It DOESN’t MATTER who took something from You or when.
It DOESN’t MATTER who does it or why.
It DOESN’t MATTER who hid the Truth from us.
It DOESN’t MATTER who controls us.

, that We can all learn our Mission, gain access to our hidden talents and abilities by accepting the Transformative Energy of Fire into our lives.

And all of us Indigo Children and Indigo adults, come to this WORLD to help those who want to go forward.

For 4 years I will be a relay of Fire Energy.

If We are on the path of soul development, the most important thing is not to kill your Intuition, it connects us with Higher Forces.

Therefore, you should exclude fluoride from your toothpaste.

Especially advanced users of the pineal gland (Intuition) exclude coffee.

Fluorine blocks the Pineal gland.
Read more about this here .

If the Pineal gland is responsible for Intuition, then the position of the tongue behind the teeth is responsible for the leakage or accumulation of Energy and Vitality in the auric shells of a person.

Keep your mouth shut – advises an ancient proverb. Maybe the Proverbs are given useful guidance? Or do not look for a second meaning, but perceive it as it is.

The closure of the tongue to the sky forms the integrity of the small celestial circle, or “microcosmic orbit” – one of the main energy channels.
The tongue is a bridge between the back (ascending) and front (descending) branches of the microcosmic contour. If the tip of the tongue does not touch the palate, contact is broken, and a huge amount of life force is dissipated.

We conclude that by eliminating the gap in the contour of the small celestial circle with the help of” language closure”, we prevent energy leakage.
It is very simple: press the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth

The ancient classical treatises on yoga recommend that the practitioner keep his tongue locked on the palate for twenty-four hours a day.

For details please see here .

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