’s vibrations will speed up to a large extent. Before that, most of us were vibrating alongside with the Planet on negative frequencies and now is the time when we have to change our vibrations from negative frames into positive ones. Fire energy came for this purpose only. It came to help us transform ourselves. For now, we are literally clasped in the negative field, and it is hard to escape this ‘minus’ and change it to ‘plus’. This is why Fire energy came, so that everyone who needs it could transform.

So what will Fire energy give?

First, it will give purification, of course. Unfortunately, all our aura bodies are filled with blocks and are pierced with holes. Just come to think how many sorcerers there are nowadays, who offer us charms and bewitching of any kind, and other sorcerers who offer anti-bewitching from those, and so on. The whole world is based on the idea for us to generate these negative vibrations. We are the generators of negative vibrations. Take a look at what is going on around us: it is like somebody needs it that we had negative field instead of generator of Fire energy. We will call Absolute Fire energy ‘Fire energy’, to sound more clear and actual.

Fire energy should vibrate in every one of you. You should be generators of this energy. My purpose is to show you the way to do it. Each one of you, with no exception, will be able to connect your Fire energy generator to the source, the Absolute. We don’t need any mediators, we don’t need anybody else to talk directly to God. We can become these Fire energy generators ourselves and vibrate on these high frequencies.

However, today we have only fear generators. We can see that mass media make us feel afraid. They make us talk about the oncoming Apocalypse, end of the world and so on. I will talk about it in my following videos. You can look it up in my accounts in social nets if you want, I have already written about it there.

So, we are prompted to be generators of fear. Artificially. They do everything so that we started generating fear. Take coronavirus. Just imagine: the whole planet is generating fear right now. Level of vibrations in near-Earth layer, the Earth mantle is so overflow with negative charge that it is unexpected both for you and for me how Fire energy has shown itself.

What is it? What is Fire energy receiving? It is very simple. You just need to have three minutes of free time and a straight back. It doesn’t matter if you stand or lie down. If you lie down, don’t put a pillow under your back: it should be straight. And so you just receive Fire energy for three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening.

What does Fire energy give?

In the first place, as I have said, because we vibrate in negative frequencies and have become fear generators, we need to become clear, and only after that we can become Fire energy generators. Just look what weight we bring here. We bring huge negative charge in our karma. We already have karma when we come here, and we gain even more karma when we are here, invisibly, day by day. We broadcast energy of fear, anger, envy, whatever. There are many of such energies. There are positive energies too, of course. The closer was the stressful negative energy on Earth, the more people woke up and moved towards light, towards something different, getting away from being a slave and a fear generator.

So on the whole, what does Fire energy give?

In the first place it purifies you. It is its principal function. It cleanses and splits all the blocks. What is more, it cleanses your karma. Karma is a very large topic; we will talk about it later. I have already posted something on the social nets, you can have a look there. Karma is an accumulation of huge number of actions of a person in all their incarnations plus the imprint of what is happening here and now, during this lifetime. All people envy somebody sometimes, send out negative thoughts: there are many ways to form these karma knots. But now here is a possibility to cleanse your generic karma, your personal karma, even the karma of your country. But the most magnificent thing that you can do right here right now is to cleanse the karma of the Planet. Isn’t it the best?

All the symbiosis of these karmas after the cleansing procedure of Fire energy receiving will let great changes happen in the nearest future. And so within these four years many people will be able to get to a different level of mindfulness.

One more thing that Fire energy does is that with its help, expanding the amount of energy inside, splitting your blocks, you will be able to interact with fire. It is a small practical activity, I talk about it in detail in my accounts, and there will be a video later. This activity lets ask questions directly to Fire for three minutes during its receiving. As soon as the level of your vibrations reaches the one where Fire can talk to you, you will be able to see it and hear its response. It is hard to believe in, but it is true. Everybody can do it. Everybody can interact with Fire directly without any boundaries. Every one of you will be able to generate this Fire around you and change your environment. Even the people around you will feel the difference. You will see how the person will start vibrating on different frequencies too. It’s like a net. All around the Earth there will light small fires and light fires inside the others. And it is beautiful.


The most advanced Fire generators will manage to open all the opportunities that were unavailable before. All the experience and knowledge with which you were born here is unavailable to us, in the same way that we don’t remember our previous lives. Only few remember them. We will talk about it in detail later. For now our aim is to open the access to our knowledge. To open access to informational field of the Earth. The access to everything that you can use as a person who is created after the image and likeness of God . This is our aim. Every one of you, even if you have committed many murders and have the heaviest karma, you can cleanse yourself, to say nothing of the average population of the Earth, that can do this just within four years.

Once again: now on Earth there are about 1-2% spiritually uplifting people who have reached great heights. They have mindfulness, open opportunities, a lot of other things that they have opened for themselves. For those people Fire, too, has its gifts. All these people can, too, receive Fire. And in very short time they will be able to activate their bodies under the name of Merkabah.

This is a small introductory speech from me, my first speech about the fact that every one of you, if you want to, can become the generator of Fire energy.

2. How do the Laws of the Universe work based on torsion fields and physical vacuum

Now we will talk about Enitites in people.

There is a law of the Universe, according to which the entire Universe, all its material and spiritual worlds, lives and acts. There is no other way. This law is the Law of torsion fields.

What are torsion fields and where can you find them? They can be found in the nucleus of the cell, in a vacuum. This is a physical vacuum.

What is a vacuum? Vacuum permeates all space. We look at the sky – and there is a vacuum. There is always a vacuum between oxygen molecules, meaning that oxygen molecules are in the middle of a vacuum. There is a vacuum between water molecules. There is also a vacuum between our cells. Any substance: solid, liquid, gas, everything, it is all permeated by vacuum.

This vacuum has either the left-side – negative – field, or the right-side, positive. And this physical vacuum is controlled by our thoughts and our actions.

Depending on the frequencies at which a person vibrates, this person is given the Essence that will accompany him/her through life. The biggest disclosure I will talk about on my channel is that people have only the Essences that match their set of deeds.

What is it? It is karma. Personal karma, generic karma, personal actions during this life that are combined with actions in a past life; personal thoughts in this life that are combined with thoughts in a past life. And depending on the set of all these deeds, a person is given exactly the Enitity that he/she deserves.

A long time ago, and there are memories of this, a person, being born, was always given a Guardian angel.

The Law of the Universe has three immutable rules.

There are torsion fields throughout the vacuum. They have either a positive or negative field. If we analyze any questions that interest us based solely on this simple Law, we will immediately receive answers.

What are these three rules? They are simple:

‘Plus’ always gravitates to ‘plus’. Do not confuse it with the law of electrodynamics. We are talking about torsion fields and how the vacuum works; how the entire Universe works. By what laws it lives. So, according to the laws of the Universe, ‘plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’. ‘Minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’.

And in case ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ meet, they certainly repel each other. So ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ can’t be together. They repel each other.

Therefore, the biggest misconception of Mankind is that all this is inspired. I wrote an article on this topic once before, it was the latest one on my channel. About Charismatic Entity. Read it please. And here everything can also be deciphered.

If we know that there is a law of the Universe, and we know that ‘plus’ repels ‘minus’, then let’s look at the mass media, which exaggerate this topic and say that there is a war between light and darkness.

Now let us consider how there can be a war between light and darkness, between good and evil, if evil, with all its desire to approach the light, cannot do so. It is just not possible. Light can descend to evil. But evil cannot come to light. This is the Law Of The Universe. The Immutable Law of The Universe. What war between good and evil can we talk about?

When it is dark somewhere, just turn on the light. When the light is turned on, there is no question of any darkness.

If we are talking about the Law of the Universe, we understand that in this case, if a person has their own personal and generic karma baggage, karma of the country, karma of the planet and other karmas (we collect all the karma that a person is born with on this Earth) – then how this person, who vibrates at negative frequencies, due to the fact that he/she somehow behaved badly in past lives, will be given a Guardian angel?

Please answer this question. This is a point that you need to think about. Do you understand?

This is about how a person can be born with a Guardian Angel? 

Now let’s see. At the receiving of the Fire, everyone, without exception, coughs, squeezes out, everyone twitches, and some other things. Without exception. Everyone is working with Essences. Essences are simply pushed out. Because this light that gets into a person simply destroys the coordinate system in which the person lived before. If a person lived in a negative coordinate system, then with the help of Light, they change their fields to positive. And the Essence that ruled in your bodies begins to transform.

There are two ways to go, I am going to tell you about them.

Either this Essence will be squeezed out of you – it will come out, but you will be alone. Believe me, according to the laws of life on Earth, you will not be left alone. There will always be another Essence that will enter you and will correspond to your other level of vibration. But it will be equal to the frequencies at which you vibrate. With the level of thoughts and actions that you live by.

The more you accept the energy of Fire, the more endless the conveyor is – one Essence will go out, another will come in. And so it will continue until you understand one simple thing. If you are given a very powerful and very active Essence that shows itself, then it will take Fire. Not you. You will have very little left.

If you face such a huge, powerful Essence, this can mean one thing – that you have a huge store of knowledge, skills from your past life. And also, given that you are here to receive the energy of Fire, which has just opened, right at the source, indicates that you have a serious and important purpose in your life. And this Entity will allow you to meet this purpose. Only in the case that you will be transformed along with it. Together with this entity.

That’s the problem.

Let’s look at what love is. Love is a boundless feeling. We don’t even understand what love is. This is a boundless sense of trust and boundless giving. Love is not envious, it has no qualities of the negative coordinate system. Love is fire in the pure manifestation of love. And if God is Love, why should God not love one of his sides? Because everything in the Universe, including the demonic world – is all the creation of one Whole Absolute.

Why do you think there is black and white? Why do you think that this Essence comes to you, to your body, in order to do something bad? This Essence comes as your karma. As a payment for your deeds. And karma should be accepted with gratitude, as I have said many times. Karma comes to improve you.

What does the phrase from the Bible “love your neighbor as yourself” mean? It means: love your neighbor, who is IN YOU as yourself. I am saying in all seriousness that the Church has been trying for many hundreds of years to impose on people that Essences should be expelled. That they are evil, Hell, and all that.

Yes, you will expel this Essence, but where will it go next? People ask the right question – where will it go next? It will find another Petya, Vasya, Masha, it will get into them, feel good there and start demonite them. What good will you do to the Universe by driving someone somewhere? None.

And if you transform yourself, transform this Essence, and transform it into your Guardian angel. Into your Guardian angel! Not a demon, but an Angel. You can take it and – according to the law of the Universe – do it.

This is not some kind of mysticism. You simply switch the negative fields to a system of positive coordinates. That’s all. Just a system of positive coordinates. You can do this with your thoughts and actions.

You can transform any Demon into an Angel. And I’m just going to tell you how to do it. How you can turn your demon into your Guardian angel, who will protect you from all evil and unkind. Evil will not be able to come to you. Because ‘minus’ and ‘plus’ are repelled. This is protection. That’s the power. The power is that we have these demons inside us. They are given to us to help us strengthen our spirit, to understand why we need them, why they came to us. And then work with them. So it is very difficult for a person to control this demon on their own. This is a huge effort.

This Fire came so that we could transform ourselves with it. Together. Hand in hand. And make of this demon a spiritual Entity that will walk with you throughout your life path. Protect you and support you. If you are worthy of it. 

And whether you are worthy of it depends on you.

But, again, no one prevents you from expelling these Essences. This Fire can drive them out if you wish. No problem. If you start receiving Fire, It will simply drive these Essences out one by one in an endless stream. That’s all. You will just have a lot of different ones. You will have no connection with them. This may also be the case, why not.

But all the same, after some time you will come to the point that you will have to make friends with this Essence. Because it is not just an Essence, it is a Guardian angel. Whether it is an Angel or a Demon – it all depends on you. On frequencies that you vibrate at.

This is something to think about. I’m going to tell you all about it in great detail. How it all works.

3. The Way of Indigo

?Part 1. Tatiana Nesterova explains how she came to the Energy of Fire

Fire to You All!

Now I want to tell you a little about myself.

I can feel these little questions vibrating in the air – how did it happen, why does she distribute fire, what is It? I can hear this vibration that starts so quietly. Asks questions. Therefore, I would like to tell you a little about myself, so that you have an understanding of who I am and what I am.

I was born in a family where one of the parents was a vegetarian. My Mom. I always had a choice which way to go. I chose vegetarianism. My Mother was an esoteric. She did Feng Shui, astrology, Reiki, and so on. I have a huge esoterical library at home. All possible trends ever. She always tried to give me this knowledge. I didn’t want to study everything that she offered me, I said that I already had it all, I didn’t need it.

She never understood why. Why not? I said that I have my own knowledge which allows me to draw some conclusions about how the Universe works. There is a lot of information in books that I see as false. I have this feature – when I read something, I see in any book – as water signs – that it does not correspond to reality. I mean, inside of me, my intuition is starting to kick in. Says it’s not true. I can hear it, everything inside me turns over and says no, it’s a lie. So it was always easy enough for me to get to some things that others would find harder to get to.

I always thought – why is that so? Why do I do this, why do I foresee events? Why I know some things? Why is my life not like the life of others? For me, it all was a huge question mark.

I remember when, as a child, I would sit and contemplate dust. Just dust. I could not understand why we need dust, what the meaning of this dust is. I mean, there were a lot of weird things that I was wondering about.

But one day everything fell into right place. It happened when I took a photo of my aura in 2012. And there I saw that I was an Indigo.

