Changes in Your Life

All those who receive the ?Transforming Fire? will receive the following:

? Your sleep schedule will change and You will become a lark
? It will take less time to get enough sleep
? There will be thoughts and desires that You had never before
? New opportunities for spiritual development will open up
? Taste preferences in food will change, You will want healthy food
? Improve the atmosphere in family relationships and with people around You, You will become more tolerant of everyone around You
? Pride will be destroyed
? Existing diseases will recede or lose their power
? All areas of Your life where there were life difficulties, finances, success, etc. will be leveled
? Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction will lose their power and will soon be completely eradicated, unnoticed by You
? If you have been infected with Demons or other Entities, then you will soon forget About your Demons that prevented you from living
? Open access To your hidden talents and skills from past lives, opening abilities.

The most important thing is that you will begin to live in peace with yourself!!!

?Fire to You All!?

All who will not accept the transforming Fire at this time, after 4 years, will undergo longer training from those who have already discovered It.

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