Changes in Your Life

All those who receive the 🔥Transforming Fire🔥 will receive the following:

🔥 Your sleep schedule will change and You will become a lark
🔥 It will take less time to get enough sleep
🔥 There will be thoughts and desires that You had never before
🔥 New opportunities for spiritual development will open up
🔥 Taste preferences in food will change, You will want healthy food
🔥 Improve the atmosphere in family relationships and with people around You, You will become more tolerant of everyone around You
🔥 Pride will be destroyed
🔥 Existing diseases will recede or lose their power
🔥 All areas of Your life where there were life difficulties, finances, success, etc. will be leveled
🔥 Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction will lose their power and will soon be completely eradicated, unnoticed by You
🔥 If you have been infected with Demons or other Entities, then you will soon forget About your Demons that prevented you from living
🔥 Open access To your hidden talents and skills from past lives, opening abilities.

The most important thing is that you will begin to live in peace with yourself!!!

🔥Fire to You All!🔥

All who will not accept the transforming Fire at this time, after 4 years, will undergo longer training from those who have already discovered It.

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