I read a lot of things and watched various videos related to such children. But I never put myself in this category, I didn’t think that these people and I were somehow connected. I had a story of my own, a path that I followed.

But before I found out that I was an Indigo, I had still lived in society. I had an interesting job that I really liked. I received incredible pleasure from it. I worked as an inspector. My official job was as an inspector at Transneft. It was in this company that I got the most painful experience for myself. The first, after which I was completely disappointed in many things. It was very hard for me to get over it. 

What is an inspector? An inspector is a symbiosis of two professions. They do not teach anywhere now to be an inspector. There is a huge number of auditors, they look at the financial statements . And inspector is a person who looks at the same documents, but from a different angle. He/she must find the person who steals. This is an investigation of economic crimes. I actually enjoyed it when I had to investigate economic crimes. Who is it and how did he do it? With the evidence base, respectively, to all these details. And do you know why I’ve always liked it? – it’s just like when I read a book and see a discrepancy. It is highlighted as a water sign. I already know it’s a lie, and I’m getting a hard-on inside. And here it is the same: I take financial statements and where they steal, in those cost items that need to be looked at, it just vibrates. And I know exactly where to look. And the algorithm of actions, which documents to request and what to compare with what, immediately comes to mind. And I truly believed that everyone could do this. I loved my profession. I liked to look for the mistakes that people had done. Money withdrawal and all that. I really enjoyed it. 

But at one point, there was a large-scale disclosure based on the results of my check. For a lot of money, millions. There was a withdrawal of funds under the pretext of fuel write-off. The equipment worked for more than 24 hours a day, and there were many different stories, serious and proven. I gathered the evidence base, was happy and satisfied that I made such a cool audit act. I even got a bonus for it, I remember. And you can imagine how I was surprised when about six months later, the same year, this person who used construction equipment more than 24 hours a day on a very large scale, was given an award and the badge of the best Builder in Russia. That was interesting. Then everything collapsed for me. I couldn’t understand how that could be. This was my first disappointment.

After the inspection, I went to a different kind of work. I already worked for bosses in large industrial companies, namely industrial construction, for large objects. Like Gazprom, Rosneft, and Transneft. I started doing business process automation. The owners were interested in who was stealing from them. It was necessary to find out who was stealing, and automate business processes in this way to eliminate these possible leaks of money. I put together a big team, and we didn’t work in the same company, we moved as a team from company to company. And one day my Deputy just takes a bribe. And he puts me in front of the fact that I need to sign some documents. To say that I was in shock is to say nothing. My world collapsed the second time. The people that I trusted and with whom I worked, started to do such things. My second disappointment came. I left this company very quickly. 

And in another company I faced the third disappointment. There top managers (directors) robbed  the founders. 

It was a point of no return. It was at that moment, in 2012, that I took a photo of my aura. And I realized that I was definitely going a wrong way. That all this fuss with this economic knowledge is not necessary for anyone. No one needs your knowledge. You only need knowledge that allows you to steal, take someone else’s property and keep it for yourself. I realized for myself that I do not want to participate in this. I’m just not interested in it. I just don’t want to waste my life on this.

I just quit and went to live in the Philippines. I decided to try raw food. I switched to raw food and went on a starvation diet. My purges started. I constantly tried my body in various kinds of tests. I came to the amazing discovery that there is such a beautiful gospel from the Essenes. In my opinion, this is the true teaching of Jesus Christ. No one can change my mind about that. Because I tried how it works. It’s not big, it’s 10 pages long. But everything is so succinctly and concisely collected there. And so much it shows us how we really should live. It turns the mind of the person of our time who will read it. Because – why is it so hard? Why are the frames so tight? All my fasts were always based on this gospel of the Essenes. If everything is done clearly according to the way Jesus says, he simply tells his disciples what to do. I just went and did the same thing. Exactly the same. And you know, on the second day, when I am starving, the solar generator always turns on. This is a certain construction that is located here (* points at the chest * ). I’ve heard someone says it’s a solar blob or an energy blob. No, it’s more like a swirl. Some kind of a funnel where energy enters. That is, if you go out into the sun and open this spot (or you can not open it), then this funnel immediately opens and begins to collect solar power. This is not some kind of hoax. Anyone can try it. And it will work for anyone if you make it clear what Jesus says.

So, in general, this is how I tested my body. And in the Philippines, I definitely realized that I wanted to change my occupation. I have four basic and higher education degrees: building construction, financial, interior design and artist. By the way, this painting is mine (* points at the painting *). I painted it. You can find it in one of my public pages as a userpic.

So basically I have both hemispheres working exactly the same way – one logical, the other creative. In other words, there is a very good interaction between them. It is absolutely normal. It’s not that I’m any different from you. It’s just something you need to come to. For example, even a person who works in creative sphere is able to use both hemispheres of brain. It is about androgyny of female and male roots. The combination of these two energies into a single structure that helps to be in the image and likeness of God. This is the most important thing.

So, I have told you a little about myself. Who I am and what I am. In our further conversations, I think we will reveal the matters of the Universe. Laws of the Universe, according to which everything lives and breathes. Therefore, my task is to be this transmitter of Fire energy for 4 years. And make sure that each of you can turn on this generator. Not only the solar generator. The solar generator is just the first step to the energy of Fire, to the generator that will turn on in the heart chakra. So, the solar generator is located above, here (* pointing to the chest *), and below, in Anahata, there is the Fire generator. Our task is to turn on these two generators, on which a person can live and create very interesting things.

This is exactly what we are going to learn. By accepting the energy of Fire. By accepting the energy that will help purify our bodies. It will help us vibrate at frequencies similar to a solar generator at first, and then the generator of Fire in Anahata, which will connect all our light bodies to us. And this is not some fairy tale. This is exactly what we are going to do. If someone has doubts, we now have a ‘Stream2020’ channel on the Telegram, you can go there and look up the feedback from people who receive Fire.

There are quite a few of us now. I only started distributing Fire a month ago. There are already more than 100 people who receive Fire. You can come round and see what they write, how their lives are changing. And their lives are changing very much. Therefore, we will discuss this further. I will go along with you on this road that will help us open the Fire generator, which everyone will use individually 

without any help. Just you and the Fire.

Fire to you all!

?Part 2. How doe the fear generator become a Fire generator

Fire to all!

This is the second part of my story about myself. I would like to talk about Indigo.

I don’t want to talk about what is written in books, I want to tell you about my experience. In my life I have met people like me.

And I analyzed it. I mean, who we are, what we are, why we came. 

I am not the only one here. There are many of us. The difference is only in structure of aura emanations that enclose our bodies.

In the Universe there are plenty of frequencies on which each person vibrates. These frequencies can show the place where these people, these souls dwell. In our case, we are on Earth, which has its own frequency of vibrations too. Therefore, the souls that vibrate in the same scope are born here.

So, the evolution happens collectively: among these souls which vibrate on the same frequency as the Earth. At present, the Earth is on the verge of a great transition from one frequency into another. 

That is to say, it will go into a more positive coordinate system, or gain more ‘plus’ energy.

Before that, it was vibrating on ‘minus’ frequency, in negative coordinate system, and now the level of its vibrations will rise. Those who will not match these new levels… 

Well, coronavirus has already shown what can come out of it. Let me explain what ‘virus’ is. It is one of the components of the negative coordinate system.Demonic system, if you want. Any virus is negative torsion fields. They vibrate according to left-side charge. 

We are now talking about the fact that any illness occurring in a person, any illness at all, always has negative charge. Why does it occur?

Because the emanations of a person start vibrating in ‘minus’, with which this illness does. And we know the Law of torsion fields.

There are three basic rules. ‘Plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’. Don’t confuse it with laws of electrodynamics. We are talking about torsion fields. 

‘Minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’. ‘Plus’ and ‘minus’ always repel each other.

Depending on what frequencies our body and the field around us vibrate, one or another illness comes. And virus is not an exception.

Nobody is going to set up the end of the World for us all. Mass media scare us with it, they want us to be generators of fear. 

And to send out fear. Instead of being generators of Fire.

Why nowadays do we have such tight frames, which were put around us artificially? 

They made us forget that we all were created afetr the image and likeness of God If we remember that, we can be Fire and Light generators. 

We can destroy any negative vibrations. Including this virus, including any illness. Even the most serious ones, on the most serious stages.

We can become the generators that will destroy negative things around us. And we should make our lives prosper in every field. 

We should start generating this frequency, the frequency of positive vibrations, vibrations of Fire energy, which everyone can try receiving within four years.  Everyone who will do this will change their life crucially. In every field: family life, success, prosperity in business, new ideas, scientific discoveries…

A lot will happen within these four years, while there will be daily receiving of Fire energy.

Let’s take a look at the World where we live now. Let’s objectively look at what there was 100 years ago. 100 years ago there were no computer games, there were silent movies, there was Charlie Chaplin who made people laugh. 

What do we have now? We go to the cinema and watch, say, action movie. What does it teach us? – To kill people. This is the emotion that we get. We sit and watch the film where people get killed. We start empathize the main character who kills others. 

Just think about it: we empathize this character, therefore we emit this negative charge. We do nothing, just watch a movie, and yet we become generators of negative frequencies. 

If in a movie there are a lot of murders, or other scenes that don’t mean to generate positive emotions and positive vibrations, then why do they show such movies to us? Why do they put so much negative charge in our minds? 

Who are ‘they’? And why do they do it to us? Who needs us to be generators of fear?

Yes, we can talk a lot about it. Global government, things like that. It is a trend of our time:  capture of the Earth by space lizards, by the gray, something or somebody else. 

It’s just a trend. It is just funny, entertaining, everybody listens to it and watches videos, channellers talk about it, connect with some breeds, come up with heaps of systems to communicate with them. 

In other words, they create tension. So here is a question: where do they get money? The guys who talk about spaceships that prowl our Homeland? 

How in the world can we prove it? If we put all these channellers together and match all they are talking about, there will be a jumble, something indigestible, something with no beginning or end, something incompatible. Their knowledge comes from everywhere and just don’t match. 

And the tension is created: now there will be the transition, the end of the World and so on. Alright, let’s get some prospective here.

What is the end of the World? There is Space. We can see the sky, the stars. A star emits light. If there is no star, there is no light from it. 

If you need light, you just turn it on. How can we be left without light? There are different levels of illumination, just like in lamps: bright, softer. We can change it easily. 

But why the whole film industry and computer games industry makes us emit negative energy? The Universe sees us killing somebody in a game but it sees it as real. 

You think it’s just a game of killing somebody, 

but the Universe materialize ideas right away. The higher the level of mindfulness is, the more material are the thoughts. 

This is why playing such games and emitting negative vibrations from wanting to kill or to rob somebody goes into near-Earth space. 

Just imagine how we are becoming such vibrating generators who watch horror films, action movies, and vibrate on their frequencies. In other words, we have become fear generators. 

But let’s look into what fear is. Any emotion that a person emits – literally any emotion – has a vibration, a certain wave. 

If ‘plus’ energy has a very strong and frequent vibration, then ‘minus’ energy has a different one. By now we have somehow become generators that emit into space such energies… Any energy is also light. Any wave is a light wave. Energy of fear and of any negative emotions such as aggression, desire to kill, envy – these emotions are waves too. They are sound and light waves. It doesn’t matter. They are just waves that pierce our space. Somebody gathers these waves and does something to them. 

These are the waves of negative emotions, negative inner world of a person – what if somebody needs these waves? Who is this ‘somebody’? I call it a “Very Charismatic Essence”. I like this name. Because it is a brilliant plan. A brilliant plan to gather emotions of fear. 

Our planet has become a huge fear generator. And we have just learnt that fear is a wave too, and if somebody eats these waves, then if it is dark in a room, there will be light. The darkness will be gone. Therefore, in this case the end of light and, respectively, the end of the World, can become true only for this Very Charismatic Essence, which gathers this ‘harvest’ of negative wave vibrations from us all. It is for this Essence that the end of the World is real.

But not for a person who is created afetr the image and likeness of God, as a man or a woman. 

I have told about it: that androgyny is the highest peak of evolution of a human being. We will talk about it later. It is a match of male and female roots. 

I want you to understand that the Transforming Fire has come now because the level of vibration of near-Earth emanation has reached critical level. 

This is why it is necessary to even out the balance of the energies that are here. I am 100% sure that at least 50% of people won’t use any recommendations to receive Transforming Fire. They just don’t need it. They vibrate in a different coordinate system. In the negative coordinate system, which will do exactly what coronavirus has done by now.

For me, it makes no difference. There are different opinions on coronavirus: whether it is natural or artificial, whether people really die from it or not… it doesn’t mean anything. 

There are two opposite opinions. But I want to tell you this:  coronavirus has successfully shown what the result can be in any case. 

Any virus is a negative coordinate system. If a person vibrates in a negative coordinate system, then there will come a really strong and powerful virus and those who don’t correspond with the new vibrations of the Earth will perish. Because the Earth receives Transforming Fire every day, at 8:20 a.m. and 20:20 (8.20 p.m.) Moscow time. Not only people receive Transforming Fire. 

All the living creatures receive it, including our Planet. What will happen next, we will see by the number of generators appearing on this Planet.

To be continued.

?Part 3. Why do Indigos come?

Fire to all!

This is the third part of my story: a little bit about me. I often get carried away in my speech. Let’s get back to the story about Indigos: what they are like.

I started telling you that Indigos have emanations that are different from the rest. I am talking about aura emanations of all bodies that a person or any spiritual creature has. Everybody has an aura, with no exception. Even demons and the dead have aura. They, too, have these bodies, they just look different. These bodies have different structure. Anyway, everybody has matrix component. Indigos have different matrix component around them. It differs from the level on which souls lived the whole time in the coordinate system of the Earth. We know about karma, and we will definitely talk about it later. We know that we are born here again and again, we learn our lessons, gain experience. All souls that were born in this coordinate system vibrate in the same scope as our Earth. Every spiritual creature has its stages of development. Our Earth now is going through the stage where we should undergo a transition together with it. For this purpose there started to appear Indigo children. They come from absolutely different systems of the Universe. They are from much higher levels. Indigos, “Crystals” and other types (now there can be determined several different types) are born here with a certain purpose. The purpose of these children is to carry the vibrations that the Earth cannot take. We know the Law of the Universe, I will talk about it all the time. It consists of three simple rules:

‘Plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’

‘Minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’

‘Plus’ and ‘minus’ always repel each other.

If we build our life around these rules, we will always receive answers from the Truth. Because the Truth speaks only in the language of these three rules. It speaks no other languages. This is why we will use only these three simple rules. We will talk about different things using this simple Law.

So at present we face the following: when people are reborn, they go through a circle of Sansara: birth after death after birth after death… And anyway they vibrate in the frequency scope in which the Earth lives. Now here is a question: if there is a need to deliver to Earth some positive charge, this charge will be repelled back from the Earth. We are talking about the Law of the Universe here. The question is very simple: why these children are born. To deliver this energy so that it couldn’t be repelled. The Light cannot get here, it is impossible. It is against the Law of the Universe. The Light cannot get here because it will be repelled back from the Earth.

This is why these children started to appear: they are the generators of Fire energy. It is Light Fire energy, Light Absolute energy. And any Indigo already has the access to these vibrations inside. The only difference between those who came with a different aura emanation is in their experience and knowledge. Apart from that the difference is none. All souls are the same. They all are created after the image and likeness of God.  They always have freedom of choice and use it. Even demons have freedom of choice: to move towards Light or to move towards Darkness. It doesn’t matter which way a person will go. In both coordinate systems he/she will find their place. There is a place for everyone. Even for those who choose the negative coordinate system. It is not a problem. They will just go to a different dimension, to different worlds. But the Earth will go through transition anyway.

Nowadays there started to appear these children who generate this energy. They emit it from the inside. And when they begin to fulfill the tasks of their mission, these generators switch on, right at the moment when a person finds out his/her mission. The main specific feature of Transforming Fire that I will give out during 4 years twice a day is that it activates every one of these children so that they could fulfill their mission. And now let’s imagine how many of such children there are. There are plenty of them. If we put together all our abilities and possibilities, then we, like a union of fire sparks with turned-on generators that are capable of generating Fire energy, – we will make this net, on the basis of which the space around us will vibrate on different frequencies. And everybody living on the Earth now can increase the level of their vibrations and turn on Fire generator with the help of those who have come to activate this huge net of generators. Just one small thing: some of them may want to generate energy of fear, but that’s alright. If a person wants to generate this energy of fear – there is no problem in it. Coronavirus has shown that there are other worlds, and such-like souls will be welcomed there. Everyone has freedom of choice. The only question is, what choice you will make.

If we didn’t have the strong results which we do have already, there would have been a reason to discuss it. But now we already have a group of people whose lives are changing. Who can see improvement of their lives. Improvement of their way of thinking. Fire turns many things around. The most important thing is that during Fire receiving you can learn how to communicate with Fire directly. What is Fire? – It is androgyny of God in its supreme manifestation. The integration of male and female principles. It is this Burning Bush. That’s what it is.

The main thing that I wanted to tell you is that Indigos, not every one of them, but some do, have a small distinctive feature. They have inborn access to this energy source. It’s just that either they have never used it before or they don’t know how to use it. But they do have the inborn access to this Light Fire.

Let me explain. Indigos have different aura emanations, that’s why they have an opportunity to retranslate Fire energy to other people. This is what I’m saying.

I have my Spiritual House. It has been with me throughout my whole life. I can just close my eyes and I’m in the place of Fire energy. It is not just some communication channel to which I have access. No, I just close my eyes and and I am already there. All my dreams take place only there. My other life continues there. It is different from the life I lead here, in the material world. It is not like I’m just talking. There are plenty of such stories. I’m telling you about myself. About the idea that every Indigo has their own task.

My task is to become a retranslator of Fire energy for 4 years. To close my eyes, being in my own Home, and giving it to each of you, including all your late relatives. We will cleanse karma, we will talk about it later. We will transform all your demons into Essences. We will transform all your vices. Alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction – all these are vices. We will work on them. We will burn and transform them with Fire. Transformation will affect everyone. Everyone who wants to be a part of it. And when other Indigos become active, there will be a huge synergetic effect that will be impossible not to see.

Fire to all of you!

?Part 4. 

Fire to all!

This is our fourth part.

I am telling you about myself and about some other things that are important to learn. It will be hard to move further without basic information that I am going to give you.

In the previous third part we brought up a very interesting and very important thing: a Spiritual Home.

Every person has their Spiritual Home. Depending on the level of the person’s vibrations, his/her soul dwells in a certain Spiritual Home in the Eternity. Unfortunately, very few now can live in two different dimensions at the same time. In the material world, where we are now, and in the spiritual world. Where the consciousness stays in two worlds at the same time. Indigos have the kind of consciousness that lets some of them dwell in both dimensions. In this one, where our bodies are now – in the material world, on Earth – and in the other place, where the soul is. It is the Spiritual Home of the Soul.

What is a Spiritual Home? It has, just like the Earth, its own level of vibrations. Spiritual Home of every soul has its own vibrational scope, a component that determines the vibrational scope of the soul. In this scope it can “drift” here and there in the frames of some general vibrational background. In Spiritual Home the soul lives at its real and complete experience. Some time after death, after the soul has left the body, it joins in with its matrix, that dwells in its Spiritual House. The experience gained during lifetime is distributed into the cells of the soul matrix.

It is very important to learn what a soul matrix is and what the cells are like. It is a fundamental thing that will help us later. It is like the Law of the Universe about ‘plus’ and ‘minus’. The soul matrix answers a lot of questions if you just know that it exists and how it works.

Let’s take bees, for instance. Bees make honeycombs, they are a kind of cells. They are empty at first, but the bees work hard and fill these cells with honey. The honey can be very different, just like there are different kinds of energy. There can be floral honey, and white honey and so on – many different kinds. A person gathers experience in the same way: matrix of the soul is working. It is very easy to imagine if you watch bees. How they accumulate honey, how they work hard bringing it to their home and distributing it.

A bee flies from its Spiritual Home, out to gather this honeydew. Once it has gathered enough, it comes back home. So to say, having flown out of Spiritual Home, it is born here on Earth to gain some experience, to gather this honey-dew. A person gains experience throughout their life. After that they go back to their Spiritual Home and distributes it into honey-cells. It is easy. We just flew out of our Spiritual Home and found ourselves in the material world. And just like these bees we gain our spiritual experience which we will later bring to our Spiritual Home. It is very important to understand.

Look how many honey farms there are in the world. There are plenty of them. You can find them in different countries, on different levels, even somewhere in the mountains, in forests, in meadows. Locations are different. The same thing happens in our Universe. Every bee has its own home. Every soul has its own Spiritual Home. And each soul is unique, depending on whether the honey farm is large or not and how many cells there are on it. It’s like snowflakes, each one is unique. Every soul is unique too.

When bees get back to cells, they fill them with the experience they have gained in their life. And we can see that some bees have cells of this size ( *shows with hands* ), some have bigger, and some have the eternity of cells. Everything depends on the number of cells that a soul has. This is the matrix. It is geometry, matrix geometry, sacred geometry, divine proportion principles. They are principles of geometry of the soul. Everything depends on the number of these cells, and also on how full they are. It often happens so that there are plenty of cells and all of them are only scarcely filled. Some are empty, some are full. The problem is in the way the number of soul matrix cells grow. The way the matrix of the experience of the soul grows.

It is like when we are at school. There used to be four primary years. I’m not sure how schools function now. When I was a pupil, there was basic education. Everybody had to complete these four years and get some basic knowledge. Just like at school, we have to fill out some basic knowledge first, to fill out basic cells of matrix. Without it no other cells can grow. When basic cells reach the maximum level, then other cells start to grow and the soul gains more and more experience.

For now we have a huge number of souls with so much and so different experience, and we have to understand this. It is very wrong when, say, a student who studies higher mathematics comes up to a first-grade pupil and beats him because he hasn’t learnt yet that 2+2=4. It is unacceptable. Each soul starts from an empty matrix and gains experience on its way. So the duty of any conscious person is not to beat, but to help. Not to laugh at first-graders, not to tell them they are no good. Everybody is different. We all are different here.

I have already told you about generator of fear. They shake us like fruit trees to get fear from us like fruit. They make us shake off all the flower dust we have gathered in our matrix cells. That’s what fear generator does. It makes us empty our matrix cells with the help of fear. Because this negative energy destroys and empties our soul’s matrix cells. It is important to understand it. The gathered experience is priceless. Your every practical activity, every action, every move – even mopping. If a person knows how to tidy up really well, it is a serious experience. If you don’t know how to tidy up or even just to tell cleanness from dirt, then how will you be able to reach other matrix cells? Everything should happen in its order. If you learn how to mop the floor and tidy up properly in the material world, then you will fill out those basic matrix cells which in future will let you tidy up your thoughts. This will let you tell your own thoughts from the ones that somebody or something puts into your head. This is just an example. You should understand that without some basic things you won’t open other matrix cells.

It is also very important to understand that the Universe always speaks to us. It is alive. We are not abandoned here. We are not forgotten. We may think so. But we have a great clue that our heart gives us. We call it intuition. You should always listen not to what logical mid tells you, but what your heart tells you. You know, you should always listen to your heart. It is God who talks to you through your intuition. Directly. It is not like some dialogue with somebody. It’s your heart connected directly to the source of Fire. Because, if you vibrate on negative frequencies and negative vibrations reach critical level, then the connection with the source is lost. So you cannot receive clues from God, or a “higher self”, whatever you call it. You won’t receive clues.

This is a huge problem of our time. The concentration of negative charge in near-Earth emanation is so high that for most people intuition doesn’t work. We have to get the intuition back to us. It will let us connect very closely with Fire, with Absolute, with androgyny of male and female principles. We will discuss it further.

The main thing here is as follows: when intuition works, when you talk to your heart, when you feel it and listen to it telling you what to do, you will never make a mistake. Never. When you do something your heart and your intuition tells you to do you will never regret it because it will be the right thing. Not logic, but your heart.

There are other things to understand concerning the matrix of our souls. What is it? Let’s get back to the matrix we have just discussed. If in any of the cells of our soul matrix some information is missing, if they are empty, then the soul will try to fill them. It will learn something that can fill out the blanks in these cells. It will study information from everywhere. It will store the information in big amounts, like a hamster behind its cheeks, and then digest it. We should understand that each bee will bring different amount of honey. This example with bees is very good because the nature gives us a clue of how the Universe works. We just need to watch the nature. We will get answers to any questions.

If a person is keen on something and tries to study it well, it means he/she doesn’t have this experience in the corresponding matrix cells.

Sometimes the situation is different: when a person is not interested in something. When he/she doesn’t want to study something, doesn’t like it, doesn’t want it – this shows that the person already has this experience and doesn’t need more of it. Then the soul, through intuition, says: “Let’s not do this, we already have it, these cells are full, it is enough”.

Remember I told you that my Mother studied different esoteric practices a lot. And she kept on suggesting me to read this and that, and I kept answering that I didn’t need it. I just really didn’t need it. If you feel that you don’t need or aren’t interested in something, it means you already have this experience. Instead, you need to find something that turns you on, that gives you thrill to learn new things. You are like a bee that has found a new flower, the honeydew of which you haven’t tried yet. That’s the thing. The amount of the many-sided experience that you can gain here. Any experience that the soul gets is priceless. I mean any experience at all, even negative. Because without negative experience you won’t be able to make comparisons. We will talk about it further.

On the whole, I want you to understand what soul is, where it dwells and what a Spiritual Home is.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. I need to know what is interesting to you. I know some basic things that I should definitely tell you. But I am really glad to get questions from you because they give me new ideas what else I can tell you about.

?Fire to You All!?



4. Spiritual growth. How does the Fire help

Spiritual growth.

Independently or with the help of ? The Energy Of Fire ? ?

You have a lot of questions about Fire reception:
? Why is this necessary?
? Is it a useful spiritual growth to simply accept Fire?
? It is better to independently collect these Energies from various life situations, rather than take a ready-made one!!!

Any of Your decisions will be correct!!!

Let’s look at this issue together with You.
You did not pay attention to the fact that time has shrunk, it is sorely lacking, this is a SIGNAL that some changes are coming, after which time will restore its course.

Question: what changes?
The atmosphere of the Apocalypse is being circulating all around – Religions, Mass media, Hollywood movies, the entire Internet is full of tabloids about the End of the World, about the time of change, about catastrophes and cataclysms. A lot of money has been spent on creating this mass insanity and zombifying the World’s population so that people live in fear and expectation of something terrible.

Moreover, I would like to draw your attention to the well-coordinated and brilliant Team that has been working for hundreds of years to develop and implement this plan to collect emotions of Fear and Horror from the World’s Population about the time of change.

As always, they use lias-they take part of the Truth up to 10% for plausibility, and all the rest is garbage, which necessarily leads to the formation of Fear in a person.

Let’s get to the bottom of This, what is the Truth in our case? And why is the emotion of Fear necessary?

Many of You, if not all of you, have definitely heard or just know this, that the entire Demonic World is powered by the energy of Fear – this is the Truth. Fear for the Demonic system is like candy for a child.
If all this large-scale propaganda is aimed at collecting the energy of Fear from the population of the Planet, then Who is leading this harvest? Who waves flags and leads everyone?

Clearly, some Charismatic Entity that needs this Fear!!!)))

Now it’s more interesting. Doomsday. Let’s try to understand this phrase. We all know that God is Light, and with the property of infinity. I wonder why it is on the planet Earth that this End of the World should happen? And generally somebody saw that the light was the End of it? The light is either there or not. If there is Light, it changes the level of illumination and that’s it!!!

We come to the most important point: the energy of Fear is also a light and energy wave.

And if for someone Fear is the Light and source of Life, then the question arises, for whom can the End of the World come – in the literal sense of the word, if people on Earth stop experiencing and radiating this Fear as energy generators?)))))

100% – it will be the same Charismatic Entity that arranged this harvest of Fear.

It turns out that the phrase the End of the World – for some is the Truth!!!
We have a great example of the diversity of Truth from different sides!!!

And now let’s look at an Alternative scenario, we will not be tied to the existing situation on our Planet and mass insanity in the scenario of the Apocalypse and the End of the World.

It is not possible to deny the fact that everyone understands the meaning of the words Father and Mother.
If We are all children of God, then God is both Father and Mother to us at the same time. The question quickly arises: Why should a Father and Mother come to Earth and kill their children? Do Parents do this to their children? On the contrary, when a Parent sees that someone is hurting his Child, he always comes to the rescue, becomes protective and protects his Child.

In the absence of a Parent, children are naughty and misbehaving, drawing attention to themselves so that the Parent will pay attention to them and come to them. What do children achieve by this behavior? They just want Love, all they want is Love. The love of a Parent makes a child happy.

If you imagine that our experience, skills and abilities are toys, then you can endlessly shift your blocks from place to place, play any games with your peers, but when Your Parent comes into the room, the first thing the child will do is run to meet him.

The same is happening in our World now.
A parent in any situation comes to comfort his child when he is afraid, to surround him with care and fill him with Love, when the child is filled with the love of a Parent, he immediately feels safe and calms down.

Let’s turn to our time, which has shrunk, signaling us about something important. Maybe not everything is so bad, suddenly for your favorite children, a Parent has prepared gifts and their infinite Love? So why did we all massively believe that our Parents would come to us to kill everyone? Where is the logic?

So, it’s time to sum up what we have:
? Someone is reaping the energy of Fear all over the Planet by promoting the Apocalypse and the End of the World, including Fear-mongering with the COVID-19 coronavirus.
? At the moment of accumulation of a critically dangerous level of concentration, in the near – earth space of the Earth-the Energy of Fear radiated by people, a Parent always comes to calm their children and fill their hearts with Love.

Fear destroys the auric shells of a person, makes him weak, and therefore manageable. The longer a person generates the energy of Fear in space, the more exhausted he feels and to be able to cope with the situation, he needs help.

?Energy Of Fire ? – The Crown Of The Divine Energies Of The Universe. It has come to our World and will heal, fill and calm everyone who wants it, and contain it in your Heart in an endless stream.

Of course it is the choice of each of Us to accept ? The energy of Fire ? or to abandon it.

?Fire To You All! ?


5. Karma. How to clean it with Fire

Taking A Transformative ?Energy of Fire ? , we purify our karma- the totality of our actions and thoughts in this and past lives. But the Energy of Fire also helps to purify the karma of our Gender and the karma that binds us to the people around us.

Now we all have the opportunity to receive Fire Energy and make a list of all the deceased people with whom we have ever crossed paths in our lives.

Why is it IMPORTANT to do this?

? GENERIC KARMA: When you invite your Deceased relatives (Gender) to the reception of Fire Energy, then not only the karma of the invited Deceased is cleared, but also Your generic karma, which brings into Your life a band of troubles and failures associated with Your family life and the life of Your children!!!

?PERSONAL KARMA: When you invite your Deceased friends and enemies to the Fire Energy reception, then not only the karma of the invited Deceased is cleared, but also Your personal karma, which brings to Your life a band of troubles and failures associated with Your surrounding world – work, finances, well-being and success!!!

It is very important to enter the names of all your family members that You can remember. The longer the list, the deeper the work to purify your family will be.
If your ancestral and personal karmas are not worked out to the maximum, then the Fire Energy will stop the course of movement in Your bodies at some stage and will not be able to move further until You have worked out all your karmic nodes.

There is another interesting point, with those who are in a coma and intensive care, between life and death. You can also specify them to accept Fire Energy, in this case even without their consent!!!! If they return to Life, they will be able to tell you interesting stories of what They saw beyond the borders!!! In the distribution of Fire Energy specify them additionally as +K1

If you consider the study of karmic nodes an empty occupation, then various unpleasant incidents may happen to You, associated with the fact that the deceased will try to reach You in all possible ways-dreams, knocks, pressure in the head, headaches, settling, etc. For those who have died on the spiritual plane, the effectiveness of accepting the energy of Fire is much more obvious than for those who live in the material world.

You can learn more in  the article “11. What is Karma? Karmic nodes, how to pass them painlessly?” here below.

6. Laws of the Universe

?Part 1. Our Planet moves in the counterclockwise direction

Fire to all!

Now we will have series of videos about Laws of the Universe.

It is a fundamental topic without which we won’t be able to move further. It is very important to study it closely now, so that you could understand

how you can ask any questions and how you can answer them yourselves using only the three simple rules of the Law of the Universe.

We will talk about them now, because many of you already know about torsion fields. For those who don’t know I will repeat it now: what they are and how they affect us.

By now, scientists have proved that around us there is a physical vacuum that pierces all the space of the Universe. It pierces both spiritual and material world, it pierces both animated and inanimate nature. 

It is present everywhere. It is a given fact. It is a physical vacuum, void. It is nothing. Just void. And in this void there is everything. Take water: among the molecules of water there is void. 

Take air: among the molecules of oxygen there is this void. Among cells of our bodies, of animated nature there is void, or vacuum, too.

Take minerals, stones, plants – everything at all. Everywhere there is void. So void is a part of everything. There is no place in the Universe where there is no void. 

The main thing here that scientists have proved is that we can control this void with the power of thought. It is a unique technology that is going to develop further.

It is a scientific breakthrough that will be reached anytime soon. The exploration of this void.  We should learn how it works.

Scientists have proved that there are torsion fields in this void. These torsion fields have only two kinds of charge: positive and negative. Only two.

These fields can swirl in different directions. If it swirls to the left, counterclockwise, then it is a negative field. If it swirls to the right, clockwise, then it is a positive field. 

Recently somebody asked me the following question. Some scientists argue that right-sided field is negative and left-sided field is positive.

Some scientists believe that it is vice versa. In fact, we can receive answers to any questions from the space around us, analyzing it.

If we look at it from this point of view, we will see. In my previous videos I told you that when we grow egoism inside, we shrink inside. 

And when we do something for other people, our field expands. Expands from the core, from the heart. Take, for instance, a clock. Just a simple clock.

The hands move to the right. If we put the clock in front of us and look which way the hands go: from the heart (or the core), or towards it, we will see that the hands move from the heart.

If the hands move from the heart, they move towards expansion. Expansion of our space. 

Thus we answer that question, we get this answer implicitly from the space around us, from the things we can analyze.

We have the answer that positive field is a movement clockwise.

Those who do energy practices know what an energy movement clockwise and counterclockwise is.

But with the help of such simple thing as a clock placed next to the heart we can understand clearly whether it’s from the heart or towards it.

This is how we understand that we have only two kinds of fields: right-sided and left-sided. 

By now scientists have proved that it is with our thought and with the information that the torsion field has, this field swirls to the right or to the left.

If the information is of positive kind, then torsion field swirls to the right. If the information is negative, then the field swirls left, counterclockwise.

We have to understand what affects the side to which a field swirls. Let’s turn to the most famous words from the Bible:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” That is “In the beginning was the void, and here it is – the Word.” We know that we are created after the image and likeness of God. This means we have same qualities as God has. 

And our word, our thought can transform into matter with the help of these torsion fields.

Everything depends on the levels on which our souls vibrate.

We have already talked about Spiritual Home, and you already know that if a person evolves in positive coordinate system, then his/her power of thought and power of word instantly comes into action.

If a person is in negative coordinate system, then whatever he/she thinks or says, it isn’t as effective as the power of word of a person in positive coordinate system.

Of course, words said by a person from negative system still have a serious impact. There are evil-eyes, bad spells, curses. Now there is a lot of talks and articles about it. These are the negative waves that affect people.

When you say something bad towards somebody, it affects this person and their aura emanation already. 

It already starts dealing with this person. We will talk about karma laws later. Now we are talking about ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ charges.

We have learnt that the word controls this charge, I mean we can control these charges with our words. We can make ‘plus’ out of ‘minus’ ourselves. 

It is proved by scientists. We are saying here that we will use the proofs and discoveries that the scientific world has already made, in order to study the Laws of the Universe. 

In the animated nature any information can be read from DNA chain. Everybody knows what a DNA chain is.

Any illnesses, difficulties that a person gets in life, are already written in this DNA chain. We are born with this information, it is already in the DNA chain.

We have this information already. It is our karmic debt, on which we are going to work. In inanimate nature there is no genetical information, so the information there is read by spin.

You need to understand that on the basis of scientists’ discovery of what torsion fields are and who can affect them we know that torsion fields have a charge: ‘plus’ and ‘minus’.

Positive torsion fields always gravitate to each other. Remember that, unlike in electromagnetics, here we have a different rule, the rule of torsion fields.

‘Plus’ always gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ always repel one another.

It is necessary for everybody to understand this rule. This is how the Universe works. We are going to talk about it in detail. 

What is a sum of all the torsion fields that we have around us? Have you ever wondered why our Planet turns counterclockwise?

Not clockwise, in the positive coordinate system, but counterclockwise? Have you ever thought about that?

Why is it so? Given that the Earth has similar torsion fields and it gathers from both inanimate and animated nature all the torsion fields emitted by the nature and people. We can see with what vibrations and on which frequencies we live.

We live in negative coordinate system because our Planet turns counterclockwise.

We live in negative coordinThis is something to think about. You just have never paid attention to some very simple things that are on the surface. Whole Planet vibrates on negative frequencies.

There is no doubt that it has positive frequencies as well. But now it vibrates on negative ones. It moves counterclockwise.

This is really something to think about. It will be hard for many people to understand it. That we live in negative coordinate system.

Let’s take a look at what surrounds us. How many positive things there are here. I have mentioned movies, computer games, creating Apocalypse and end-of-the-World atmosphere.

Somebody needs it that we emitted more and more negative energy. It is the topic we are going to discuss in further videos.

For now, you need to think about what I have just said: why the Planet turns counterclockwise?

?Part 2. The Information fields of the Earth. Changing the Earth’s polarity from minus to plus

Fire to all!

Let’s go on learning the laws of the Universe we were talking about in the first part. We have already learnt that our Earth, the whole Planet, turns counterclockwise. This means that it lives in negative coordinate system.

Everybody needs to make this breathtaking discovery and realize it. The fact that we are born and live in the negative coordinate system. The main thing is that we are going to talk about information field of Earth.

This field is called differently: Akashic records, for instance, and it is from there Edgar Cayce took the information about events, predictions and so on. In other words it is a kind of information field, some component placed around our Planet, an emanation.

It is like data structure, like a huge flash card where all the information about everyone ever lived on Earth is recorded. All the information about everything ever happened on Earth. It is a huge vibrating information field of torsion fields.

It is, actually, torsion fields. In the first part I told you that a torsion field has left-sided and right-sided charges. Let’s go back to the Law of the Universe. 

I will keep reminding you that ‘plus’ always gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ always gravitates to ‘minus’, and ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel one another. Torsion fields of the same charge gravitate to one another. 

Positive fields of everything, with no exception, in both animated and inanimate nature gravitate to one another according to the Law of the Universe. They create one huge common substance of positive charge. Negative fields do the same.

This is the global conspiracy of nowadays: to strengthen the work of negative charges of the Earth, so that people emitted negative torsion fields, and the impact of torsion fields substance gained more power.

So that they had the possibility to rule this kind of Energy as well. So any action in a coordinate system where there is ruling always has negative coordinate system. We can see that the world we live in is ruled by somebody.

All the laws that exist here are built upon a system of somebody’s ruling. Positive coordinate system doesn’t work like this. It has a different Law. The Law that a person always has a choice.

Positive coordinate system only watches what a person chooses. Where he/she goes. These fundamental things need to be understood. Negative coordinate system rules and oppresses.

Positive coordinate system gives the possibility to choose. That is the difference. It is a very simple difference.

But for now we cannot even imagine how it feels to live in a world where they give you something, you make a choice and they are just watching you. We cannot understand it now because we all vibrate on frequencies of negative coordinate system. 

We don’t even have a different level of mind. We cannot understand how it can be different. Why there came Transformative Fire, Fire of God now? The Fire that is stronger than anything in the Universe. Why did it come? 

It came to help us softly transit from negative coordinate system into positive. Help those who want it. But our Planet is already going through this transition. The scientists already can see that the Planet is changing its magnetic poles, the transformation is underway. 

We can see it too. Everybody is talking about it. All the mass media constantly spreads this information: that the Planet is going through transition and this may lead to disasters, cataclysms and all. What is a ‘cataclysm’?

Cataclysms can take place only when… Let’s go back to our ‘plus’ and ‘minus’: we will study everything according to thee three rules. We don’t have any other rules. What are “cataclysms”?  Why can they occur?

Because the Planet – not people, but the Planet itself – transits onto a new level of evolution and will change its charges on its own. From negative charge into positive. On its own, without any help.

And according to the Laws of the Universe we know that if the Planet makes this bounce like that, from its core into expansion… And we know that according to the Law of the Universe ‘plus’ is repelled by ‘minus’… I talk about it all the time, a talk only about it, about the Law of the Universe. 

There is no other law AT ALL, in the whole Universe there are no other laws. Only these three rules, nothing else. Let’s see what will happen to the Planet if it transits on new level itself, from the core into expansion. 

It will just get rid of everything on Earth that is negative. All these people. It will just expand, and everything that it doesn’t need will scatter off from it. This idea is discussed in all the mass media now. This is the issue. 

Why the Fire comes? It comes so that the Planet could expand and so that the information field of the Earth that now vibrates on negative frequencies…

And we know that it is a symbiosis, the gravitation of all our torsion fields and us people together. 

And in case the number of people with positive charge is higher than the number of those with negative, then the Planet will expand the positive coordinate system, and people will vibrate on the same frequency. We know what happens to charges of the same pole: they gravitate to one another. 

And the Planet will squeeze out only the things it doesn’t need. These negative charges. Everything is that easy. There is nothing difficult in it. Any child can understand what a transition of a Planet into a different dimension is. It’s all easy.

When we look into any processes, even the hardest ones, we base on these three rules only. I want you to understand why Fire comes. I want you to understand that we have four years to learn how to vibrate on these frequencies. 

We can become Fire generators ourselves and emit these waves into the space around us. Now in the near-Earth emanation there are more of the negative frequencies, and they have gathered into a certain substance, and they are much more powerful than all positive combined. 

For now. But, I repeat this, we have four years to change the situation completely. We can go through soft transition together with the Planet from the core into expansion of positive coordinate system. It is important to understand.

Further we will definitely study the questions connected with receiving of Fire and with the perspectives of evolution of people and Mankind afterwards.But for now you should understand that it is a very important aspect. I will say it once more: pleae, always use these three simple rules. 

Then there won’t be any unanswered questions for you. Because you will get the answers immediately, using only these three simple rules.

?Part 3. Transition from 3rd to 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions

Fire to all!

Let us go on talking about the Laws of the Universe, about those fundamental things that we need to clarify, so that later we could focus on practical things.

Now we will talk about space. We now live in 4-dimensional space: length, width, height and time. We haven’t learnt to use it properly, but still we have four-dimensional space now.

We have already discussed the idea that the Planet is going to transit into positive coordinate system from the core, it will expand, and so the Transforming Fire is coming to make a transition from 4-dimensional space straight into the field of 5- and 6-dimensional. 

What does it mean? Of course, there is some information about it, we will just talk a bit. What is a 5-dimensional space? It is when all actions take place in the field of events. It is a kind of eventivity, so to say. It happens instantly.

Neither distance nor time play any role. In this space you can manage physical, astral and mental substances. You can take all this under control. How? By creating unlimited number of phantoms.

There are phantom practices to learn how to use phantoms, either your own or someone else’s. We need to learn how to use phantom practice. Now there are already a lot of such practices, in which we come close to some important things. I will talk about it in further videos, but there is information on the topic in my social net accounts.

Practices how to use phantoms. They are now very simple, but still. Now we are already starting to study phantom practices, including the ones on how to work with karma knots with the help of phantoms.

This is what I wanted to say concerning 5-dimensional space.

Now let’s talk about 6-dimensional space. What is added here? In 6-dimensional space there are two more things: thought images and thought forms. You can materialize them instantly.

I have already mentioned in my previous videos the idea that according to the level of a person’s vibrations he/she discovers such abilities, due to which… Especially, if a person finds out his/her real mission and starts going the way of expansion, 

not narrowing, then all his/her wishes will materialize very fast. It is the space where we will find ourselves after transition. It is a space where we will get to know time and phantomness very well.

It is a very important thing, because phantomness is one of the sides of God. It is very important to be good at managing phantomness. The most important and fundamental things are thought images and thought forms. We need to control the matter with our thoughts.

Therefore all the practices that we will become familiar with will be based on the new definitions in which we are going to speak. It will be training on how to live in the new world.

The new world that vibrates with positive energy, with positive charge of torsion fields. Once again: we have four years. During this time Transforming Fire should be received by everyone with no exception. 

All the knowledge that I am going to give you is absolutely free of charge. The energy will be given for free, all the online seminars, online schools and everything else that we are going to do – all this is for free. 

We will make a special button; you will need to press it if you want to support us in our wish to spread the knowledge about Fire energy and about the possibility to go through transition. If you are facing some difficulties with it now, please don’t do it.

But if you have the possibility to help us, we will be very glad to receive financial help from you, it will let us spread the knowledge further. Fire to all of you!

?Part 4. What kind of Entity is a person born with? Angels and Demons 

Fire to all!

We are studying the Laws of the Universe and now we have come close to the most curious, the most vital question: who is born alongside with a person?

What essence, what guardian is given to you when you are born? It is a fundamental subject too, it takes total rethinking from each of us.

Let’s try to cover this matter today too. We have learnt that the Earth moves counterclockwise. The field of the Earth vibrates on negative frequencies.

Maybe you remember I once told you about a Home of the Soul, that every soul has a charge, and the Planet has a charge too. 

Charges of the same pole gravitate to one another. We live on the Earth with a certain amount of negative and positive charges, and the souls are born here according to these criteria, to match the vibrations of the Earth.

You need to understand this. It is all about the Law of the Universe, the ‘plus’ and the ‘minus’. ‘Plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel one another. These are the three rules.

So, if our Planet Earth vibrates mostly on negative frequencies, and much less on positive, then souls are born here with a matching karma charge.

Only within the boundaries of what merits a soul has. What its previous lives were like and how full its matrix cells are. We’ve talked about it already, about the matrix of a soul.

What information is stored here. There is both positive and negative experience.

It is this karma charge, which we can definitely see in a DNA chain. Let’s look more closely at the matter of who actually is born along with us. 

What kind of a guardian comes here, into our world, with us. If we see that around us there are mostly negative charges, then we should see clearly that the essence, the guardian that is given to us when we are born is a spiritual creature that should guide us through life. 

It is given to us with the same vibrational background with which we have stored positive or negative energy in our matrix cells.

We need to understand that, among other things, all of us, with no exception, are born in a family. Where there are a mother and a father. Both mother and father have karma aspect. They too have matrix cells that are filled in their own way with positive and negative experience. These mothers and fathers have their mothers and fathers too, and they too have positive and negative experience.

And now we are approaching the most interesting part. The moment we are born, even if the soul is born brand new, with no karma trace, it gets the karma charge of the whole kindred which it was born into anyway.

And it will have to pay this karma debt anyway. You should know this.

Brand new souls are born very seldom in comparison to the number of the souls that match the vibrations of the Earth. Our negative charges mostly dominate over positive.

This is why we need to know that we come into a family with our personal karma baggage, with our personal karma.

We have a personal karma, we come to a city – and now it is karma of the city, we come to a country – ant=d now it is karma of the country, we are born on a planet – and it is karma of the planet now.

And I forgot to mention our generic karma. We come into a family – and it is generic karma. We have at least the following karmas: personal, generic, city, country and planet kinds of karma – five kinds of karma that are already on us from the moment we are born here.

I mean, we already have this karma baggage on us. And it doesn’t matter if the matrix is filled with negative or positive charges or whether it is clean. No difference.

We are born here anyway and we will pay this karma whether we like it or not. One way or another, it will catch us into different life situations, like a snowball effect. 

Thereby, if you already have such number of karmas, then in the moment of birth you are given exactly the essence you have deserved by your actions in previous lives. There we go. And not just your actions in past lives matter, but the actions of the whole Kindred: your mother, your father…All this matters, it is the sum of these karmas. Everything sums up. Think about it.

This is why the biggest disclosure I will talk about and which most people watching this video will find hard to believe in, is that you are not given a Guardian Angel when you are born.

It is a misconception. It is a conspiracy against people. A conspiracy. So that people closed their eyes and didn’t see the truth. Because when you don’t know the truth it is very easy to manipulate you.

Do you understand? It is very easy to manipulate a person. This is something to think about. Let’s get back to the Laws of the Universe.

Why are there no Angels? Why are there no Guardian Angels? Because Angels vibrate on positive frequencies. 

And we are born on the Earth which turns counterclockwise and has negative field and negative charges. Most of its charges are negative. 

And what is more we are born here already with karma baggage of our Kindred, the Kindred we are born into. It is not like Immaculate Conception. We are born here, from our parents, who have done a lot of different things, both positive and negative. All this is summed up. And also we all have our personal karma.

The karma that is placed in our experience, in these matrix cells, of which we have talked about. So there are the three components. Just the three most important points you need to know about. You will have to deserve a Guardian Angel. Just deserve. 

And there is one more disclosure that I am going to talk about. If we look at classical paintings we will see these nice little flying angels with wings. Cute little babies flying with their wings. This is how we imagine angels in our head. Somebody imposes on us the idea that angels are these winged babies flying somewhere up in the sky. 

And look at how the demonic structure is depicted: devils, demons, evil spirits. They always look so strong, powerful, enraged, scary, you just feel afraid of them when you look at them in the picture.

This, too, is an idea that is imposed on us by somebody. Why do they do it? And who is this “somebody”? Who is this Charismatic Essence of which I am going to talk about? Who is it?

If we look at hierarchic coordinate system of demonology and angelology, if we take any demons, no matter which…

We will discuss the classification and the differences later. For now we just take demonic structure and there the smallest demonic structure can be like this… (*shows*) 

And the biggest… Well, maybe it will be as big as a 2-3-storey building. Just so you understand the power and strength of a demonic substance. 

And here’s a winged angel that we all have in mind. You know, the smallest winged angel is as big as a nine-storey building. Can you imagine how high a nine-storey building is? And it isn’t an angel with small wings. It is a warrior of Light. It, with its exhale, can blow away any demonic structures wherever they were. 

Please understand this. We will talk about it further.

That the biggest disappointment I had was when I saw the difference between these substances – positive and negative coordinate systems.

This is something that can shock anyone, any of you. Because since our childhood we were filled with different values.Everything I will tell you about is absolutely different. It will differ crucially from what you see around you.It will differ by only three rules. The Laws of the Universe. Because we will look at everything through these Laws.

For now you just need to realize that to each of you is given a spiritual adviser, I would call it so, that guides you on your way of life, that is in match with you.There are your sins. Your vices that you use every day. I think most people use them every day. Of course, there are Enlighted people. But still a lot of people use their vices.

So unfortunately the way we live on Earth now after some time will be unavailable because the Planet will transit towards expansion, towards positive coordinate system.This is what we need to think about.

We will continue the subject in our next videos.

Fire to You All!

7. Why is there no more time for spiritual growth?

Fire to all!

We have discussed that the Earth turns counterclockwise and that we live in negative coordinate system; we have learnt that Souls that are born on Earth match its vibrational background, that is, they have approximately the same amount of negative charges as the Earth.

That is, the balance of negative and positive corresponds with the vibrations on which our Planet lives. So, we have discussed these things. And we already know the Laws – we have only three rules, I will talk about them all the time – ‘plus’ always gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel one another.

Basing on these rules we can understand that torsion fields are controlled by out thoughts, by the information. 

We have mentioned this, too, but I repeat it on purpose, so that you knew what we will talk about right now.

And the subject of our today’s conversation is this: why it is right now, right now, in the moment of transition of the Earth onto different levels of vibrations, into different dimensions – say, from the third dimension into fourth, fifth, sixth… Somebody says we live in the fourth dimension already, it doesn’t matter which dimension exactly we live in now, it is more important that now we will go through transition all together, together with the planet.

And by now a lot of people, really a lot of people, ask me one simple question, and I can understand why they ask it: Why before it was necessary to study a lot of different things, go a very long way of spiritual growth, which was really very long and difficult, and people spent more than one life on it, practicing some serious things like, say, qigong, yoga, different breathing meditations and so on and so forth – in other words, they were pursuing spiritual growth during a very long period of time.

And not just during one life, but during a very long period of time in their several lives, when they were constantly growing spiritually. And now here comes Fire that just turns everything upside down. We are talking here about this: that it is the transforming Fire which has come now, this Fire lets us make the way of spiritual growth, that people made during their many long lives on Earth, in just four years.

That is, it will take us only four years to make this way, the way of spiritual growth, that you could make for a very long time in the past. And people ask me this very simple and straightforward question.

Why do they – figuratively speaking – send pupils who study in the first grade directly into the high school? Why do they do it?

Let me explain it. It is so because at present the time is shrinking – and we all can feel it is shrinking, and in the past we could do much more different things in the same amount of time, But now we can see that the day goes by too quickly, it is changing somehow, and something is changing with the space too, we often hear it from the mass media, that something is happening, some processes are underway, That some scientists notice every now and then different variations of the new things that are going on on Earth now.

Those who do energy practices understand that in the near-Earth sphere something is happening too, but nobody knows what it is exactly.

And this ‘something’ is that the Earth is going to expand now. It is getting ready for the expansion. It is just a preparation of the Earth so that it could do this transition.

And in connection to this, in order to make this transition as soft as possible, here came the transforming Fire.

This Fire is not just transforming, no; Fire is such a sophisticated, complex Truth of the Universe, That it can show itself in different qualities, and Fire carries all the possible qualities with it. Because Fire is the absence of duality.

I mean, we are used to divide things into good or bad, we say that there are good things and bad things, like “this is a good action, and this one is bad”, This person is bad and this one is good, so there is good and evil, and we constantly compare things and divide them into good or bad.

But in fact Fire comes now to show us how we can live without this duality, it just wipes it off with a cloth. I liked it how somebody in out chatroom said it about something else, but I think it is a great metaphor: just to take this cloth and wipe off these borders between good and evil, Because in fact the Universe is extensional, it consists not only of light. It consists also of darkness.

But the thing is that we need to understand this darkness, understand by what laws it lives; by what laws positive coordinate system lives, and by what laws – negative. 

We have talked about the fact that negative coordinate system always shrinks. It always shrinks, and its emanations shrink too: all this envy, avarice, all this “I want it for myself”.

And positive coordinate system always expands. It always expands, goes towards expansion. I mean, at present we can see that now here to the Earth there came Fire. This Fire will show itself during these four years as a transformation only. What is this transformation? It is very simple.

In fact – we have discussed it in the previous video – because the Soul when it is born on Earth already has karma baggage of the planet, of the country, of the city, of the Kindred, and karma of its own – so at least five karmas that are mixed together when the Soul is born.

So, in order to make this transition in the right way, the first necessary thing to do is to cleanse generic and personal karmas.

 So, by now, it is a transforming Fire. Why? – Because it will transform you, it will transform people of third (some say fourth) dimension

039 09:53:09 – 10:15:13

Into people of a different dimension, who will live on a different level of consciousness and who will have the access to all their possibilities, and of course they will be able to remember their past lives. They will have the chance to correct the mistakes of their past lives. We have these four years to get ready for it. Four years.

Later I will tell you why four; each year will symbolize… well, a certain level of knowledge, let us put it this way.

So, in the first year we will do some things, in the second year we will do some other things, and so on for four years, these are like some kind of levels that we will have to accomplish.

On the very first level there is Fire, Fire will cleanse your karma, it is a very important quality of Fire, to cleanse karma.

In further videos I am going to tell you all this in detail, and for now we will briefly look at what exactly Fire will do.

So, Fire can be of different types, including transforming Fire. What will it transform?

First, it will cleanse your karma through certain practices. I am drawing your attention to the fact that phantom practices are a step towards the fifth dimension.

So, it will cleanse karma to everyone, it will transform the Essences that were given to a person when he/she was born, And in two-three months after receiving of Fire you will transform your Essence into an Angel – there is no doubt about that.

Some people will do it just within a fortnight, it depends. A person who has never done any spiritual practices will manage to do it within three months. To transform any Demonic Essence into Angel Essence. Any. We will give all the practices, all the methods of how to do it.

So one more time: the first thing for us is to cleanse our karma, to transform our Essences into Angels, to learn how to work with phantom practices – there will be many different ones, And we will learn to tell the nature of our thoughts, depending on what Essence a person has. Each Essence, just like us people, has its own profession.  Each Essence specializes in a certain type of emotions which a person emanates. Emotions of fear, envy, avarice.

Anything like alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction – all this is the activity of one of the Essences, and the more vices a person has, the more of these Essences there are dwelling around this person. 

This is why we will work with transformation of all these vices, all these sins, as they were called before. Because of the fact that we, neither of us, cannot waste another twenty-five years or another life on one spiritual practice only, And the time has shrunk, there comes transforming Fire in order to shorten the way, the way of a person so that he/she could come to God. Directly to God. 

We should cleanse ourselves, cleanse our thoughts, cleanse our karma, cleanse our bodies, and then this clean vessel will be forever inhabited by Fire, by this energy of Fire, which will shine, And you will become these Fire generators who will distribute this Fire just emanating these positive and gracious emotions from the inside. But in order to do all of this, we will work intensively in this direction.

We will have various practices, I am now going to tell you everything about them in detail, and I will tell you about karma, about different kinds of practices, about the things you need to do every day. You will not need much time for this, but if you do it every day the result will be astonishing.

So at present, I will say it again, we just don’t have time anymore – the time has shrunk – nobody has any time to waste it studying something. I mean studying only one thing.

Therefore, within these four years we should, from the point where we are now, become people who are made after the image and likeness of God.

We should control phantoms, control our thoughts, thought forms, thought images, so that our wishes materialized.

We should discover our Mission, we should do a lot of gracious things that change not only us all, but also the World where we all live.

This is our aim.

Fire to you all!

8. War/Fight or Love?

Fire to all!

Today we have a very important subject that we must discuss, and this subject is: war, fight, or Love.

For now, we need to determine these terms, to understand why these terms exist, to understand their extent and meaning. So let us start with what we already know: that our whole Planet turns, It spins in negative coordinate system. It moves counterclockwise, against the clock, we have learnt that already, and we know that according to the Law of the Universe, We have three basic laws, and there are no more, and the laws are: ‘plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ always repel one another.

So, if we will base our discussion on these three laws, let us look and see what we will come to.

So, we have already learnt that our Planet lives in negative coordinate system. We cannot say that there are no positive charges in the field of the Earth, no, we cannot say so.

But we are saying that now, at present, it is negative charges that prevail, they are much more. And this is why we live in a world of negative coordinate system, not positive, where there are different rules.

There is a rule that nobody ever does anything for anybody for free. I mean, gifts – and generosity – is something beyond comprehension of the majority of people living on Earth now.

At present we can see that there are such rules as: “an eye for an eye”, “measure for measure”, “tit for tat” – things like this, competition, who outsmarts who, and all that.

All this system, this goods-for-money relationship, world economy where everything is built on goods-for-money relationship, “tit for tat” – all this is the main feature of the negative coordinate system. 

The belief that nobody does anything for anybody for free. We live in negative coordinate system where every man is for himself.

Here, we cannot even speak about positive vibrations if we can see that we live in a system of negative coordinates of the planet Earth, We have negative karma baggage, yes, we have thoughts that are not very pure, it is so, and in the sea of information, in the whole Internet space, information space, 

In mass media there is so much junk information that we cannot tell what is the truth and what is a lie.

It is hard now to be objective. Right from the moment we wake up in the morning our mind is already stuffed with information, it is packed with it, it is clenched in clutches, leaving less, and less, and less space for the freedom of will, the freedom of will that is the most important, the most significant marker of the fact that a person 

is created after the image and likeness of God and has this Freedom of will and can switch generator of fear into generator of Fire.

And a person can do this expansion, just like our Earth is going to do.

We live in this world and we can’t even imagine how we can live differently, how we can live without these good-for-money relationships, how to build country economy without it, 

How to build relations with other countries, what to do with borders and so on, so we can’t imagine what our world can be like if it is different from the one where we live now.

We don’t have a single clue about it. This is why, of course, since we live in negative coordinate system, somebody – no matter who and no matter why – was constantly giving us the idea (which, as I believe, is already there in the DNA structure of every person), the idea that we should definitely fight against negative coordinate system, against evil spirits, against demons.

We should fight, we should wage a war, we should do these aggressive actions, and it doesn’t matter what kind of war it is: a war between people, or a war between countries, or a war between good and evil – it doesn’t matter.

Now we are talking about the fact that somebody was always putting this idea in our heads: that he who comes to us sword in hand, by the sword shall perish, and such-like ideas, doctrines of the negative coordinate system.

This is why today we will look at all this from the point of our Law: ‘plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel one another, that’s right.

If we look at the interaction between demons and a person – from the point of view of fighting and from the point of view of religion (and there are plenty of religions), from the point of view of mass media – we will see a huge propaganda.

Propaganda of the necessity to fight, the necessity to struggle, and the necessity to fear, once again – why is this idea being planted into us – the idea that we should fear, fear of somebody or something? 

I have already told you about the correlation between the sizes of Demons and Angels, I have told you that, and I believe you remember it too – And according to this, you can clearly see that good never wages wars against evil.

Because evil cannot even come close to good, because there are laws of the Universe, according to which  ‘plus’ gravitates to ‘plus’, ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ repel one another, and so there can’t be a war or a fight between good and evil. 

It is just a myth that will be dispelled now, because there are laws of the Universe, according to which all myths will be dispelled, they will scatter into pieces, and you won’t be able to gather them back again, because it is impossible to argue against it. It is impossible to argue with the laws of the Universe, it is unnatural, you cannot deny these facts.

So, good and evil have never in the whole history of the Universe led a war against each other. And there was no struggle or military actions. Never.

Because we know one simple rule: plus always repels minus, so evil cannot come close to good even in case if it wants to, and it cannot come close to those who are of ‘plus’ charge. Those who don’t have negative karma knots or anything like this. It is impossible, impossible, impossible to stop the Light.

It is impossible to stop Fire that has come now. It is this constituent of the Universe that nobody is able to stop, nobody at all. So you should understand that ‘plus’ always repel ‘minus’, so there was never a fight.

And why the idea of this fight is pressed upon us? Once again we are back to the question of how is it so that our mass media, books and so on recommend to us – not recommend, but put into our heads that we need to wage a war against evil spirits and demons?

What happens is a person starts fighting a demon or an evil spirit? Let’s see what the rites of exorcism in churches look like. What happens during such rites.

In this moment, during such rites, evil spirits and demons, when they are being stirred out of people in whom they dwell, start causing these people physical discomfort. 

People cease to control themselves: they start crowing like a rooster, or making other noises, some start twitching and so on – evidently, in this moment a person is experiencing very powerful things. 

Why? Because the prayer which churchmen use is aimed at stirring the demons out: “Off with you!”, “Be gone!” – this is the vibration that tells us about the lack of love in it.

There is just no love in it. And if there is no love in something, if somebody is stirred out of somewhere, it shows us this ‘minus’ to ‘minus’ rule, this synergetic effect.

Churchmen do not look at this Essence with love, no. They do not give it Love, do not want to cleanse it, they want to stir it out. And what do they do when they stir it out?

This Essence just goes away and then goes further and further, it finds another person, enters him/her and continues performing its negative actions of various kinds, actions of negative coordinate system, right.  Such thing happens in case we start to fight Essences. We start fighting, we start doing some military actions against the Essence that is inside us. The Essence sees this negative energy that flows against it. And it starts defending itself in its turn.

All this is so clear, isn’t it? If one is attacking, the other is defending, obviously. What is war? War is when there is the attacking side and the defending side.

If you find yourself in a state of defending yourself from someone, this way you accept military actions, you accept the rules of negative coordinate system.

But if this Essence starts being aggressive towards you and starts doing some negative things to you, Then, in case if you just send Love, your Love, Love, your positive energy to this Essence, instead of defending against it – you know, now we are receiving Fire and we are learning how to feed the Essences, and among other things, feeding them with the energy that we get from Fire, Fire fills us with energy, we become complete and we can easily share this energy. 

And in case we share this Love, this energy to the Essence, then this Essence – it just gets very surprised – very surprised! In the negative coordinate system nobody gives anybody anything for free.

All the magical rituals – of both black and white magic, it doesn’t matter – are based on the principles of “an eye for an eye”, “measure for measure” and things like that.

So everywhere there are these goods-for-money relationships, no matter how they are expressed: by trading, exchange or some other way. Anyway, it is this “tit for tat” system.

And when you share your Love, when you share the energy of Love, you share with the Essence a lot of understanding, trust, support, friendship – then the energy that gets inside the Essence with the help of Love starts transforming this Essence step by step.

I have already told you that even if you haven’t done any spiritual practices before, and if you even haven’t thought about spiritual growth, Even in this state you can make your own Guardian Angel out of any Demon that lives in you within three months.

And this is what we are talking about: the moment when Fire generator opens up inside a person, and all we are going to study now is the way that we should go in order to become a Fire generator, so that we could communicate with God directly, with no mediators, without anybody. 

Just you and God, directly. With no aid from anybody. You don’t need any aid. You just need to follow this way and do everything from your heart, expand, and these Essences, Demons and evil spirits, will be shocked at first, because they were fought against for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

And they are so shocked, of course, if you start transforming them, transforming them with your Love.

Your every action when you put a defense against something, when you’re fighting somebody, you are entering negative coordinate system. 

Not positive, but negative coordinates, which do not have the necessary vibrations to communicate with God, you should understand this

It may look like a fairy tale or a fiction, but I say all this basing on certain scientific discoveries connected with these three simple laws of the Universe, and these laws cannot be questioned. They cannot be questioned. You cannot question the fact that the earth turns counterclockwise, you cannot question the fact that torsion fields are controlled by thoughts, by information.What information you put into a torsion field, it will be there It is something we cannot question. But it is something to think about.

Once again, I want you to think about it. You just need to stop and look around you: what world do you live in? What laws do you live by? And you have the clues: three rules. Just three.

You do not need to read any sophisticated dissertations or articles. It is all written so that it was hard to get through it, hard to get through to God.

I repeat this, I have told it already: if we take four apples and put them in front of a child and just say to him/her: here are two apples and here are two more apples. We put them together and now we have four. It is easy. To show a child with just four apples that two and two is four. But we can do it differently.

This is what they do to us. They show us, with the help of higher mathematics, with the help of very complicated mathematical formulae, very hard for understanding, and which are available only for – I don’t know – for prospective university students, they show us that two and two is five. 

And you know what – they really can prove it. And we believe it. But you know – two and two isn’t five. It is four. And if somebody starts speaking in some complicated language that most people cannot understand, this means that there is no truth in this language.

Because we need to always keep in mind these four apples and the three Laws of the Universe. And remember that all this is very simple, really, and anybody can understand even very difficult things.

This is why it is important to understand that mass media, books and everything else is global conspiracy. But for now it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean anything. No matter what they did or have done, no matter what they will do. No matter at all.

The only thing that matters is how you will work with this information that you’ve learnt. What you will do with it. You personally. Every one of you. What you will do with this information.

The question is only in this. It is just the freedom of choice, that’s all. I will repeat this: system of positive coordinates does not control anybody and does not manipulate.

The system of positive coordinates always gives you a possibility to make a choice. The freedom of will, always. You can use your Freedom of Will. And then it just contemplates. That’s it.

Fire to you all!

9. Fire as a protection

Fire to all!

We have studied the previous subject: war, fight or Love. There are several aspects in this subject that are worth studying more closely. It is the aspect of defense.

Yes, the aspect of defense, because defense is one of the ways to start a war. Because one side is attacking, and the other – obviously – is defending. So we are going to talk about this. What is defense?

I often hear, a lot of people say it to me, that to take part in group practices, in group  meditations is something wrong, something that we should not do, because the energy is stolen here, and so on. Yes, it is really so.

If you start participating in a group meditation, this group meditation obviously has a kind of egregore. 

Obviously, somebody has created a community of people who come to a certain place and start meditating there. What is a process of meditating? Meditating is withdrawing into oneself, and if it is a group meditation, people relax at this moment and something starts happening to them. And after such group meditations we feel, either right away or after some time, stat our energy was stolen. We are talking now about negative coordinate system.

If we are talking about defense in positive coordinate system, it looks the following way: in case you become Fire generator – Fire generator – if you start feeling inside your chest, in Anahata (it is the heart chakra), how Fire starts burning, becomes stronger and stronger, it burns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; so if the Fire burns in Anahata 24/7, in this case you don’t need to defend at all. Absolutely. 

You don’t need to defend because in this case you are totally in ‘plus’ charge, you are totally in positive coordinate system. There is nothing higher than the working Fire generator and direct communication with God.

Direct communication with God. Not through somebody or something, but your communication. Not through egregores that were created by somebody for some purposes. You don’t need any – any – help to be a Fire generator, and you also don’t need to defend.

Why? Because, when you have Fire field around you, anything that is negative burns down just having touched this field. Just burns down. That’s all.

When you live in positive coordinate system – and we already know that if we receive Fire Energy we need only three months to go into positive coordinate system and transform this Essence, and we also need to do some other recommendations connected with karma cleansing and other things, of which I will talk later – then you switch on this Fire generator, and just repel the whole negative part of the world where you live. It just burns down in the field of Fire. All this negative part is just burnt down, it is repelled. 

And there is a peculiar thing that you should understand: if you wish something for somebody, if you wish something bad, if you send this bad thought to this person, and this person sends you a bad thought too –These thoughts get together and there appears a kind of synergetic effect of bad thoughts, and it inevitably turns out that both people will be affected by it. Both people, both ends.

And just to be clear, so that you could see: from one person there is a negative thought and from the other person there is a negative thought. These negative thoughts meet and – since they are both negative – from one end there is a negative person that generates such thoughts and from the other end there is a negative person that generates such-like thoughts. In other words, they meet because ‘minus’ gravitates to ‘minus’, this is how it works.

You need to understand it. Why it is so, why there is this synergetic effect, why they meet.

And in case on one end there is a negative person who generates negative thoughts, and on the other end there is a positive person who generates positive thoughts, and if these thoughts of the negative person go towards the positive one, and the positive person’s thoughts towards the negative one,  here we have a negative thing, a ‘minus’, and here we have a ‘plus’. Here we have this repelling according to the Law of the Universe.

So in case these energies meet, ‘plus’ and ‘minus’, then the ‘minus’ will just be repelled and will go back to the sender. And the ‘plus’ – yes, it will go back to its sender too.

And here we have this synergetic effect of a person who has Fire generator. You just send out your love and it returns to you. Everything is so easy and natural that there is no need in any defense or protection You don’t need it if your Fire generator is switched on.

It is ridiculous. What defense or protection can we talk about if you are in positive system, if you have Fire of God burning inside? Because we are created after the image and likeness of God. And we have Fire generators – they are given to us from the moment we are born and we can use them, that’s the thing. 

The thing is that we need to emit this positive energy and then this positive energy comes back to us. That’s the thing. They also often ask me – we have discussed group meditations now: that we have not meditations, but direct receiving of Fire Energy. It used to be called Fire of God, right. It is the term of which many people talk about, but haven’t tried it themselves: what it is, what this Fire is like. And now a lot of people can try it, we have a rather large group of people who receive Fire, who have already transformed their Demons into Angels, and it is not a fairy-tale, those are the real results, you can see everything yourself, it is on open access on social nets, it is available. There is no mystification in it.

The question is different: that in the moment of Fire energy receiving there is no group meditation. You do not meditate – you just close your eyes and receive Fire energy directly from the Source, from God, from the Crown of Fire Energies, androgyny of God, male and female principles simultaneously.

Exactly this Fire energy gets into you, and, according to your level of training (according to the state of your body, your diet, and so on) you either feel it right away or a little later.

This is what we are going to talk about further: what Fire receiving is.

Fire to you all!

10. Energy vampires and donors

Fire to all!

Today we will talk about vampires and donors.

We know that there are people who steal energy, and people who give it.

We don’t have to travel far: we already know that if you take something from somebody, if you take everything for yourself, then you live in negative coordinate system. 

And if you give something, then you are in positive coordinate system.

And there is a very thin line, which you need to understand. In negative coordinate system any energy, emotions – they are like gold.

They are very few. They are valuable. This is why the system works in the manner of “an eye for an eye” principle. The exchange principle. Because there is a limited amount of energy there. It is very little. 

And in positive coordinate system there is so much energy that you cannot even imagine and understand, how much energy there is in positive coordinate system. There is an infinite amount of this Light there. In negative coordinate system energy is very little, a very restricted amount of it, and as a result there are such laws there.

So now we will talk about the way people behave in negative and positive coordinate systems. We will look at it through a prism of vampires – energy vampires – and energy donors. Who they are, and why there are such concepts. Why some steal and others give.  Perhaps it is easier to start this conversation with some examples and images, as I always like doing. It is clearer this way.

Let’s look at each person – no matter if he/she is a vampire or a donor – as a vessel. For example, a glass. Just a glass.

So, we are people who live on Earth with glasses where there is different liquid. The liquid can be very different.

Somebody’s vessel contains clean water, somebody’s vessel has tomato juice, or apple juice, or tea, or coffee, maybe yoghurt or milk. It doesn’t matter, but the liquids are all different. Somebody has clean water in their vessel. But the thing is that all these glasses are filled differently. There is less or more liquid there.

What is more, not just the liquids are different, but the glasses themselves are different as well. To say nothing of their shape, which can vary a lot, too. There can be big jugs or small shotglasses, or something else. The diversity is just amazing. 

So depending on the amount of liquid there can be a certain amount of glasses. And all of them are so different… Plus, these glasses can be filled with different liquids. What are these liquids? These liquids are energy. Energy is a concentration of the amount of positive and negative charges in this liquid. This is how a person is filled with these torsion fields.

We know that our Planet vibrates in a certain scope, from one point to the other. Like an electrical connector. A connector of vibrational scope in which the Planet vibrates.

And in this connector, like we said before, there are more negative charges then positive ones.

I mean, there are both negative and positive charges, but negative ones prevail. This is why our Planet turns counterclockwise.

Therefore, If we imagine that we all are like these vessels that are filled with different liquids, we will see the following.

The cleanest and the most positive liquid is simple clear water. Just clean spring water. This is our ‘plus’ charge with which we will work with now. And you need to keep in mind that everyone at the moment of birth has very different karmas.

By the way, in the next video I am going to tell you about Karma Law. I recommend you to watch it as well.

So, we have briefly discussed that according to Karma everybody has different torsion fields, either negative or positive.

And according to the way the matrix of the Soul was gathered, what cells it has and what they are filled with, it determines the vessel with which a person is born. And these vessels can be filled with various liquids, they can be of various shapes, and there can be different amount of liquid in them.  It is the vital energy, according to which you should live your life. According to its amount, a certain period of time that you should live will go a certain way. It is important to understand it. 

So what can we see here? We can see that in case… But first, who are vampires? Vampires are just people with empty glasses. They just do not have access to the Source.

What is the Source to a glass? The glass just knows where to go to be filled with this spring water and to be constantly washed by it. This is the Source. This is the Fire Energy which we are going to discuss all the time. This is the Source to which every glass can just come and be filled from it.

Within these four years everyone can do it twice a day with no restrictions. You can approach the Source with your glass twice a day, and it doesn’t matter what kind of liquid there is in your glass. You can just come to the Source and pour fresh spring water into your glass.

In case a person lives with an empty glass, it can be considered a struggle for survival. This means a person lives in negative coordinate system.

It is very simple. There is no energy in negative coordinate system. There is nowhere one can take it from. It can be taken only from your emotions, for instance.

But it isn’t the fresh spring water. No, it is… I don’t know, some liquid with a very unpleasant smell that is impossible to drink. But still it is a liquid too. And in the negative coordinate system it is very valuable too. Because there is nothing else there. And so you should know that when a person has an empty glass, he/she will do whatever is possible – anything – to steal this energy from a person with a full glass.

This is the difference.

You need to understand that a person who has the access to the Source – it doesn’t matter how he/she has found it, maybe with the help of Fire, maybe other practices throughout life – It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that this person knows how to fill this glass with liquid, with any liquid.

In the Universe there is the only one Source of energy and of fresh spring water – it is Fire. The Fire Energy that we receive. It is the fresh spring water. All other sources are either tomato juice, or apple juice… It tastes good as well, and it drinks nicely, but I think it is not as effective. That’s the thing.

The aim of each of us is to approach this Source of fresh water. To have the constant possibility to place your empty glasses under the Source so that there, inside your glasses, inside your vessels, there would go a strong rapid flow of Fire Energy, just like a waterfall, and cleanse you.

We have already learnt that the most important thing is for our glasses to be full. Now let’s consider the following thing. We know that vampires are those with empty glasses. They will do everything to steal your liquid from you.

How can you see it? Usually it looks like picking a fight, aggression, scalding comments – things like this. There are many ways to steal energy from a person.

The main thing for the vampire is to put you out of temper. And when you are out of temper, the vampire is sucking your energy out and feels good. Because this vampire fills his/her glass. Yes, they fill their glass not with fresh liquid, but still they fill it. It isn’t empty anymore. Vampires don’t know other ways, but only to take from somebody. To steal.

Therefore, you should have the access to tomato juice, for instance, or to apple juice, or to fresh spring water. It is important to have an access to a Source.

And when you approach this Source with your glass, then a liquid, any liquid, flows spilling over the brim.

And when you have constant connection to this waterfall, or water Source, or just a small water tap, but you are connected to it 24/7… For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you have the access to this Source, and it doesn’t matter what kind of liquid there is. What is important is that you have the access to it.

And when you are overfilled with energy, only then you are able to give. Then you are able to be in positive coordinate system. And you will give it to everybody around you and won’t wait until people suck your energy out.

You will, just entering somewhere, emit this energy. People won’t want to hurt you or to drive you out of your serene vibrational state. Because serenity is a sign of positive coordinate system, too. Just like tolerance.

And I want you to understand that the main thing for everybody, for each one of us, is to have the access to this tap. We need to learn how to find this access to this tap that will let us all fill our glasses.

And to fill them with the fresh spring water that the Universe offers now for us all. The Universe, the whole Universe offers to us, right here, right now, within these four years to be these glasses that will be filled with Fire Energy at a furious pace.

But whether the pace will be furious depends on the level of your training. We will talk about it later, after Karma topic. We are going to discuss the most important thing: what receiving of Fire Energy is and how to do it properly. We are going to talk about it in detail. What these glasses mean and how to use them so that there was serene atmosphere around you.

So basically this is how it goes.

Fire to all!

11. What is Karma? Karmic nodes, how to pass them painlessly?

Fire to all!

Today we have one of the most important subjects to discuss. We are going to talk about Karma.

What is Karma?

I am sure that many people know what Karma is and use this term easily. But I cannot just skip this topic, it is very important. 

I need to tell you what it is, what it looks like. What you can do with it. How to go through Karma knots painlessly. This is what we are going to talk about.

What Karma is and how to untie Karma knots painlessly.

We have already talked about Karma briefly, we said that when we are born here on Earth we have at least five Karmas.

They are Karma of the Planet, Karma of the country, Karma of the city, generic Karma and Personal Karma. There are at least five Karmas that are the main ones, the global ones.

We need to understand that right now we are right here – let’s put it this way. We need to imagine that in our life, in the life that we are living now, a certain amount of people have communicated with us sometime.

Now you all, each of you, just think for yourself, how many people have ever communicated with you.

What is a communication? Communication is when you talk to somebody, or when you think something about somebody.

Even about people you don’t know. You just thought something about them. You sent your thought towards them. Any thought, no matter, a positive or a negative one. 

But you communicated with them on the energy level. With the members of our family every day. We communicate with colleagues and friends. We communicate with We have a great number of acquaintances, of people around us. And communication takes place every time when we do something to somebody or when we talk to somebody. 

So, communication is an action or a word. And the third option is a thought. Just imagine how many communication acts we have had during our whole life. Just think of this huge number of our communication acts. It is really huge. And each action, whether it is a physical action, or a word, or a thought-

Any kind of communication is a Karma knot. And this Karma knot has either negative or positive charge of torsion field.

And you should understand that we are like Suns. Each person is like a giant Sun with huge number of ties. The number of these ties, these threads depends on how often you have communicated with a person: this number of ties connects you with this person.

And on this thread there is a great number of knots – these are all of your actions, words and thoughts connected with this person. And imagine now how many of these threads, these rays there are around each person, these ties that connect each of us with other people. It is an invisible constituent which just exists. And let me remind you that we are talking about only one of your Karma ties, connected with the period of time in which you live right here right now.

From the moment you were born up until the moment you are watching this very video.

All these ties have a great number of knots. And they have either negative or positive charge. And this is what is called a personal Karma.

And now let’s imagine further. We all know that we are born in families where there are a mother and a father. Let’s look at our parents. How many connections, how many of these rays, these threads with these knots do they have? This is a generic Karma. This huge amount of ties. A giant amount. And they add up to yours. So it is already a mix of Karmas. We sup them up. Your personal number of threads with that of your parents. 

Both of your parents have their parents in their turn. And you can imagine how long this generic chain of these connections and ties is, the chain in the Karma of a Kindred.

And now let’s look at the Karma of the city where you were born. No matter if it is a city or a town or a village. Just a place of your birth. There are these connections there too.

Let’s look at the country. At millions, billions of these communications. Let’s look at the Planet. And there are still more of these ties. I cannot even imagine such number in my head. Just imagine how much Karma there is in the world and how much Karma there is on you personally. Just imagine that. It is very difficult to house such amount of communications. There are so many of them. Just imagine how many knots there are on them. A giant number.

And it is a very important thing to learn. How to get over these Karma knots that appear during our lifetime. We have a lot of these knots.

I have prepared some items especially for this video, I think it will be clearer for you this way. Because in the conditions of coronavirus I have found only two kinds of fruit in my fridge, so I will show it to you the following way.

Look, we have glasses. This will be the moment of birth and the moment of death. Let’s take apples and oranges. Oranges are, say, negative energy. They are these knots, they are negative Karma knots. And the apples will be positive. So, let’s study what Karma knots are with the help of these simple things.

And, most importantly, how to get over them painlessly. It is possible. I am going to tell you how to do it.

So. Here we have the place of birth and the place of death. Let’s remember our favourite three Laws of the Universe.  We will always come back to them, and we will study everything that interests us through these Laws only.

‘Plus’ always gravitates to ‘plus’. ‘Minus’ always gravitates to ‘minus’. ‘Plus’ and ‘minus’ always repel one another. We are going to apply these rules onto our example with Karma knots.

Let’s start. Look. Suppose a person lives in negative coordinate system. He/she has Karma knots.

Yes, of course there are some positive ones. They appear throughout lifetime. But in general negative ones are much more. We all worry about negative Karma much more than about positive.

So, now we will look at the examples of negative Karma.

So, there lives a person and has, say, one big Karma knot. A negative Karma knot which has gathered all knots of the Karmas we were just talking about. These are all the knots of all these Karmas. Personal, generic, city, country and Planet Karmas. All of them.

And there is a moment in this person’s life when he/she faces this Karma knot.

And we all understand that now we live in negative coordinate system, because our Planet moves counterclockwise. We remember that torsion fields that move counterclockwise are negative fields. Therefore, we all live in negative coordinate system, and we can forget about serene and gracious life. Because the world around us won’t let us live such life.

Why? Because throughout our lifetime we are just being negative, just like this Karma.

I mean, if we go through life with ‘minus’ charge and approach this Karma knot, we get this synergetic effect.

This Karma knot can be untied. It unwinds and we get the expansion of the situation that is going to happen with a person.

Suppose that this Karma knot is the situation when a person should cross the road and should be hit by a car. And after this accident this person should be wheelchair-bound, and live the rest of his/her life left out of society. Because he/she won’t be able maybe even to move anything. He/she will just live motionless.

And now let us see. If a person is in ‘minus’ and approaches this knot, the knot unwinds, and it unwinds counterclockwise, and the expansion happens, and this situation takes place.

Let’s look further. If Karma knot is positive. A positive Karma knot! Did you hear that? Positive!

A person lives in ‘minus’. In ‘minus’! He/she is of negative charge and is a fear generator, not Fire generator. A fear generator.

What happens if, according to the Law of the Universe, a negative person approaches a positive Karma? What happens, how do you think? This positive Karma won’t even work. 

This person won’t even understand that the Universe was waiting for that very moment to give this person a present. Just a gift. This person won’t even notice it. Because they will just repel each other. This person won’t even notice this Karma knot and just pass it by, not seeing, ever, this mercy. ‘Plus’ and ‘minus’ will just repel each other.

Do you understand? Everything is so simple, it is just amazing! We will look at each and every question through the three Laws of the Universe. There are no other rules. They just do not exist. 

So, the most interesting thing is the following. Suppose a person is meant to be disabled and wheelchair-bound after crossing the road; But at one point he/she suddenly decides to switch fear generator to Fire generator.

You know what will happen? I am 100% sure that you already know what will happen, and I will say it now.

This person will approach this Karma knot, a very strong and serious Karma knot, and this knot will just be repelled from this person. The person will just go by, and these knots, all these knots, absolutely all of them… They will just scatter from this person, like needless rubbish. In other words, you don’t need these negative oranges. Because they are rubbish. Because you need to be in ‘plus’.

And now let’s see. Here we have ‘minus’ and here we have ‘plus’. And a person in positive coordinate system walks with Fire generator and repels all negative charges. 

And ‘plus’… Do you know what happens with ‘plus’? It will wind to positive side. And it will make this synergetic effect which people will see in their merciful life as something incredible and very beneficial.

And here is one small thing more. If a person in ‘plus’ charge is approaching negative coordinate system, and we remember that there was a wheelchair after road crossing, and the person was hit by a car, so in case… 

Here is how this repelling of ‘minus’ works. The person will get a Karma, but what kind of Karma?

While crossing the road, he/she will just stumble and go on walking. Just stumble. He/she can fall, scratch their knee or tear their clothes. But that will be it. It will be their payment. For those Karma knots they had.

Therefore, by now it is very easy to understand what Karma is, if we explain it with simple things that even any child can understand. It is just that simple. You just need to know the three rules.

And all the most difficult issues that have ever bothered you will be solved with the help of these simple rules.  And all these Karma knots that we usually go through so toughly, with tears and fear, these knots will seem to us a very easy and merciful way to God.  In fact, if you walk in positive charge, you will see only positive things. Because all the negative things on your way will be just repelled.

This is what I wanted to tell you today.

And I also wanted to say that all this knowledge I give you is absolutely free, and in case you want to take part…

If you want to help us distribute the knowledge about Fire Energy and about the things I tell you, you can use certain tools underneath the video and transfer some money. If you want to. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to do it. It is absolutely up to you and your open heart. If you want to, we will be glad.

So, Fire to all!

12. Raising of vibrational level and wrath in positive coordinate system

Fire to all!

Today we will discuss the raising of the level of vibrations in positive coordinate system. And I would like to talk about two ways by which you can go towards positive coordinate system.

The first way is very simple and clear to everybody. It is when there is no resistance. When you are in a state of mindfulness, when you go in accordance with your heart, with your intuition, with your conscience. 

In accordance with the reference points of positive coordinate system. When your intuition works to the fullest, when your heart is open to the fullest. Then you move quite smoothly and easily along the way of your Mission. 

And you don’t face any painful or stressful situations in your life. Everything is in harmony. This shows that you move in the right direction.

But once you start receiving Fire Energy, there comes, so to say… there comes a different energy, it starts flowing into you. This energy is different from the one you had before.

In case your level of energy rises but your mindfulness and your movement in accordance with your heart are unavailable yet, then positive coordinate system will prompt you to make a certain decision or to raise your level of consciousness with the help of stressful situations.

I mean, there will start happening different stressful situations that will prompt you to do certain actions. Thus they will give you a sign that you have been still for too long. That the energy in which you are now has been still for too long.

That you need to move forward instead of standing still. It is a very interesting sign that you are doing something wrong:

when there are stressful situations in your life that raise the level of your consciousness  It should be a really strong stress, and it can be different.

It can be stress at your work, or in your personal life, in your family, between parents and children. These are different kinds of stress. It can be conflicts between friends, or business partners – any stressful situations that raise the level of consciousness.

When you are stressed. And with the help of Fire Energy, of course, you can go through these stressful situations much more easily, because you will have additional energy to endure these situations.

If you are not quite ready yet to make this or that decision that will move you towards positive coordinate system, then you will face stress on your way. There always comes raising of the level of consciousness after stress.

In other words, once there came a stressful situation, the level of consciousness rose. If you keep standing still you will face another stressful situation, and the level of consciousness will rise once more.

And it will happen step by step. But only in case you move in accordance with your heart.

Once you start receiving Fire Energy you already get positive energies inside of you. They already start circulating in your auric emanations, but if you don’t do anything – anything in accordance with positive coordinate system – 

then you will face stressful situations. You just should be prepared for it.

And when you see that there has come a stressful situation, you should understand that you need to correct something, so that there wasn’t another stressful situation. This is how you should look at the things that are going to happen to you.

In general, I always tell everybody that negative coordinate system differs from positive by the following parameters: negative coordinate system always manipulates and controls.

And positive coordinate system always gives you choice and just watches what choice you will make. That’s all. That’s the peculiarity. 

If we look at this peculiarity from the point of inner state of a person, we’ll see that if a person is in negative coordinate system, he/she will be captured completely by emotions.

That’s right, by emotions. And we already know that all of our Essences eat these emotions. Fear is an emotion too. We generate different kinds of emotions.

Aggression, fear, hatred, avarice, envy – all these are emotions. The emotions that we emit. Of course there are positive emotions too, but now we are talking about this peculiarity.

Now you are going to understand what I am trying to tell you. I’m telling you that in negative coordinate system you are totally captured by emotions. When there comes a stressful situation, you ignite immediately, like a match.

You ignite immediately, and in the process of this agony, of this involvement in the process you start arguing with somebody, falling out, making scenes, picking a fight and so on.

You start to prove your point, you start saying that only you are right, and so on. It shows that you live in negative coordinate system.

If you have already come to the level of consciousness of positive coordinate system, you will behave differently. You will be in a state of contemplation and watching. It is like you are watching the situation from above.

It is like the things that are going on around you don’t touch you. They are not relevant to you. It is the level of consciousness I always tell you about.

Raising of the level of consciousness leads to the state of contemplation. Of not getting involved in this or that process.

It is something important to understand, it is a very important parameter and peculiarity. That a person in a state of living in negative torsion fields is involved in the process and is completely captured by it.

And a person who lives in positive coordinate system watches. Just watches. He/she doesn’t argue with anybody. They are just in a state of contemplation.

It is a marker that some control and manipulate… What is an emotion? Emotion… Emotion is always triggered by the desire to prove something to somebody, to control other people’s mind, to manipulate something. This is why these emotions appear.

And when you are in positive coordinate system, you just give others choice and just watch. Do you understand it? It is the state of contemplation.

And there is another peculiarity which you need to understand too. That in positive coordinate system there is such thing as wrath. It is a very subtle matter about which I want to tell you.

So, what is wrath? When you are in negative coordinate system and you face something unpleasant for you, you just cannot stop. The Essence evokes this agony in you. You just get very aggressive and crush everything around you.

And you cannot control yourself. Because you are in this state when the Essence just works with you and sucks these emotions out of you.

In positive coordinate system there is a very interesting finger snap. Just a small snap. A small snap that turns your mind upside down. When you are in a state of contemplation and something is happening around you, you are just watching.

But one fine moment here automatically comes this snap, and then you, very calmly… You know, we can even say that you are in a different spirit now.

It is like Supreme forces start telling something to other people through you. You become a Karma payment for others. You just do a small snap and just switch to some vibrations that…

What is this one-time wrath? It is just a wave that pierces other people like an arrow.

And you are able to tell somebody something so deep and meaningful that it will reach and touch the consciousness of this person. And it will be Karma payment for these people. Karma payment for the ones whom you will tell these things.

And these people, with the help of this snap of wrath, will get Karma. This is what I am talking about. When you live in positive coordinate system you are a mechanism of Karma payment. You need to understand it.

We all live in negative coordinate system, so such states are going to happen to you. And you shouldn’t be afraid of such states. You should accept them. Accept the fact that Karma payment for people around you will go like this.

It will be like… cutting off something. Snapping. Very firmly, sharply and substantially. And this emotion will be just one-time thing. It won’t let you get involved in the process.

This wave of wrath comes by the finger snap, just like that, when you are just saying something. And you will be able to watch what you are saying because it won’t be you who will be saying it. The Supreme forces will speak through you.

And also just like that you don’t have this emotion of aggression anymore, you don’t want to argue at all. You just said something and went away.This is how it works.

This is what I wanted to tell you. 

Fire to all!

© 2020 Татьяна Нестерова
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